Not Sure If Next-Gen Mirror's Edge Or Real Life

Boy, these guys did a damn fine job nailing the game's trademark style, from the outfit to the obstacles to the field of view on the camera they used.

Mirror's Edge Parkour POV [Youtube]


    damn that a skill i wish i had but im to old and lazy :)

    On the flipside, I reckon Mirror's Edge really nailed an accurate parkour simulation. Shame it didnt really get the love it deserved, great game.

    Really highlights how great a job Mirror's Edge did with character animations.

      I was thinking the exact same thing, awesome work by Dice, and awesome work by this guy. The way he slid at one point during the video looked exactly the same as the game :)

    Just watching this is making me dizzy and nervous... WOW, but aaaaargh!

    Excellent textures! Wonderful shadows! Needs to be rendered at a higher framerate, though.

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