Perhaps The Corniest Game Trailer Of All Time

Hokey PC adventure series Tex Murphy is coming back with Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure (its Kickstarter having hit its mark), and it’s celebrating with this trailer that is, well, a triumph. Of corn.

It just… never ends. The making out, the expressions, the Fabergé eggs, it’s all magnificent.

The game’s out next year.


  • Wait wait wait…have they gotten the actor who did Tex Murphy back? The original guy?

    Wowsers, dedication.

    EDIT: Thank you Ogre and ianuniacke for pointing out what I should have known. D’oh.

    • Chris Jones (the actor you speak of), is/was also one of the game designers, so I can’t imagine it was too difficult for him to convince himself to take up the role again.

      Although it looks to me that they also got the original actors for Rook and Louie, so there’s another win!

    • Yes, the original director was also Tex Murphy. So, they have most of the original team, and they have the original actors. The original studio is no more, but Big Finish is most of what was there then. They’ve made a couple of cool point and click adventure titles, but they’re finally coming back to where it began. Can’t wait!

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