Shocking, Cut Amnesia Scene Is Basically The Definition Of ‘Yikes’

Shocking, Cut Amnesia Scene Is Basically The Definition Of ‘Yikes’

The horror game Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs had its share of gruesome moments. But one scene, cut from the game for being too disgusting, would have overshadowed them all.

Amnesia spoilers follow.

A Machine for Pigs, a game I very much enjoyed, tells the story of a late 19th century industrialist who is exploring a horrible factory of his own making. The factory is, it quickly becomes apparent, converting people into porcine horrors, man-(bear)-pigs who maraud around killing and/or eating everything in their path. It’s all pretty gross, though more in the abstract than in the actual experience.

In an enjoyable new interview at Kill Screen, the game’s head writer Dan Pinchbeck and his wife, composer Jessica Curry, elaborate on one scene that was too disgusting for them to make work. It involved… wait for it… a pig-monster having sex with a corpse.

From Kill Screen:

Pinchbeck: There was a pig fucking a dead body. The problem was it just looked like the pig was raping someone. It started off fucking a female body, and actually it just looked like rape. So we switched it out for a male body, and it looked like gay rape. No better. We were trying to make a point of how animalistic the pigs were. But it didn’t add enough to justify the schlock.

Jessica Curry: We were lying in bed together and Dan tapped me on the shoulder and woke me up and went, “Pigs fucking human corpse.” I thought, “Who the fuck have I married!”

Pinchbeck: But you’ve got to push it too far to find out where that line is. If you tiptoe cautiously up, you’ll always fall short. That’s how you find something with a real edge.

Well then! Of all the Nope Moments in the game, a pig having sex with a corpse proooobably would have been the nope-ist of all.

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs writer Dan Pinchbeck talks about horror, genocide, and the scene so disgusting he had to cut it [Kill Screen]


  • Yes, yes there is. Whats really amusing is that he then goes on to accuse you of being a pervert for watching.

  • Look at that, a socially conscious developer! Maybe they aren’t just here to persecute everyone and feed our insecurities so we think everything we don’t like is a social issue.

  • I’m glad they made the decision to cut it. They’re right, you’ve gotta push it as far as you can to get the right fear/horror reaction in a game like that, but also be aware of what is too far. Kudos to them.

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