Ouya Tries To Fix Its 'Free Money' Shambles

A few weeks back, Ouya launched a campaign with the very best intentions. It wanted to encourage developers to make games for its platform, by matching the amount of money made in a Kickstarter. But this is the real world, and it didn't work out too great.

Two games in particular turned the campaign into a mess, standing accused of rigging their Kickstarter campaigns in order to get access to Ouya's money. One was suspended for shady behaviour, and the other - Gridiron Thunder - has now withdrawn from the program, saying it doesn't need Ouya's money.

In response, Ouya has now tightened the rules of the contest, lowering the amount needed to qualify from $US50,000 to $US10,000 and, more importantly, setting mandatory requirements for the number of backers (Gridiron Thunder took heat for getting a lot of money from a handful of wealthy Silicon Valley buddies).

A word from Julie on the FTG fund [Ouya]


    Seems pretty sensible to be honest. Sounds like they're thinking more practically now.

    One lesson people should learn: if money is involved, some people will try to game the system; money is the great motivator.

    Ouya learned, but at least it didn't cost them money - it's often only after the money is gone that people learn this lesson.

    Don't forget the way they screwed THESE guys:

    The first part of her speech sounds just like Microsoft's approach

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