Somebody Already Has An Xbox One

Last week, the first Xbox One consoles rolled off the production line. So, naturally, we've now got video of someone using one, a whole two months ahead of the machine's launch.

In this clip - uploaded earlier today - you'll see the lucky/wanted man give us a quick tour of the control pad, console and dashboard, before firing up Crytek's Ryse.

See those giant white stickers on the front and top of the console? Wonder what those could be. A beta program, perhaps? Internal testing? Some Microsoft dispatch info?


    how long till it rrod's?

      Wow we have a 2yr old on here

      Next Gen version is Blue Box of Bereavement

        HAHAHA! Bereavement! Nice.

        Perhaps the controller will malfunction and it will be the Cyan Circle of Confounding.

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          That sounds like a bit of loot you'd find in an Elder Scrolls game.

            Where as the red ring of death sounds like something you'd pick up in Bali

        this sounds like what girlfriends get when their partners is away

    How has he got it working without the Internet? I was under the impression you needed, at the very least, that day one patch before you could do anything useful with it. It doesn't sound like a retail model - perhaps pilfered off an assembly line - to me. Perhaps a pre-release media unit, which someone's broken an embargo to gloat about.

      I vote for your last option. More then likely an early media unit, and they decided to gloat about it. Hope you enjoyed your Xbox one buddy. Microsoft will be all over your ass soon.

      it could be a surprisingly clever marketing ploy which would explain why everything is working

    Either this is a good stunt or that man is a very very stupid idiot, His ass will be wanted.

      Well depends how he got it. If it's stolen then yeah, sure.

    What's with the red stuff around the xbox button?

      wow, you got down-voted for that?

      They're IR reflectors that the Kinect uses to determine where the controller is in the room, and (possibly, I haven't seen MS confirmation) would use it in conjunction with your physical characteristics to assign the controller to you without having you sign in.

        That's exactly what they're for. The video Major Nelson did with the design lead showed them off. Makes syncing with a XBone a breeze... apparently.

          sweet, I hadn't seen the video only read the rundown on the controllers features that mentioned IR sensors.

          I also like the idea (again, unconfirmed because I'm lazy and don't watch videos unless they're adorable cats) they can be used in split screen gaming to put the players screen on the side they are watching from. It gives me hope that split screen gaming will still be a thing.

            ha ha - I believe this is also something they're either considering implementing or have implemented.

            So many little things those IRs can do to make our lives easier.

        Haha weird downvoting, it was a legitimate question.

        Just aesthetically it ruins the whole black finish having 2 red things popping form underneath... the functionality is obviously cool though. I'm hoping it's only prominent from the bright video light the kid had and under normal conditions it'll be less full on :)

          well yeah, none of the other journo photo's really show them up. The red light is just what's being reflected from the flash

          I'm put off by all the grubby fingerprints on everything though :/

            I would also mention that his light would be allowing the plastic to be more see-through and also his camera is probably Infra-red sensitive and therefore shows it up more as well.

    That red stuff on the controller LOOKS to be reflectors as they seem to be underneath the plastic. Maybe to communicate with the Kinect as they are on the top of the controller as well.

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    By the looks of it, he isn't utilizing his new x-bone very well. I saw not even a single piece of paper under than box =/

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