Rockstar Warns GTA V Players To Avoid Using Garages Until Bug Is Fixed

Rockstar Warns GTA V Players To Avoid Using Garages Until Bug is Fixed

This past weekend in GTA V, my buddy Franklin finally made some real money on a heist. The guy loves to drive, so I decided to buy him a nice new sports car. But when he got back to his house and checked the garage, the car was nowhere to be found. Had master car-thief Franklin himself been the victim of car theft?

Not exactly. As it turns out, he (and I) had been the victims of a pesky GTA V bug. According to Rockstar support, players should avoid using the game's garages as they look into fixing a bug that causes cars and car-upgrades to mysteriously vanish.

From Rockstar:

We have received some reports about problems with cars and garages, particularly after upgrading and then completing a mission, and are looking into this now. Unfortunately, we do not currently have a workaround to recover a car if it is missing. If you would like to receive an automatic email notification as soon as there is more information, please log into the Support Site and click Subscribe at the top of this page.

They've added an update today explaining some possible causes:

This issue may occur if you drive another character's personal vehicle. We are looking into a fix to prevent this from occurring in the future. If you would like to receive an automatic email notification when the fix is live, please log into the Support Site and click Subscribe at the top of this page. In the meantime, please try to avoid parking a car in a garage, driving one already in a garage, or getting in a default vehicle, when playing as a character other than the one with your upgrades.

For my part, I encountered the bug after ordering a $US250,000 sports car off of the in-game internet while I had another, less expensive car stored in my garage. (Yeah, I know: Why buy a car when they're so easy to steal? I was hoping that I could get Franklin something zippier than his default car, to customise and keep.) After being informed that the car had been delivered, I came home to find that same sedan stored there, but no sports car. I got rid of the first car, but a sweet sports car failed to materialise in its place. I checked the in-game police impound: Nope.

Where is Franklin's sports car? It's out there, somewhere. For now, I'll hold off on ordering another one (or getting too deep into car customisation) until Rockstar gets their garages in order.

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    After being informed that the car had been delivered, I came home to find that same sedan stored there, but no sports car.

    That would be because the car is sent to your Grove street garage (as Franklin) Vinewood for Michael & Vespucci Beach (I think) for Trevor, and you either have to purchase the garages or get them for free by connecting your XBL or PSN account to your Rockstar Social Club account.

      +1 - Yeah whoever wrote this article needs to edit that out so they don't seem like a complete idiot. The safe house garage Bug is real for cars placed into it.

      The whole - 'Oh no why isn't my internet bought car deleting and replacing the one at my safe house' - is not a bug.

        Yeah, i've had the bug with my safehouse with Franklin, but not with his Grove Street Garage, same with Trevor, Michael on the other hand, his safe house garage doesn't seem to be bugged..

          Im sorry to say but, im playing gta5 right now and Michaels garage is bugged on my game but not trevor and franklin.

    I have experienced so many bug since I started playing, the game is still awesome but the fact that I have experienced so many different one begs the question of how much play testing was had.

    A quick list of bug and glitches (spoiler tags for potential spoilers)
    -The rendering engine died on the first three man bank job when I got to the train.
    -The triggers in the Fib building did not go off resulting in me having to jump out to my death because the mission would not proceed and enemies were not spawned.
    -Another bug I experienced on the Fib mission was when you break down the door and take the agent hostage, the camera locked to either looking at straight forward or directly upwards, I could not look down. The voices also went quiet even though I was right next to the actors involved.
    -I have been driving cars at the end of a mission when they suddenly de-spawn and my character will be left skittering across the road.
    -I clipped an invisible wall with part of my plane near the pillbox area which resulted in my plane nose diving into the ground (not sure if this is the rendering part of the engine conking out again).
    -I went to family counselling by quick traveling in a taxi only to have the mission fail on me because the taxi driver scared her.
    -I got stuck on a billboard sign by my foot and had to exit the game as I could not get my character free nor die.
    -My chinese built hummer got stuck at the bottom of the stairs at the Los Santos airport like a much smaller car would

    I think there were a couple of others but I can't think of the exact circumstances.

    Last edited 24/09/13 2:24 pm

      Wow! That's an impressive amount of pretty messed up glitches. I've put in about 30 hours so far and can honestly say I haven't experienced any of those glitches. I have seen a couple of strange things but nothing compared to your list. May I ask, Xbox or PS3?

      It's really odd that you've been having so many issues, as I've had a total of one game lockup and an issue at the end of a race where the race end screen wouldn't pop up until I paused and unpaused, and that's it (and I've somehow managed to pump in around 45 hours, according to the game, which is a little scary...).

      The iPhone app constantly de-syncing and resetting, on the other hand...

        Yeh I was a little bit surprised when I got around to checking how much time I'd spent in the game.. as of this morning, just over 30 hours...

      Wow. 60 hours in and no glitch or bug like that. The only bug I have run into is Trevors car removing mods to it and the safe house garage erasing cars I have put in there.

      Wow that sucks. I'm 60 hours in and nothing like that. I have only run into Trevor's car deleting modifications and the one where the safe house deletes cars you put into it (eventually).

    I had an upgraded Feltzer in Franklin's newer garage and I noticed that, a one time after switching player control to him, it appeared on the road, maybe as a part of the player switch animation. I parked in in the garage again, because I knew if I'd left it there, it'd disappear for good (that's a separate gripe about the GTA series for another time), so, parked it in the garage, went off to do other stuff and it still managed to disappear. And it had nothing to do with using one character to drive another character's vehicle either.

    That said, any mods I've made to all three characters' unique cars have stuck. And that was a pleasant surprise. Haven't even had an issue with the Garage premises I bought in Rockford Hills... yet.

    Last edited 24/09/13 2:39 pm

    I completely upgraded and resprayed Franklin's signature car only to have it revert back to the white version.


      Yes.. I had this happen with Michael's... it's now back to the default black.. sans spoiler and all the upgrades :(

        If you had dollar signs for rims. That is supposed to happen (Losing the mods that is). But anything other than that is a bug.

    I only have problems with the safe house garages. Whereas the big garages ive had no problems with

    Well I suppose I can wait for the full modded achievement or I can save my game - steal a POS - then mod it to the hilt so the achievement pops - then reload and go back to steal super cars from the rich folk.

    Though I can't be doing that with Trevor - he's too much of a hipster to be seen driving something better than his truck.

      Hahaha, funny you mention Trevor being a hipster. He really is, glad someone else noticed this.

        He is the proto hipster

          He is the Ur-hipster

            "It's not the absense of taste T - It's the opposite of taste... You should be a stylist."

    Did you even read the support link properly?
    when playing as a character other than the one with your upgrades.

    Just keep all your upgraded cars on one character for now. That's what I'm doing, and its working fine.

    Uh, so how do I save the cars I steal then?

    Only bug so far is Trevors first mission. It told me to get to my vehicle, but my vehicle had disappeared...

    This has been happening to me since Day 1, and I hadn't driven another characters vehicle until today. Luckily I've only spent money modifying personal vehicles which always respawn with the mods.

    I spent like 2 million on the Bugatti and the Ferrari they have for sale on the website. Fully upgraded... Only to disappear from Franklin's garage.... Really angered me.

      That sucks dude. I've been thinking 'man it would really suck if someone spent a million on a car and it disappeared' and there you go..

      I think GTAV is a great achievement, but I'm stunned that a game of this budget and calibre has this many vehicle bugs..

      I've had lots of cars disappear from my garage.

    Haha, you said "buddy Franklin" in your first paragraph. Geddit? How very topical this week.

    I've had quite a few bugs since day one with the PS3 version, the system has crashed twice during mission loading scenes (both times I had autosave turned off and lost all my progress) and also at the end of a mission the system has crashed a couple of times. I've also had audio glitches where the sound has suddenly gone entirely out of sync with everything else and not only during cutscenes, that has happened a lot and its really annoying, especially while driving. Had to restart the game to fix it

      I've only had one glitch where I'd been playing the game for a very long time and then I had this MASSIVE 30 to 45 minute police chase that took me all over Los Santos.. when I finally evaded the cops an drove the vehicle to the drop off point, all the sound in the game stopped functioning. To fix it, I just forced a load by getting in a taxi and using the "skip to" function.. since then I have played another 20 hours without turning off the console in between sessions and had no problems.

      Except for this glitch with the cars of course and other little things.. but no other system related glitches like sound or graphic glitches or crashes etc

      Last edited 25/09/13 10:25 am

    Although I have had this glitch occur a few times, it does not make garages unusable. Currently I have 4 fully customized cars in each of the 3 garages and only one has disappeared and I believe I know what I should have avoided to prevent it happening.

    I got the special vehicle out of the grove st garage, spent $100k doing it up and it disappeared. Was not happy. Did up Franklins personal car and everything has stuck so that made up for it, I did up Trevors car too

      Yes.. I've noticed that Franklin's car has remained upgraded while Michael's has not.. haven't driven Trevor's for a while, so not sure if that was affected or not.

    would be nice if we could get all the money back that we waisted on cars that we will not get back. not like we have any more 200m heist we can do

    You can still save your vehicles in the garage, but don't use them until they fix the bug

    While I don't have GTAV yet, (it's in the post) this happened to me a few times in GTA:SA. After doing the right thing and buying and modding my own car with cool upgrades (nitrous etc.) I returned after loading a game to find it gone from my garage. No more spending on cars for me!

    I had this happen to me after spending about 200k+ on car modifications. Go to my safe house and park it then come back to it and its gone! So I went to the impound and it was there :D so I just payed $250 to get it again.

    Just go to the impound (Picture of a car front on) and see if your ride is there :)

      I'de also add, with the garages that you buy/or get for each character, I have saved my modded comet (in Michael's garage) and I went to it today and it was still there. I even got it out for a spin. Then put it back in. So im not sure.. Could be cirtan cars or something..

    This is the only bug I encountered. But this bug seems to only happen to Franklin like in Kirk Hamilton's (the author of this article) situation.

    I lost a Truffade Adder (Veyron) that I came across in traffic to this bug.
    At least I didn't spend any money on it.

    I find it weird the game was sposed to come out last yeat but didn't because new things were being added. So my question is since it took a year to add new stuff to the game, why not fix the garages during that year? It's been a pooping year and already their are problems happening regardless the game taking a year to be re improved.

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