Oh God, Why, Ash?

Oh god, why, Ash? I don't know why this gif of Ash twerkin' exists, but it had to be shared. Y'know, in case you haven't had your daily dose of twerk. (Via .hardp!nq, thanks Lulu)


    Of God, why does this pointless story exist!?!

    A missed opportunity for a "Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin?" pun...

    Patricia, is your job at kotaku just to post crap like this? seriously, that's all you ever seem to do...

      Hey, Kotaku's not going to shit-post itself ya know!

    Patricia. Can I have some Kotaku US cake - I wish to eat it.

      What gets me is - objectification and the the demeaning of female computer/media characters is bad - yet this shit is ok? This crap demeans both the author AND reader. Great journalism MS Hernadez.

    a 2 sec gif and 30ish words? rly? even if you had made this gif yourself it would still be a shit-house article

    this is incredible and my life is now complete THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS!

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