Remember This

The folks at Ubisoft liked our old lunchtime regular 'Remember This' so much, they asked if they could bring it back for old time's sake in celebration of Rayman Legends being released. So we said, 'sure why not'! I miss stumping you guys with this one.

So what is it? WHAT COULD IT BE? Drop your guess in the comments below!


    Mystery House
    Mystery House is an adventure game released in 1980 by Roberta and Ken Williams for the Apple II.

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      Ding ding!

    It makes me think of Sopwith. Even though it's definitely not that.

    I miss stumping you guys with this one

    My memories of Remember This are of it being solved within minutes of posting.

    Just like todays ;)

    Could I suggest a mix-and-match of all of the kotaku lunchtime games?
    I really miss Remember This, would be great to see it once or twice a week, alternating with Haitaku and ScibbleTaku.

    Ahh, Remember This. I see nothing has changed, I still get in too late when I know the answer. Shane's a bit late though.

    @shane ?!



    Aw man, I missed it.

    Stil... it's obviously THE DIG.

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