Photographer Enters Noclip Mode In The Real World

Photographer Enters Noclip Mode In The Real World

Carlos Ayesta takes photos of buildings. Rather than do it the easy way though and just stand on the ground (or other buildings), he's gone slightly mad, rigging himself up like a mountain-climber in order to take shots that look like he's stepped outside reality's level design.

Photographer Enters Noclip Mode In The Real World

You can see how he does it in the video below, and read more at the De Zeen article linked.

Abseiling architectural photography by Carlos Ayesta [De Zeen, via Laughing Squid]



    Excuse me while I put my lower jaw back into my head.

    Well, he has a head for heights. An urban climber and a photographer - not too many people with those skill sets. I'm glad he can put his talents to work, taking good photographs.

    Maybe I'm odd for thinking so, but wouldn't this be easier with a remote drone copter with an attached camera?

    Or even a camera attached to a gantry with remote control servos.

    I suppose a pro photographer always wants the camera in their own hands...

      I was going to say the same thing (drones). Although you would need to be able to have the same amount of control over the camera as if it were in your hands.

    This isn't really noclip though. I was expecting building cross sections or something, but he's just taking photos hanging from the side of a building...

    It's still cool, but I spent some time trying to figure out how those photos had anything to do with noclip.

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