Pokemon, Ranked

Pokemon, Ranked

Screw ‘gotta catch em all’ — some Pokemon are clearly better than others, and I ain’t boutta carry around no lame-arse pocket monster around with me. You know?

The things that make a Pokemon superior aren’t always cut and dry, though. Sometimes, it’s the design. Sometimes it’s the Pokemon’s combat usefulness. And sometimes, the Pokemon is just too silly or ridiculous not to love.

Don’t worry. We’re experts. These are the best 50 Pokemon, ranked from worst to best.

50. Cubchoo

49. Marill

48. Milotic

47. Probopass

46. Scizor

45. Slowking

44. Wailord

43. Excadrill

42. Snivy

41. Smoochum

40. Combee

39. Flygon

38. Gogoat

37. Psyduck

36. Gigalith

35. Nidoking

35. Espeon

34. Lugia

33. Drifloon

32. Cubone

31. Duskull

30. Latias

29. Empoleon

28. Gyarados

27. Tyranitar

26. Wobbuffet

25. Charizard

24. Infernape

23. Thundurus

22. Garchomp

21. Magikarp

20. Entei

19. Metagross

18. Yveltal

17. Porygon-Z

16. Litwick

15. Rotom (all forms)

14. Spiritomb

13. Luvdisc

12. Togekiss

11. Ludicolo

10. Vanilluxe

9. Shuckle

8. Slakoth

7. Scrafty

6. Darmanitan

5. Reuniclus

4. Chespin

3. Elekid

2. Trubbish

1. Gengar


  • If your favourite Pokemon is not on this list, it is not among the top 50 Pokemon.
  • There are only a few Pokemon from gen one here….hmm.
  • You might be interested in reading our Pokemon games ranking list.

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