Off Topic: Rank Your Favourite TV Shows

Regardless of what shows you like and which shows you think are overrated, I don't think you can deny we're living in a proper golden age of television right now. It's gotten to the stage where I don't really watch movies any more. No point. Television has better writing, more interesting stories and it's all less formulaic. But what is the absolute God-Tier of TV? What is your top three?

Because the way I see it is this: there are a whole bunch of great television shows out there that are awesome. I'm talking about shows like maybe Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, Dexter, True Blood, House of Cards, Homeland... these are all great shows but they can't quite touch the absolute God-Tier TV shows. Shows like The Wire, The Sopranos, Deadwood, Mad Men, Breaking Bad. I see those shows as a cut above the rest.

So what I want you guys and girls to do is this: give me your top three! What are you top 3 TV shows of all time? No limit on the period or the genre. Anything goes!

Here are mine...

1. Deadwood 2. Mad Men 3. The Wire

Now you go!


    The Wire
    Arrested Development
    Breaking Bad

    State of Play

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      I see our education system is in top working order.

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          Tell him about Nanoparticles! :P

            Fact: Gold Nanoparticles are usually red in colour, unless you make them really small, in which case they're blue :)

          I'd say he's questioning your intelligence/edumacation because you listed five shows when the article clearly asked for three. God.


            more the point, I can't pick three.

    Sons of Anarchy
    Breaking Bad
    True Blood

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    1. The West Wing - It's Aaron Sorkin at his finest and I challenge anyone to name a better episode of TV than Two Cathedrals.

    2. Breaking Bad - Things are wrapping up so the hype is overpowering here but it's just a truly fantastic show. Well acted, well written, well shot. Interesting characters in interesting situations. It's just amazing.

    3. Arrested Development - Probably the best "layered" comedy that I've seen. I'm not so keen on the newest bit but the original three season run is amazing.

    Scrubs, Blackadder, Futurama, The Wire, Generation Kill and Sherlock all deserve mentions but we only get three shows.

      The West Wing & Blackadder I thoroughly agree with... but the way you left Red Dwarf off this list makes me question your judgment.

    The Office (US)

    1. Game of Thrones.

    There's none other, don't watch much 'TV' shows... Cuts into gaming time.

    1. Scrubs
    2. Firefly
    3. Veronica Mars

    Honorable mention to Terriers, Breaking Bad, Dexter (1st 4 seasons...), Arrested Development, Community and Seinfeld

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    1) It's always sunny in Philadelphia
    2) Breaking Bad
    3) Arrested Development
    4) Community
    5) Flight of the concords
    6) The League
    7) Game of thrones

      with tastes like that you sir should give the following a spin
      - Louie
      - Workaholics
      - Peep Show

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      Just watched the first 2 seasons of The League because of this comment, that show is good.

    1. Mad Men
    2. Breaking Bad
    3. Game of Thrones
    4. Arrested Development

    1) Game of Thrones: I never read the books before but this has made for some amazing television, and compelled me to read the books so I'm not missing any subplots that have been left out, and can enjoy the differences between the books and the show.

    2) Breaking Bad: this show just keeps getting better. There's three episodes left and I didn't think it could get more intense than the end of season four, but... damn.

    3) The Walking Dead: This show hasn't grabbed me like the others in my top five, but it's alright. I am just hoping that season 4 actually resolves some of the live issues. The way season 3 concluded was extremely disappointing. That dead horse lost momentum and had to be dragged through the final episode. I've never seen a more boring or pointless firefight.

    Oops, didn't see that we're only naming three. Honorable mentions to Arrested Development, True Blood, the first three seasons of Dexter and House MD.

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    1. The Simpsons (Seasons 1 - 9)
    2. Arrested Development
    3. Breaking Bad

      No Lost?

      It's like I barely know you anymore. You're like some kind of online pal that I rarely see irl or something!!!

        I love Lost but it's not in my top three.

        Top 10 probably.

          I loved Lost, but the way they ended it, was just horrible.

    1. Game Of Thrones
    2. The Walking Dead
    3. How I Met Your Mother

    1. Entourage
    2. Friends
    3. Californication
    4. Breaking Bad
    5. Family Guy/Fantasy Factory/The Office (UK)/Inbetweeners (UK)/It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia/ Workaholics

    1. Battlestar Galactica (recent version)
    2. Breaking Bad
    3. Spartacus

    South Park
    Always sunny in philly
    Breaking Bad (Great show)

    First three are easily re-watchable.
    Swear I have seen every SP ep about 5 x over now

    1. Scrubs
    2. Band of Brothers
    3. Game of Thrones

    Honorable mentions to Falling Skies, Stargate SG-1, Star Trek Next Generation

    1. Archer
    2. Breaking Bad
    3. Game Of Thrones
    4. Sherlock

      I should point out my list is of the current offerings only. An all time list would be excessively large.

      Mysterious Cities of Gold anyone?

        I tried rewatcting MCoG.
        Wasn't the same :-/

          I hear you. None of the old stuff ages well unfortunately.

            Someday we will find, the ciiiities of gooooold.

            Haven't gone back and watched it, but there's some epic nostalgia there.

    1. Doctor Who
    2. Doctor Who
    3. Doctor Who

    I'm just a little obsessed...

    The younger me:

    1. Star Trek: Next Generation
    2. Star Trek: Voyager
    3. Damn, can't think of any others I watched religiously....

    The older me:

    1. The Shield
    2. Game of Thrones
    3. Grand Designs

    1. Evangelion
    2. Doctor Who
    3. Black Mirror

      Woops! Knock Black Mirror off, replace with Black Adder

    1. Seinfeld
    A sitcom so brilliant and ahead of its time that it virtually killed the studio-audience sitcom for about 10 years after as other shows felt like they were retreading the ground broken by this show.

    2. Lost
    I lost interest in this show early in the second season and it only by chance that I was sucked back in a year later - it was on in the background while i was surfing the net and the episode has Desmond having premonitions of Charlie's death just narrowly preventing it each time. It was enough to picque my interest in the show again, weeks later the narrative twist at the end of Season 3 was enough to elevate the show to legendary status - that 5 month wait for the next season mustve been how people felt when JR was shot or Riker ordered "fire"

    3. Deep Space Nine
    The black sheep of the Star Trek saga - it was a good example of how good Trek could be when Rick Berman left it alone. Serialised with a massive cast of recurring characters and often challenging subject matter - better yet its finally got the timeslot it deserves (8.30 Thursdays) so go check it out

    Close calls:
    NewsRadio, Scrubs, The Cosby Show, Buffy, Parker Lewis Can't Lose

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      I remember every post-season-finale wait and let me tell you, they were all horrible. Makes me glad I didn't get into Breaking Bad until the end of Season 4. I don't think I could handle having to wait for a show to come back for 10 consecutive years.

        Yeah Lost was excruciating in that sense. What's worse was all the fan theories - man you could dive down a rabbit hole with some of that stuff!

          Upon rereading your first comment, I guess I can take that to mean you've seen all of Lost, right?
          Because let me tell you that 5th season finale + wait, the worst thing ever.

            It was - damn I wish they tried to explain the island - there were bits where they got close - the frozen donkey wheel, the time dilation stuff, the lighthouse with the mirrors that could see people's lives.

            Best theory ever was the Mirror Matter Moon - in fact I still think it explains heaps

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