Sickest Way To Get Around In GTA V? Shredding On BMX Bikes!

Oh, the places you can go and the tricks you can land while on a BMX bike in Grand Theft Auto. It's the kind of thing that almost makes riding around in a car seem boring.

Kirk vouched for going around in GTA on a bike recently, but it's watching YouTubers like Ready Up Live nail all sorts of cool moves on BMXs that has convinced me. I gotta get myself a BMX bike, man.

Here's another stunt video by ablisterinfetus — more lax, but still cool.

Do you wanna learn how to do stuff like this? Good news, Ready Up Live has a tutorial video.

Happy biking!


    My real interest is. How the hell is the framerate so good in everyone's vids?

    My framerate looks nothing like that. Nothing like that at all. It's total rubbish.

      Have you got an older system? I've read there are some serious differences between early 360's and PS3's vs late models.

        I got my ps3 in 2011 around the time MK9 released.
        Does that qualify it as an older system?

        My frames are truly horrible

    Pretty lame compared to the tricks you could pull of in GTA:SA... I might have to start using the BMX in GTA V and post a few of my own videos because these tricks seem pretty nooby.

    GTA physics...

      I'm wondering if they were using some kind of cheat, my characters take a spill far easier than this video.

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