Prettier Than Super Mario Galaxy, But More Ornery Too

Gravity Ghost looks like a children’s book come to life. There’s no shooting or killing. But jumping from planet to planet is a lot trickier than it looks in this pastel-coloured journey through the cosmos.

It’s been fascinating to watch Erin Robinson’s indie space fantasy evolve over the last year or so. Gravity Ghost‘s looks have changed, its feel has been refined and the lovely sonic backdrop — done by FTL composer Ben Prunty — sounds more prominent now. When I caught up with Robinson at PAX Prime, she talked why she tweaked various elements of her game and explained a little more of what’s going on with her happily undead protagonist.

Gravity Ghost is meant to be gentle. Yet, putting my hands on it revealed a game that challenged me to nail a slippery set of physics. Figuring out just the right movements to slingshot myself into a trail of stars and onto the next celestial body reminded me how fun it can to just get around in a video game. You’ll get a chance to try it for yourself when it comes out in the near future.

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