Robin Williams Likes Games Other Than The Legend Of Zelda

Robin Williams Likes Games Other Than The Legend Of Zelda

Maybe you picked up on the fact that Robin Williams likes The Legend of Zelda — just, you know, based on subtle stuff like being in Zelda commercials and having a daughter named Zelda. But that’s not all he likes, you know!

Yesterday, Williams did a fantastic Ask Me Anything on Reddit, where folks asked all about William’s nerdy proclivities. Turns out, he likes a lot of stuff.

Portal, for example — he calls it “INSANE.”

Warhammer 40k? He has “several” armies.

Here’s a surprising one: he’s big on Call of Duty. He writes:

I’m still waiting for the next Call of Duty. It’s been very unusual for me because I’ve done trips overseas to Iraq and Afghanistan, and I would see guys who had just come back from patrol playing Call of Duty, and I would say “you’re living this stuff! And yet you’re still playing this game…”

If you play Call of Duty, you prooobably haven’t played with Williams online, though. He tends to avoid it. “Getting my arse kicked by an 11 year old is very humbling!” Williams exclaims.

Another thing he’s waiting for: next gen. The Xbox One, to be specific. Williams writes:

I’m playing a game called Battlestation Pacific. I’m looking forward to the next Xbox. I can’t imagine the graphics being any better. It will be like these characters are living in your house. I’ll have to be doing duck and cover just to get to the bathroom!

For the WiiU or the PS4, at this point I haven’t seen them yet but I might have to check into the cyber wing at Betty Ford.

He talked about Zelda too, of course. He calls it the “best,” though you may be surprised to hear that even though he loves the game, the person that suggested the name for his daughter was actually Zachary, his son. Zach and Zelda. Nice ring to it, don’t you agree?

You can read the rest of Williams’ AMA on Reddit here.

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