Now That Is A Tiny Computer

It's the Gigabyte BRIX. More at Kotaku Australia.


    naww sweet, GameCube Squeal... oh it's a PC, *disappointed*

    Fantastic article. Such in depth reporting. *sigh* seriously????? Your a writer, and that's all you can manage to write about a product? Cmon. I mean, I come to kotaku to read about stuff, not having to link over to other tech websites to read....... Creative journalism anyone?

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      It's pretty much telling me to just subscribe to Engadget instead.

        And now he has edited it so instead of saying "More at Engadget" it says "more at Kotaku Australia."
        We're already reading Kotaku! Why put a second 'article' about the same thing, on the same website, linking back to the first article?!?!

          It gets even deeper. The original article by Mark was written for Kotaku AU. This "article" was written for Kotaku US, it was then re-published back to Kotaku AU pointing to an article we'd already seen.

    Repost from Mark's article. Can someone please fire plunkett already?

      Agreed. No information provided AND Mark wrote an article about it two days ago.

    Why don't they just post the Serrels article? WHY?

    I seriously just want to know.

    It’s the Gigabyte BRIX. More at Kotaku Australia.Yo dawg. We heard you like Australian Articles, so we put a link to an Australian article in your Australian article so you can read an Australian article while reading an article on Kotaku AU. (Although really, this is just a click through page wishing it was a real article...)

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