So, How Does The New PS Vita Screen Compare To The Old One?

So, How Does the New PS Vita Screen Compare to the Old One?

We've seen the new PS Vita. It's right up there! We've seen it up close. But we haven't seen how the new LCD screen compares to the current Vita's OLED screen. Until now.

Twitter user Hiro compared the Ragnarok Odyssey title screen on his original PS Vita to the upcoming Vita.

Here, have a look for yourself.

So, How Does the New PS Vita Screen Compare to the Old One?

The original Vita is on the top, and the new Vita is below it. In case you couldn't figure that out for yourself.

Note: An earlier version of this story said the new screen was LED. That was incorrect. The screen is LCD.

う〜んやっぱ液晶は比較すると差が出ちゃうかなあ [@Hiro_1988]


    Old one is much crisper with the whole black is more black, dark is more dark and so on adds more depth OLED looks better in this case could be the lighting....but yea OLED seems better for me till I see a really good video comparison

    I can see dangan ronpa on the tv screen above well just naegi's jacket

    This is pretty much what I expected - less glare on the LCD, but not as crisp. Personally, I'm glad I got the OLED version, but your mileage may vary.

      Same here. But having said that, I don't think I'd really notice the difference except when they were side by side like this anyway. So it wouldn't be a major issue for me. I guess it's a trade off between that and the slight weight reduction - I wouldn't mind if my Vita was a little lighter. And the new one also has a standard micro-USB port on it instead of the stupid proprietary connector that the original Vita has.

    Anyone know if eets munchies comes with a steam key?

    That seam on the edges of the screen would bug the crap out of me. Call me picky, but I love how the entire front surface of the Vita is one smooth panel.

    Also agree the blacks/darker colors look much more vivid on the OLED. My main question will be how much extra battery life does the slim net me, and how does the unit feel in person? The original Vita is a really solid piece of hardware. Previously, PSP Slim revisions have felt a little light and plastic-ey.

    Be interested to see for myself.

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      The seam really makes it look like a phone or tablet with a controller clipped around it. It would bug me as well.

      Oh man.. yeah.. dat seam.... YUK! :|

      The original VITA looks soooo much better - screen and all!

      I think the frame is from the holder st the show for the vita and not actually part of the redesign.
      All the other promo pics have no frame.

    I remember when they introduced the PSP 3000. While the 1000 had a screen with a lower refresh rate (the 3000 was better in that regard) it had weird interlacing issues instead and many of them had some really bad backlight bleeding issues.

    So in many ways it was a big step backwards.

      Many maintain the PSP-2000 was the superior model, compared to the PSP-3000 - screen wise. I never saw that much issue, myself. Then again i don't think I ever checked.

    Vita is a joke,, powerful system, below average games,,, 3ds ftw..

      Bugger. Seems the last 5 months of my gaming life has been a joke. :(

    I got the first vita from japan and when the screen is totally black you can see imperfections with in the screen like darker patches all over. It actually bugs me more than I thought. In saying that its still a beautiful screen colourwise but yeah definitely not perfect by all means. Also worth noting this is really only visible in very few instances because games rarely have total blackness for long, mainly loading etc.

    I'm not sure that this is a good comparison - the quality of the OLED screen on the Vita rarely comes through well in photos, you need to actually see it.

      I like to slowly, lovingly lick my Vita's screen when nobody else is around to see.

      why are they even making a comparison its fact OLED >LCD screens there is nothing they could do short of some new LCD technology we have never seen and would no longer be LCD that would make it superior to OLED.

        What a stupid comment. So everyone who does screen testing from DisplayMate, Anandtech, etc. must be wrong. OLED is not in 'fact,' superior to LCD. In the mobile industry, OLED and their newer AMOLED variants typically have the worst colour reproduction, colour gamut so far from sRGB, worst borders (compounded by PenTile), and yellow or green-tinted whites.

        I'll wait for a proper comparison that isn't shot with background glare, on a smartphone, with unknown output settings. Compare the best AM/OLED display on the market (the Samsung Galaxy S4's) vs the best LCD panel (HTC One), it's night and day.

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    the start and select buttons are bigger which is a great improvement, and I've seen in other shots that there's no accessory port (which hasn't had any accessories made yet)

    Longer battery life, and eliminating that expletive proprietary data port... although to be honest it's the 64GB memory cards that interest me most.

    Pity about the screen, though. And if I had my druthers I would prefer having the battery life extended even further over making the unit a bit thinner.

    I have been meaning to buy a Vita for some time now. This just gave me the perfect excuse. I just bought one online. OLED for life!

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