Stealing $5000 With A Drill Bit

Stealing $5000 With A Drill Bit

Not a drill. A drill bit. You know, the part you must stick in an electric drill.

FNN and TomoNews report that early morning on September 1, a hooded man wearing a jumpsuit and a surgical mask entered a karaoke parlor in Higashiosaka City and started waving a drill bit at the staffer who had been counting the parlor’s proceeds.

Apparently, the thief had the clerk turn around, and, as seen in this security camera footage, snatched away the envelopes that were sitting on the counter. Inside were the previous day’s earnings, which totalled around ¥500,000 ($5554). Sounds like he’s familiar with the karaoke parlor and perhaps knew what was in the envelopes.

Thankfully, no one was hurt, nor were any holes put in the wall.

The police are now on the lookout for a man in his 20s, 170cm tall, thin, and wearing a green jumpsuit with white cotton gloves and with a surgical mask covering his face. He also has a drill bit, but sadly doesn’t know how to use it. See, you put it in an electric drill, and then, you turn it on. Easy!

ドリルの刃突きつけ強盗 大阪 [TomoNews]
カラオケ店に男押し入る 現金50万円奪い逃走 大阪・東大阪市 [FNN]


  • Not sure who what’s worse… the thief robbing the place with a drill bit, or the staffer who handed money over because of said bit…

    • Friends in the biz tell me that for safety’s sake, the staff are pretty much trained to hand over money even on a threat. It’s probably an insurance thing, but bank policy is usually that whatever small amount a thief can get from tellers/vaults (banks don’t handle quite as much physical money as they used to), it’s not worth risk of injury to their employees (and subsequent lawsuits/workcover).

    • Doesn’t look like he hands it over to me, the thief snatches it from the counter where it was sitting.

  • That GIF loop looks like he goes to leave, but decide to come back for more money. Greedy bastard. 😛

  • I work with at risk youth, and have had to confiscate a drill bit (among other weapons) for safety concerns. If it’s got a point, it’s good enough to take out your jugular. Don’t think this is as ridiculous as the article makes it out to be.

  • Is it wrong that I’m wondering if, after he had stolen the money, the thief jumped into Lagann and took off?

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