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The word on the street is that Hayao Miyazaki is retiring and, while that makes me feel sad, he leaves us with one of the greatest back catalogues of all time. It's got me wondering: what are some of your favourite anime movies? And what are your favourite anime in general?

My favourite current Director working in anime is easily Mamoru Hosoda. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time was one of my all time favourites but his recent movies continue to raise the bar. Be warned: if you're a parent, The Wolf Children Ame And Yuki is going to drag every single tear from your body with vigorous force. You will lose at least a kilo in water weight.

But what about you guys and girls: what movies would you recommend? And are there any good new series worth watching?


    Outside of Miyazaki its gotta be Ninja Scroll. Gantz was probably my favorite series just because its so damn weird. Honorable mentioned for Guyver and Elfen Lied.

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      Ninja Scroll movie was good for the time. I probably couldn't watch it now, I feel I'm too grown up now haha.

      Ninja scroll for sure. My first thought was this CLASSIC of an Anime, and well worth all of it's cult following. Just stay away from the second movie. TV show was a little watered down, but still worth watching.

      Actually, Gantz the comic just finished recently, and all I can say is it gets much much weirder. And has a crappy ending.

    I'm too busy watching a back catalogue of anime including Bleach, Samurai X, full metal alchemist and Deathnote but if I had to pick a single movie I would say the classic in Howls Moving Castle

      DeathNote is OUTSTANDING.

        yep... i have the deathnote manga, the deathnote anime and the live action movies.. all fantastic

        I stopped watching Death Not once it became an endless cat and mouse with a completely unlikable main character and hollow supernatural elements. It started real good though.

    Hunter x Hunter series is rocking my boat lately.
    Ninja Scroll probably one of the better movies I've seen.

    attack on titan is destroying me. also anything by satoshi kon.

      Yeah, anything by Kon for sure. Paranoia Agent as a series doesnt seem to get as much talk in my experience, but seeing him spread his ideas over that amount of time, he was a goddamned genius that man

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      Seconding Attack on Titan. It's amazing.

    The only anime I've ever seen is Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex, Samurai Champloo (but I think it might've only been the first half of it?), and Perfect Blue. They were all pretty good I guess. Particularly the last one.

      I liked Standalone Complex as well, have the boxset. But I know people who watched it and completely missed it's intricacies. I had to watch it a second time to see all the clues throughout the series relating to the end story.

      Getting into Samurai Champloo at the moment, is looking like a great series.

    Cowboy Bebop for sure.
    The often overhyped, but for good reason, Neon Genesis Evangelion.
    Irresponsible Captain Tylor.
    Anything Ghost In The Shell.
    And a personal favourite, which it feels like no body else has ever seen, is L/R: Licensed By Royalty.

      What this guy said. Love GiTS.

      Gunslinger Girl is good too.

      Cowboy would be mine for a series. With Akira for movies, honourable mention to Princess Mononoke.

      Trigun ftw :)
      I also still remember 'See you next time, space cowboy' from Bebop

      I would second this whole list, but also add Bleach
      Oh and Samurai 7

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    I've really dropped off anime the last 4 or so years. I showed my gf of 3 years some of the more popular classics (Totoro, Mononoke, Spirited Away) but thats about it.

    I will say (as a fully fledged adult with a resounding distate for cell-repeating TV anime), for anyone who hasn't bothered with Naruto because of its fans; ignore them, watch it from the start, up to "the split" (and then move onto Shippuden if you want more).

    The NARUTO storyline is great. It's long, and the character evolution is slow, but I really felt the payoff was worth it.

      I agree. I actually thought that the pacing on the original series wasn't that bad, up until the massive filler saga, of course, but no one needs to watch that anyway.

      Naruto has a great universe. I'm not really a fan of Shippuden though, that drags like Dragonball Z.

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      I love Naruto and still watch the episodes weekly but i hate the filler episodes. For anyone that is picking this series up from the start or way back, there are filler guides online that will tell you which episodes don't relate to the story. You will save yourself DAYS. Some people like the filler but i hate it... It's very very interesting atm though :)

    If you're after something a bit on the whacky side, FLCL is a masterpiece. Also Excel Saga for total insanity.

    I haven't watched new anime for about 10 years except I recently caught up on the 4th and 5th stages of Initial D, which was pretty much the last good anime I watched before quitting. The new stuff doesn't have quite the same charm as the original and at some point they went of the rails and stopped trying to come up with logical reasons to explain why Takumi always wins in an outdated car. The current explanation is basically "he's magic". Still, I may as well see it through. I think the 6th stage will be the finale.

    So anyway, all my recommendations are pretty old and almost a stock standard list of stuff you should watch if you haven't already, like cowboy Bebop and FLCL.

    I didn't mind Martian Successor Nadesico

    Thats on top of Evangelion and Bebop already noted.

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      I loved Nadesico back in the day. I loaned my DVDs to a friend though and never got them back. :(

    Mirai Nikki and Eureka Seven.

    Fantastic shows.

    More obvious recommendations would be Death Note, Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop and Hellsing, but they are definitely nothing new.

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    I liked The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, it was pretty good. I think due to being 22 and having no relationships to speak of meant that Ame & Yuki had way less impact on me than it did others. I still enjoyed it.

    I'm currently watching shows with the subtle aim of eliciting emotional responses out of myself, so I just finished watching AnoHana (it was pretty decent), and am currently on Clannad (with the aim of course being the apparently heart crushing After Story) which I'm enjoying. But all they really get is a thumbs up, not a hearty recommendation.

    Angel Beats is probably my favourite anime, made me feel things right here *points at left shoulder* though based on what I've seen other people say, it's quite polarising (which is fair enough).

    Oh right, this probably doesn't help much. My favourite anime movie is probably Nausicaa. I mean, I've barely watched any anime movies outside the Ghibli stuff (and the Naruto movies, but they don't count), so I have a rather small sample, but I really, really like Nausicaa.

      I don't usually react emotionally with anime, but After Story made me absolutely bawl my eyes out.

    As far as movies are concerned, I REALLY enjoyed Summer Wars recently.

    OH! This might be a good place to ask...

    Are any of the other LUPIN III/Monkey Punch films as good as The Castle of Cagliostro?

    I love that film, but I haven't watched the others in the series. The characters in Cagliostro have that depth to them that only someone like Miyazaki (at the time) could deliver. And I fear watching the other films will dilute my memories of the characters if they are not as well written as they were in that film.

    So, opinions?

      I loved Cagliostro, I think I watched one other called Mamo which just didn't manage to hold my attention. At the moment I'm watching Lupin season 3 with my girlfriend and we are LOVING it! Of all the series I'm finding it closest to the Cagliostro vibe and some of the stories are just plain wacky. I would have to say though the best Lupin is the new series called 'The Woman Named Mine Fujiko.' Incredible artistically and the story is deep and interesting too.

        I didn't even realise there was a television series!! haha. Where do I start?

          Well Castle of Cagliostro is the perfect starting point and you have already seen that. I would advise checking out the tv series rather than other movies. Try out the newest series: or if you are looking for a more classic vibe go for Lupin III part III which was made in the 80s

    How come no one's mentioned STEINS;GATE!?!?!?

      I loved Steins;Gate! It starts off being somewhat light-hearted and often quite funny, and then suddenly it gets so serious and emotional. It was an incredible series.

    Fans of the music from Cowboy Bebop should check out 'Kids on the slope'. Same jazz composer, very different storyline/setting but still very good.

    I definitely second Ninja Scroll for a movie, and Cowboy Bebop for a series. Both classics.

    I would have to say for Anime you really need to watch before you die

    1) Akira (go back and watch where it exploded into the west also if you can find them the Manga's are the bomb)
    2) Ninja Scoll the Movie (Not a fan of the series)
    3) Ghost in the Shell (All of is the movies, SAC, 2nd gig)
    4) Last Exile (for any steam punk fan)
    5) Cowboy Bebop
    6) Samurai Champloo (if you like bebop this is a MUST!!!)
    7) Neon Genesis
    8) Macross (More Macross Plus but any of them are good)
    9) Fullmetal Alchemist (I prefer it over Brotherhood, but Brotherhood is still really good)
    10) Jin-Roh
    11) Wing of Honneamise

    I would say if you haven't seem some of them go check them out they are well worth your time

      I saw Jin Roh at the Australian premiere during one of the Melbourne film festivals back in late nineites. Was rad on big screen.
      I completely forgot about Wings of Honneamise!! Love the environments they use in that. Good one!

    If it's Ghibli, I really liked Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle and Ponyo. The music for any Ghibli films is just magical and memorable.

    Anime-wise, my personal top favourites would be
    Gintama (because it's Gintama)
    Natsume's Book of Friends (a gentle anime, given the characters are mainly traditional Japanese demons),
    Acchi Kocchi (gentle but very very very heart-squeezing),
    Full Metal Panic - because of it's very unique storyline, with a ton of hilarity
    Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) - It brings you up as much as it tears you down

    List goes on, but I'll stop here. Too much anime otaku-love I have.

    Miyazaki movie would have to be Princess Mononoke
    General Anime would be a toss up between Death Note and Code Geass but I would give the edge to Death Note

    I'd have to go with some of the obvious ones already mentioned like Cowboy Bebop and Neon Genesis but I'll also add Hellsing, Black Lagoon, Trigun, Naruto before it went all filler after the Naruto/Sasuke split and Macross Frontier was pretty good too

    I never really got into Anime.. I did watch a few critically acclaimed movies and what-not over the years of course.. but the Anime that I liked was the playable kind, my favourite being the Dragon Quest franchise.

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