Remember When Japanese Games Replaced Alcohol With Coffee?

Remember When Japanese Games Replaced Alcohol With Coffee?

I've been playing some Grandia on my Vita recently, and when I saw this moment last night, I thought it was too ridiculous not to share. "Wow, they even have coffee here!" Justin remarks, while staring at a gigantic beer keg, in front of what is clearly a bar.

Oh, JRPG censorship, how funny you once were.


    I think it was Yugioh that substituted sake with "hot-sauce"

    Man i loved teh grandia games, would be great to get a new one.
    So linear but incredibly well told story and character were great

    Grandia 1 is still my personal favourite JRPG of all time, irst RPG I bought with my own money. 2D isometric view over 3D models anyday. The characters were more interesting too.

    Grandia 3 was awesome at the start, then everything went downhill when you lost the mother as a playable character :p

    Let's not forget Chrono trigger where our brave hero passed out after winning a 'soup' drinking contest with a cave-lady.

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