Saints Row's Hilarious Dubstep DLC Ad Disguises Its Obnoxious Intent

I've gotta hand it to Saints Row IV. Three bucks for four sound effects (OK, and some weapon skins) is pretty obnoxious, when you think about it. But when you pitch it like a blue-screen ad from a 1980s UHF station, it suddenly becomes hilarious.

I'm not even sure that $US3 for four sound effects is the worst part of this either. This is the Dubstep Gun we're talking about — a weapon that will literally kill people to death with dubstep. That's awesome. It's perfect for Saints Row, which is a nonstop parody of excesses, and here are two of video gaming's worst combined in one delightful toy: indiscriminate violence and shitty wub-wub soundtracks. Expanding it to polka, The Ride of the Valkyries or death metal is over-tagging the joke. Making people pay for it is even worse.

Still, if the games industry gives out ad-of-the-year awards, this should get one. It artfully disguises the basic proposition: Again, three goddamn dollars for four goddamn sound effects. I mean, really. In the hands of any other publisher they'd stumblefuck their way through it, pretending this actually added value or was worth the $US3. (Activision would close it out with a huge title card announcing the release date. You know they would). Deep Silver and Volition are smart enough to know the joke here isn't the dubstep gun or its sounds, it's that a lot of people are dumb enough to buy anything they see on the screen in the middle of the afternoon.

Now that I've said this, watch EA do a Franklin Mint-style ad for its Battlefield 4 DLC. You know they will.

Update: Actually, the real joke is that you could pay for DLC with a Discover card.


    If you wanna see how bad the DLC's going to get, go check out the Steam entry for SR3.

      Just Cause 2 was pretty bad for it too

        Sleeping Dogs was also really bad. But even those don't get to Sims 3/Train Simulator levels of insanity.

        (Seriously. Go look up Train Simulator on Steam and see how much it would cost you to buy all the DLC. It's something absolutely ridiculous, like thousands of dollars.)

          It's approaching $3000. I don't know how frequently DLC for it has been releasing over the last few months, but I expect it to reach that milestone by the end of the year.

            That's insane.

            Then again, this is not targeting normal gamers. I watched the trailer video for the actual game proper and realized this was speaking to a very, very specific niche of people who probably used to drop hundreds of dollars on train sets and massive diorama track tables, for whom the video game is a living dream.

            ...Holy crap. I need to figure out how to port that shit to the Rift, I'll make a godamn fortune.

    Why is a dubstep gun appealing again? Not that I don't like dubstep, I just think that, unless it's satirizing the whole dubstep-bro-gamer-bro stereotype, then, well, it's a little cringey.

    Edit: omitted for sounding like an arse.

    Not to mention, I bought a lot of the DLC in Saints Row 3 before I started playing it, and I was left with an arsenal of extremely OP weapons and vehicles that broke the game entirely. Sounds like you're paying $3 for a gimmick and a game breaker.

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