Now, These Buttons Are Just Silly

Now, These Buttons Are Just Silly

Want a second D-pad for your 3DS? Don't might tacky add-ons? Or looking silly? Well, this is for you.

This month, Japan's GameTech is rolling out a set of "Anywhere Buttons" that can be placed on any touch screen. Previously, we've seen similar products for iPhones and whatnot.

Now, These Buttons Are Just Silly

The Anywhere Buttons go with the 3DS, 3DS XL, Wii U GamePad, PS Vita, iPhone, etc., and being a goober.

タッチパネルの上に置くだけでリアルボタンの操作 [Gamer]

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    As someone hates holding the stylus, i think those things are great

    Why would this be for Vita? It has buttons and D-pad...

      Can anyone really have enough D-pads? Personally I need at least 3 D-pads to play a game, otherwise I don't bother.

    I don't might tacky add-ons

    Last edited 13/09/13 8:59 am

    This seems pointless for handheld consoles... for phones and tablets however...

    Which games could actually apply this to?

      Monster Hunter 3 on 3DS I'm thinking.

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