PSO2 Update Brings One Nasty Bug

PSO2 Update Brings One Nasty Bug

Earlier today, Sega launched a new Phantasy Star Online 2 update for the PC version. New areas! New bosses! New quests! Sounds great, huh? It also brought new headaches.

Online in Japan (here and here), people are reporting that unrelated data was erased after downloading the update.

Some users reported that their free HDD space increased after downloading the update. Others reported entire games, such as Battlefield 3 or Final Fantasy XIV, or anime files being erased. Many PSO2 players reported unrelated data being wiped from their computer after downloading the update. It seems data that shares the same drive is affected.

Sega put the brakes on the update earlier today, apologising for the bug and telling players to wait a little bit. No word on when the update will be back or what those affected can do.

9/4 更新のアップデートデータの配信を停止しております []

Photo: PSO2Project


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