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Despite all the controversy at the most recent PAX event, PAX Prime, PAX Australia, as far as I could see, was a resounding success. It seemed to be an event that brought people together as a group of disparate people who share the same hobbies: in short, it did what PAX was supposed to do.

Today the above video was posted on the PAX Australia website and it made me sad that I missed out. I'm not generally a fan of sweatbox video game expo events. For me gaming is something I do at home. It's fun to meet people who share the same interests, but it's not a necessity for me.

But still, PAX Australia looked like a blast. I loved the exposure the local dev teams received, I loved that the panels were so well represented by cool people in the local games and media industry. In short, I'm looking forward to checking it out myself next year.


    I hope to go next if it's on again

      It will be! It's 100% guaranteed for next year, and very, very likely for future years. The only thing likely to change is the venue within Melbourne.

        They're probably going to change the date as well, so that it doesn't conflict with Comiccon in America and come so close whichever PAX just happened.

      There is no if. It will be back. See you there :D

      The most asked question in all the QnA's and people speaking with Gabe and Tycho during the event was will they come back, despite having already announced weeks before that they'd already been booked in for 2 years.

      During the closing ceremonies (I think? Might have been one of the QnA's) was that there are three PAXs now. Prime, East and Australia.

    Resounding success? Really?!

    I wish I had gone to the same event you did. I seem to remember it being a miserable slog through rain and mud to be told every single panel was full, lines only opening 15 minutes before start times, Enforcers laughing an insulting attendees, exhibitors crammed in trying desperately to get anybody anywhere to see or hear them over the deafening obnoxious roaring of those fuckers at the League of Legends booth and their dozens upon dozens of massive subwoofers, the Penny Arcade merch booth not being complete or set up at opening time and obstructing the way for the first hour forcing people to waddle slowly through all their garbage just to get into other areas and on and on...

    It was a fucking sham. I just wish my expectations had been as pathetically low as your own.

      Wow Slaw you seem to have quite the opinion. If it truly is how you see PaxAus then perhaps you should email Penny Arcade with your suggestions (maybe nicely phrased) for improvement. Constructive criticism is always sought after (try [email protected] - They should be able to forward it to the right place).
      I also wanted to note that following @paxaus_lines on Twitter is a great way to find out when and what is queuing and the lines and size of the theaters are some of the things that definitely on the radar for improvement next year.
      League of Legends certainly was loud, but that's half the fun!
      Which Merch store was it that you found boxes that stifled movement through walkways? Because Merch Lite in the que room had it's boxes and items behind the counter and stated on the signs it didn't stock everything. Merch full was in Big Top and had all the stuff (If it didn't sell out!) but I never saw any boxes piled in walkways. And as my department was Classic Console, I saw the entire strip all day every day, open to close.
      If Enforcers are insulting you, then feel free to get their names (or handles, like a nickname) and ask to see their Manager.
      Also, keep in mind PAXAus is brand new. It was our first year and we have tons of work to do yet. That's why hearing criticism is so important. If you have ideas even during Pax itself then go to Info Booth - We LOVE (and I truly mean it) hearing about the show, even the bad bits. PAX is about the people, and we want you to have a good time.
      Here's hoping next year is even better!

    lol - I saw myself in the video! Great memories - will definitely go to another one!

      Haha same! Didn't expect that! Shame it wasn't side on though, I was there as Mr GAW on Day 2.

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