Oh My God It's A Dog Taking Down A Helicopter

Oh My God It's A Dog Taking Down A Helicopter

"We're adding a dog to Call of Duty," they said. "It'll be really cool." And we assumed they meant it; we assumed the dog would be cool. Little did we know the dog would be this cool.

The latest trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts features some neat stuff, and some dumb stuff. It's got debris falling from space, wrecking U.S. infrastructure. (Neat!) And it's got the U.S. under attack from… forces… and uh, some new excuses to put some guns in the hands of some dudes and let them kill some other dudes. (Dumb!)

But for a few glorious seconds, it transcends all that boring human drama. For a few glorious seconds, Call of Duty Dog turns up and TAKES DOWN A MOTHERFUCKIN HELICOPTER.

This is so awesome that I'm going to slightly alter my stance on Call of Duty Dog dying in this game. If some bad guy kills the dog just to score Emotion Points and make us hate him, then the people making this game are hacky jerks. But this new clip, immortalised in GIF form up top, has me reconsidering Call of Duty Dog's capabilities.

I mean, if Call of Duty Dog dies while, say, piloting a jet carrying a nuclear bomb far out over the Pacific Ocean in order to detonate it a safe distance from Los Angeles… I mean, it'll be a tragedy, but a noble one. I will salute Call of Duty Dog, but I will not mourn for him.

While making the above GIF, Chris pointed out to me that this is actually the second bit of canine wartime badassery we've seen in the last 24 hours. The first being this clip from Ubisoft's just-announced Valiant Hearts.

Oh My God It's A Dog Taking Down A Helicopter

Spin-off idea: Valiant Hearts Dog time-travels to the present day, where she and Call of Duty Dog team up to take down Hitler's great-grandson (and his Nazi dog). See, Hitler never died because Valiant Hearts Dog's children weren't around to lead… uh… the soldiers who… uh... wait…

OK, I still have to flesh out the finer points. But you gotta admit, the raw materials are solid gold.


    I'm not a fan of COD personally, but this sounds really jerky. Is it that hard to report on something without lathering a fedora full of snark onto it?

    Last edited 11/09/13 8:07 pm

      its not illegal to add some comedy to a gaming article, lots of people will agree with this article

        I suppose low hanging fruit yields an easy laff.

      Oh man, they just reported on what's already on Reddit,
      oh no they just linked to some other sites news,
      oh no they added stuff to some news!

    Do you know how hard it is to train a dog to take down a chopper......

      Well, the Russians 'trained' dogs to blow up tanks at one point.

      Though that failed horribly.

        Seriously, packing 5kg of C4 onto Pommeranians was always going to backfire...

          Training anything to carry explosives by using your own tanks as dummy targets is obviously not going to go well.

          That better be in battlefield 4. Can imagine the YouTube montages :)

    Wasn't the CoD series at one time praised for its realism?

      Was it?

        CoD 1 was praised for being able to depict WW2 more accurately then any other WW2 shooter at the time. CoD 2 was further praised for taking that and adding realism to it (I still remember crawling through that tunnel as bullets burst through with small streams of light).

      I remember when it was a semi-respectful World War 2 series... then it drank mountain dew and ate doritos and put its cap on backwards.

        That was about when MW2 came out. CoD4 may have started the "MMS (Modern Military Shooter)" genre that have been plaguing all other franchises, but it was still a respectable game that was built for gamers.

    The dog is CoD Chewbacca. The end of the story will still be considered 'hyperrealism'.

    I hadn't watched the trailer in question yet. Probably because it's for CoD, but oh man Infinity Ward should never do anything in space ever again. That whole sequence was pathetic, guns being used in space with no visible force acting on the astronaut due to recoil and I laughed hard when the debris from that space station impacted with the ground at a perfect 90 degree angle.

      They're game designers. Not rocket scientists. Or dog trainers. Or fish psychotherapists.

    saw this early today lol when it happened in the trailer

    And guns in space, yeah right, guns don't work in space something called oxygen is lacking

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      Guns actually would work in space all the oxygen needed is in the bullet itself no atmospheric oxygen is required when firing a gun. The only problem with the trailer is that they should be sent backwards from the force of the gun firing which they clearly aren't.

      Last edited 11/09/13 10:45 pm

        After reading some US article comments and this one I just gotta say.. I never thought CoD would lead me to learn some space physics facts!

        Also, the second the player is shot ONCE, he should be dead. Dead dead. Even if the bullet grazed him, he's dead.

    I've never really been a fan of "war" games, but at least after seeing this if I did decide to buy one, I know which one to stay away from.


    This is utterly ridiculous.

    Utterly ridiculous is actually an improvement on mind numbingly lifeless though, so I see this as progress.

    Unfortunately, this is absolutely miniscule progress compared to the progress needed to make Call of Duty actually somewhat interesting again.

    I bet all the 13 year olds are going losing their minds over this.

    It's in vogue to hate on cod don't chya know. Prolly sstillgunna buy it . #YOLO

      OMG WTFBBQ ther a nu cod comin out so gon by it YOLO

      You know what's not "in vogue" and I'm noticing is decreasing in popularity every day.

      Talking properly.

        I take creative liberty on all IP of mine that I publish. So EADC.

    I'm good with crazy fanciful story lines, so long as the single player campaign is longer than six hours, and the 'action packed' part isn't all scripted infinite enemy spawns until you reach a certain point, with AI team mates that do nothing during the infinite spawn sections but will happily take over the killing during the sections where you are supposed to be moving. Bring back tactical single player campaigns where can you run through guns blazing or sit back and slowly eliminate each enemy as you choose to fit your play style.

    I'd also bitch about the Multiplayer but the way it is it keeps 'typical' CoD players away from Battlefield so go for it,

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