PS4 Or Xbox One? We Poll The Tokyo Game Show

Though the PlayStation 4 comes out in Japan next February and the Xbox One doesn't have a specific release date here, this Tokyo Game Show is all aboutthe showdownbetween thesetwo consoles. So, on the first day TGS was open to the public, we asked folks which one they plan to buy.

32 responses later, we had one very clear answer.

Now keep in mind this is a completely unscientific poll and should be taken with a large grain of salt. We just walked up to people at random as asked if we could get them to weigh-in. (In fact, we approached nearly 70 people in total — and the majority of them were so camera shy that they waved us away before we could even ask the question.)


    Yeah because "Tokyo" wouldn't be biased at all?!?! Good job kotaku next time go to America and ask them the same id love to see the "scientific" results

      Oh i'm sorry I didn't realise the 'poll' as asking for the preference of the people at TGS. Oh wait, it did? So why the hell did this idiot interperate this as what the world would buy?

        lol because someone is a fanboy :p

      Chillax, brah. B)

      It's an informal poll asking how a market segment is going to buy. Sure, the answer might've been predictable, but if you don't ask, you'll never be surprised.

      Also, re:
      " time go to America and ask them the same id love to see the "scientific" results."

      what part of this line in the article did you not understand?
      "Now keep in mind this is a completely unscientific poll and should be taken with a large grain of salt."

      Last edited 23/09/13 8:53 am

        True. But the American results wouldn't work for him either. Neither does the rest of the world. My advice to him is to stay within the bubble till Halo 5 or something comes out.

        Yet I have a feeling, if Microsoft's console gets modded/hacked before Sony's [This happened last gen as well], it could turn the game on its head. But this would significantly damage sales for both parties.

    Worth it just for the little kid at the end.

      I was thinking "Yep, that about sums up Microsoft's Japanese presence.

    I haven't watched the video but I'm 99% sure people in Japan will definitely be hyped for the Xbox. Historically Japan has been so supportive of Microsoft and Playstation is definitely not a strong brand over there.


      ...whats an Xbox??

      Last edited 22/09/13 2:20 pm

    I'm more interested into why so many said neither.

    Let's go to the USA and ask what the best country in the world is.

    pretty obvious ps4 is the clear favoured one there for obvious reasons, the fact some there don't even know about xbox one as it's more of a westerners known console, japan has always favoured their own products tbh.

    most japanese dont give a shit about ps4/xbox one. theyre more into handhelds.

      It's definitely going that way - it's all about the minimum space possible.

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