Stop The Presses: I Think The Next Halo Game Will Be Called 'Halo 5'

Everyone, you won't believe this. This may come as a shock. I'd like you all to be sitting before I deliver this news: it looks as though the next Halo game is going to be called 'Halo 5'.

I know, crazy right. Halo 5 follows Halo 4, which followed Halo 3, which followed Halo 2, which followed Halo. This is the fifth sequential game in the Halo narrative and it's going to be called Halo 5. Who could have seen it coming.

We received this breaking, earth shattering news from a trailer shown on the Axis Animation Facebook page. Axis Animation was responsible for the CGI trailer shown at E3 this year during Microsoft's conference.

In all seriousness, we didn't know the game was going to be called Halo 5 and the previous trailer simply said 'Halo'. Also, this doesn't necessarily mean the game will be called Halo 5 — it could have just been placeholder.

But let's be realistic here: it's going to be called Halo 5.

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    Orrrrrrr is it called Halos!!!! :O

    I kid I kid...

    My entire world view is shattering and falling down around me! What even is this?

    I thought it'd be called Halo One.

      It still might be - they'll probably change their mind in a couple of weeks.

    actually its the 7th, reach, halo, halo 2, odst, halo 3, halo 4 then halo 5 (chronological order - i think i put odst in the right spot)

      9th if you count Halo Wars (set before Reach I think?) and Spartan Assault (set between 3 and 4).

      5th one with Master Chief as the playable character

      Last edited 02/09/13 10:24 am

    Stopping the presses is incredibly expensive and will put us hours behind schedule.

    That was incredibly reckless, @markserrels, incredibly reckless.

    Last edited 02/09/13 9:36 am

    So why didn't they call it Halo 5 from the start then?
    Here's my outlandish theory: The trailer wasn't just for the one game, but for two. Halo 5 and a free to play Halo multiplayer only game set during the same time/story period. However, since releasing that trailer they've decided to dump the F2P game and have consequently rebranded the trailer to show it's only for the one game now.
    Like I said, it's an outlandish theory :P

    What ever its called its a day1 purchase for me

    Am I the only one who think that games, movies and other franchises start to just look silly once their number gets to 5 and above? I mean, sure, reboot the series, have a spin off, whatever, but I just think that having a number that high in your title just makes you lose a little bit of dignity. Take Fast and Furious 6, who had the gall to hint at yet another seqeuel at the end. I mean, Fast and Furious 7?? Where does it all end? Halo 12? Mario Kart 27? Let's get inventive with our names people!

    They should change the naming convention just to screw with people, bring on Halo: Vice City

    This....this changes everything. We've got to go back!

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