Orbitor, A Very Pretty Game We've Looked At Previously, Has Been Signed To A Console Publishing Deal

Orbitor, a very pretty game we've looked at previously, has been signed to a console publishing deal. So expect to see it...everywhere.


    Seems odd they'd announce it's got a publishing deal but not who the publisher is or what platform(s) it's for. It does seem like the kind of thing that Sony have been gobbling up left right and centre over the past year or two, but then they're not usually so cagey about announcing them.

    It's good to see local developer Nnooo working on another interesting title. Hope it's just as good as escape vektor.

    Huh, Nnooo are involved with this now?

    Been loving the look of this, looking forward to checking it out.

    Looks so much like the bitGenerations game "Orbital" for Gameboy, which was absolutely great.

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