Rime Looks A Lot Like A Next Gen Ico, And I'm Okay With That!

Announced at Gamescom this year, I haven't had the chance to see, let alone play, Sony's latest independent baby Rime yet. But a trailer for the game is now available (I recommend banging the resolution up to 1080p) and it sure looks a lot like Ico. As far as I'm concerned this is a good thing.

We know very little about the game at this stage other than the fact it's a PlayStation 4 exclusive with no dialogue (the story reportedly plays out via in-game interactions and such like). Apparently the legendary Akira Yamaoka, composer behind Silent Hill, is part of the audio team. The game is being developed by Tequila Works, a Spanish development team. Rime is its second game, with Deadlight — a survival horror platformer on Xbox LIVE Arcade being its first.

Rime looks a little derivative, but its derivative of games that generally aren't imitated all that often, at least not on a scale as large as this. My hope is that Rime has enough unique elements to circumvent those comparisons and become a truly interesting video game. But even now, in its current state, with how little we know about it, I'm excited.

Head to the PlayStation Blog for more information.


    Any game looking and feeling like ICO will always be a good thing. ICO was perfect. Especially with all the little touches like feeling Yordas pulse through the vibration of the controller.

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    Cant stop looking at that concept art, oh so pretty

    Back in the 80s (and maybe earlier but I don't really remember), to circumvent expensive publishing and licensing costs, crappy record companies like Dino Music would pump out hastily recorded compilations of covers of current hit tunes, sucking in grandparents the world over who would give little Jay his Christmas gift of 'Hits Now 84!' with great pride, while little Jay's face fell at the prospect of listening to 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' by Sandi Leper and 'Take on Me' by O-Ho.*

    I got the same feeling watching this trailer. I sincerely hope it does enough to forge its own identity (and the final 10 seconds of the trailer were far and away the most encouraging sign in this regard, so that's good), but goodness me, talk about wearing your influences on your sleeve (even if those influences are my favourite game of all time).

    *My brother also got 'Super Fighting Turtles' Figurines off my Grandma a few years later. Everyone loves Super Fighting Turtles right?

    It looks great, but will it play as interestingly as Ico did? Deadlight also looked striking but the gameplay really wasn't there to back it up.

    ugh that is using direct rip offs of ICO for multiple features!

    SICK! haha

    If the game starts with the protagonist waking up on a beach, it could almost be a sequel...

    *le sigh*

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