Paypal Gives Indie Devs Their Money Back

Paypal Gives Indie Devs Their Money Back

Yesterday, we told you how Paypal were keeping half the money raised by an indie game until the game had been finished. Even though...the devs needed that money to finish the game. Today, somebody at Paypal has woken up on planet Earth and done the smart thing.

Less than 24 hours after sending the initial notice to Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm's developers Nyu Media, PayPal's 'Office of Executive Escalations' have "have all reserve funds and removed all reserve settings from our account."

This means the team, who raised $US118,000, can now get back to work completing a fighting game project that's been six years in the making. And which, I might add, looks damn fine.

PayPal Has Released Yatagarasu AoC Funds! [Indiegogo]


    Something I would like to see reported on:

    Journalists ask: 'what impact did the reporting of this have on your actions?'

    Paypal says: 'Not gonna lie - pretty big impact. It's in line with our policies, but sometimes someone lower on the totem pole has a personal agenda influencing how those policies are interpreted - and there's some wiggle room there - and it can take some noise to get it past that sticking point. People are people.'

      Something I'd like reported on:

      Commenters ask: "what impact did the commenting on your story affect you?"

      Journalist says: "To be perfectly honest, we really don't care about anything any commenter has to say. Most of the comments we see are bizarre sarcastic rants, trying to make weird points about my ability to do my job."

        Heh. Which would be funny, if it were true.
        Internet echo chamber proves otherwise, though. Recent example: Dragon's Crown reporting controversy, or Mike Fahey responding to the criticism of his 'FFXIV launch catastrophe' piece.

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