Super Smash Bros. Melee Is Great. But Why Is It Great?

The aptly named Really Freakin' Clever webseries is back, this time focusing on the second entry in Nintendo's all-star brawler franchise — Smash Bros. Melee.

While I agree with the notion that having all these celebrated and massively nostalgic characters in one place is a hell of a selling point, it's important not to overlook Melee's rather meaty gameplay.

I grew up with PC games, so in the end, when I first tried Melee, the gameplay was the aspect that ended up drawing me in. The game could still appeal to me even though I wasn't technically part of its target audience, and by playing it, I could actually learn, even just a little bit, about this rich history and all these different characters. Honestly, I think that's brilliant.

What about you folks? Like Melee? Hate it? Prefer Brawl or the original? Chime in below.

Really Freakin' Clever - Super Smash Bros. Melee [YouTube]


    Melee was the only one I didn't have, since I never owned a Gamecube. I could never unlock Ness on the original, considering I was about 6, but I loved that game so much.

    being a lucky one I have played each smash bros. to date, personally melee was an amazing game I can't remember how many hours I spent playing with my friends getting coins so I could get trophies from the machine, trying to get them all :D old time....check out didyouknowgaming youtube channel on ssb for some awesome facts...

    I am better at SSB64 and Brawl, Melee just always felt weird.

      Melee is gold, Brawl wasn't as good in my opinion, but still great. They use Melee in most of the Smash Bros tournaments.

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        Yeah, well I never played tournaments, I played for fun and Melee was the least fun for me.

    Good 'ol Melee... I've easily sunk thousands of hours into it, and will continue to for many years.

    I still suck, but... yeah. Good game.

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