On The Day Before Grand Theft Auto V, Let's Remember The Trailer Comments

Grand Theft Auto comes out tomorrow. I think most of us, whether we're excited for the game or not, are aware of that. From tomorrow onwards we will no longer care about the trailers, the hype, the marketing. We will simply be playing the game. So for today, while we still can, let's remember one of the funniest tumblr sites ever made: GTAV Trailer Comments.

It was put together by top-notch Australian games writer David 'RaygunBrown' Rayfield and it was glorious (you can — and should — head to Raygun's website here).

I've chucked up a few of my favourites here, but there are many, many more hilarious images to be found at the original tumblr. Thanks GTAV Trailer Comments, you were the best. And yes, apparently all of these comments are legit! Thanks for the hilarity Raygun Brown.


    I am so excited that online isn't out for two weeks.

    Stop it!!! The only GTAV article I wanna see is "GTAV breaks street date: available now!!!"

    I'm sure it won't though, what with those midnight launches tonight and all :(

      Probs won't believe me butttttttt street date broken.

    I only want 1 thing from GTA. An achievement for 10000 pedestrians mercilessly run down. I reckon I'll have it within the first hour of play.

      So you want play Cammageddon but you'll settle for GTAV?

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