Pokemon X And Y Lets You Store Pokemon Online… For An Annual Fee

Pokemon X And Y Lets You Store Pokemon Online… For An Annual Fee

Today, Nintendo announced a new downloadable 3DS companion app for their upcoming Pokemon X and Y versions. It’s called Pokemon Bank, and it’s used to store in-game Pokemon in the cloud.

Pokemon Bank allows you to store Pokemon in online boxes — 100 boxes, meaning 3000 Pokemon in total, which is far more than the game’s in-built total storage capacity. The software will also let you transfer Pokemon from the previous generation (ie. Pokemon Black & White and Pokemon Black 2 & White 2) into X/Y, with a feature called “Poké Transporter.”

Nintendo also revealed that since the service will require constant maintenance, players who want to use it will have to pay an annual fee.

Pokemon Bank launches in Japan on December 25, where it will cost ¥500, about $5, annually. No release date, or pricing information, has been released for regions outside of Japan yet.


  • Interesting… so it’s possible, with a little patience, to transfer characters from legacy games -> B/W -> X/Y?
    Never mind the fact that hacked pokemon stats are probably also possible through this, unless there’s some kind of check on the online bank.

    • This was designed with preventing hacked pokemon into the X / Y series in mind, so you won’t be able to get any hacked pokemon from the current gen to the next one, which is good.

      Which states that they’ve obviously amped up their prevention for this sort of thing.

    • Word is that hacked Pokemon will not be able to transfer… How they’re actually going to check that, I’m not sure.

      • I’m guessing it’ll be the same checks they run during tournaments. Basically, all the stats, location, trainer data etc. all need to be verifiable. Hoping PokeBank just says “nope!” and deletes the hacked Pokemon. Saps the fun out, for sure.

        • Having used Pokedit before, I’m fairly sure you can actually edit that info to mirror the information of legitimate pokemon? Then again, I never really used it to its full extent

          • Unfortunately yes, but at least then it’s still within the bounds achievability. I’m really hoping they find a way to can the Pokedit ones.

  • It would be really cool if this also allowed you to trade Pokemon with yourself to evolve them. I’m really sick of having a Graveler and Haunter in my SoulSilver party because I don’t know anyone else with a DS.

    • Trentosaurus: There is a “trade evolution” glitch you can use to evolve those Pokemon using the GTS. It’s described on Bulbapedia.

  • Run an SQL Database.
    Charge minor reoccurring fee to use.

    Screw it. I’m making a resemble-but-legally-distinct Pokemon game. JavaScript based, full mobile/tablet interface (meh, it’s all HTML anyways). Back in six weeks.

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