Oh My God It's A 30-Foot Walking Robot Dragon

Oh My God It's A 30-Foot Walking Robot Dragon

The Guinness Record won by Rancho Obi-Wan is impressive, sure, but can Star Wars memorabilia breath fire? Unless they've got one of the fire-breathing spiders from Star Wars Galaxies, then no; Tradinno, this 30-foot tall German robot dragon, earns the Guinness World Record for Best Potential Harbinger of the Human Apocalypse.

Well, actually, Tradinno and his creators at Zollner Elektronik AG won the 2014 Guinness World Record for the World's Largest Walking Robot. Packed to the teeth with hydraulics and pneumatics, Tradinno can move with surprising grace for an 11-ton mechatron, even flapping his wings and walking laterally, aka "doing The Hustle."

When he's not knocking over peasants in a Bavarian play called Drachenstich, Tradinno squirts out 21 gallons of stage blood and breathes fire from his nostrils and mouth.

Oh My God It's A 30-Foot Walking Robot Dragon

And to unwind, Tradinno likes to go for long drives through the countryside on his personalised 18-wheeler.

Oh My God It's A 30-Foot Walking Robot Dragon

To see more of Tradinno, check out the video below, or take a trip to the town of Furth im Wald to catch the full theatrical production.

Awesome fire-breathing dragon is world's largest walking robot [CNET]


    That first line is a spurious segue at best.

      Agreed. There's really no need to shoehorn a videogame reference into the first paragraph. It's a 30ft firebreathing mechanical monster. It pretty much sells itself.

        Itself? Hell, a 30ft firebreathing mechanical monster can sell whatever it wants.

    I am very impressed by it.

    I never understood why Skynet insisted on making robots that look like Arnold Schwarzenegger instead of something like that.

    Wait, so the Kabutom RX-03 didn't win it? Aw man. I like Dragons, but riding around on a giant Rhinoceros Beetle seems like it'd be more fun.

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