Small Studio Wants To Make Its Own Mass Effect

AMBROV: X is an upcoming RPG that, while set in an established sci-fi universe (it's based on the Sime-Gen books), sure looks like an indie Mass Effect. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Given how that series ended, and people's love for sci-fi, RPGs and decision-making (this has all three!), this might be able to catch a wave of interest, especially since they're saying they'll get the help of a famous former BioWare writer if their Kickstarter campaign hits, ahem, $US750,000.

Jennifer Hepler, former writer on Dragon Age who was crushed by a wall of internet hate following Dragon Age 2's poor reception, has agreed to help out, even after seeing the obvious and calling the game a "complete Mass Effect rip-off".

Should AMBROV:X hit its funding goal of $US500,000, its developers are looking to release the game on PC in 2015.

AMBROV:X [Kickstarter]


    Level design looks like a real poor-man's Mass Effect.

    Also, I wish Kickstarter posts had something in the title so I could ignore them.

      I actually think it looks a lot more like star ocean

    cliche sure....but it actually looks really interesting

    and given how ME3 turned out somthing similar may not be all that bad

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