Not Every GTA V Launch Story Was A Good One

Not Every GTA V Launch Story Was A Good One

A 23-year-old man on his way home from a midnight launch for Grand Theft Auto V was "attacked, stabbed and robbed" after picking up his copy of the game, the Independent reports.

The attack took place in Colindale, North West London, with police arresting three suspects in connection with the assault, which saw the man hit with a brick then stabbed before being robbed.

The victim is currently in a stable condition in a North London hospital.

London man stabbed and robbed of his copy of GTA 5 [The Independent]


    Sad story there, hope he gets well quick.

    Fox News reports "Video Games Cause People to Rob You"
    Seriously though what a bunch of assholes these people were.

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    Didn't we get this same story about twelve hours ago..?

      Didn't we get this kind of comment on every repeated Kotaku article?

      But seriously, someone needs to fix this.

    Out of curiousity. Was the game the "Motive" for the crime? or was it an opportunity. eg. "That geezer looks cashed up. Let's brick im" *WHALLOP* "Hey. This geezer has GTA5. GRAB IT". in that context you could replace GTA5 with iPhone5. OMG iPhone5 is the cause of violence! (Get the idea)

    heard about this yesterday and thought, its only a "game", going to gaol or the risk of, for something so in the grand picture so small, sad for all parties involed.

      I still cannot get used to the word "gaol" as hard as I try. It just looks, wrong. Bring back "jail"!

        I will never help the homogenisation of language!


          But "gaol" just doesn't look right! It's an ugly looking word! Jail all the way!

    Supposedly there were multiple attackers. Were these guys planning to share the game, or maybe just have a 'sleep-over' in the treehouse while they exchange intense stares over the game?

      Weak people, sorry, weak animals that attack in a pack. Put them down and give all their possessions to the poor dude in hospital. He can sell them to cover his medical bills.

    Absolute tossers. Hope he pulls through.

    Gotta say this was going to be my next move if i couldn't get a copy at midnight launch

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