Schwarzenegger As Darth Vader Would Totally Have Worked

Not sure why this was only released in September 2013. It seems like it's pretty much the best videos on the internet* united in a single clip.

Darth Vader Voiced By Schwarzenegger [YouTube]

* - excepting those featuring cats or nutshots


    Spoiler alert for the end.
    I was pondering whether I would watch star wars someday in about 20 years. Now it's a bit ruined.

    The James Earl Jones one is so much better....

    This is ridiculous. Luke somehow managed to mistake 2012 for 2013, because that's clearly when the video came out.

    OMG! Youre right! This was released 13 months ago! Luke, WTF are you doing!? You should know better. After all we demand our TV shows IMMEDIATELY after theyre aired in the US, WTF were you thinking posting a YouTube clip 13 months after release!?

    You need to run a survey to determine what is an acceptable time frame for which you can post content after its initial release.
    Clearly, 13 months is not it!

    Lol, Plunket fails at does this guy still have a job?

    Yeah I saw this ages ago.
    Still, if Luke sharing it means more people see it then great!

    i hadnt seen it before so thanks :)

    Hadn't seen this version, but the other clip with Arnie in it is as funny as this one.

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