Old-School Final Fantasy Is Back With A New Name

Here's the first English trailer for Bravely Default, an upcoming Square Enix role-playing game for 3DS that seems like old-school Final Fantasy in everything but name.

I mean, just look at that intro. Four crystals! White mages! Sweet music!

Note that this is a trailer for the UK version, but presumably the North American release won't be all that much different.


    might be soon time to invest in a 3ds

      Nah bro, get a 2DS instead.

        Not sure if legit, or troll...

        I'd rather something with a hinge, so a cheap 3DS XL is what I'll be looking out for.

          The hinges on the DS lines have been shit since the first DS Lights, the 2DS is apt to have a much longer lifespan just because the hinges won't inevitably shatter and leave the rest of the system useless.

            No need for a long lifespan when I'll probably only play a couple of games on it and we'll no doubt have a 4DS out in a couple of years. ;)

      it was time to invest in a 3ds two years ago. Do it. Do it now :P

      Time to invest in one for me as but for pokemon

    I don't know........may be a sleeper hit, but the trailer didn't grab me. Put me down as a maybe.

    oh God the voice acting. . . whyyyyyyy

      oh thank God. at 0:23 "Choose between English or Japanese audio"

    Looks great! But I see someone who looks like Cloud holding onto someone who likes like Tifa as she hangs from an abyss that looks something like the North Crater.

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