Of Course, Bayonetta Creator/Twitter Maestro Hideki Kamiya Loves Shoes

Of Course, Bayonetta Creator/Twitter Maestro Hideki Kamiya Loves Shoes

I couldn’t help myself from blurting out “Nice shoes!” when Hideki Kamiya stood up to shake my hand. Look at them. Is it any wonder why I had to give them props?

The chief visionary behind The Wonderful 101 had just finished answering my questions during an interview at PAX last week when his footwear caught my attention. The braided leather tassels on the shoes reminded me of the very first teasers for Bayonetta, which focused on the character’s pistol stilettos. As we were saying goodbye, Kamiya confessed that he’s got an obsession with boots and buys a lot of them. How much? Well, he told me that his wife’s friends have given him the nickname “Boots”. So the next time you’re digging on the shoe stylings in a Kamiya-led game, just know that the fashion comes straight from the man himself.

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