$4 Minecraft Skin Is Worth It If You Really Like Mass Effect, I Guess

Sadly, Minecraft players on the Xbox 360 don't have access to the countless mods and texture packs available on the PC version. Well, now there's at least one interesting pack available, for $US3.99. Seems a bit steep for some new textures, skins, and a small map, but I suppose it's better than not playing Minecraft as Commander Shepard.

Minecraft: Mass Effect Edition is available now on the Xbox Live Marketplace for $US3.99, and there's a free trial as well.

Oops: In the video, I said it was the mission where you meet Mordin, but it's actually the mission where you meet Liara. Sorry!


    Seems a bit steep for some new textures, skins, and a small map

    Surely the effort needed to create the content is worth selling it for at least the price of a coke, or a coffee.

    What price would you attach to it instead? $0.5? $1?

      How about as free as all the texture packs for the PC version?

        But then it wouldn't be allowed on XBL since they don't seem to like free things...

        But Microsoft charges 4J (and any other developer) to upload and host any DLC. So you want 4J to lose money in order to bring us more stuff? Not to mention that they also charge them to post updates/ bug fixes. And 4J doesn't charge us for those. It seems like this is just a way for them to help pay for that cost of doing business on XBOX and paying their people. On PC most of the texture packs are done by fans who choose to do it in their free time. 4j has to pay their own people/ Mojang/ whoever developed the texture pack for the right to use these things. And if it isn't worth the price to you, just don't buy it or get Minecraft on the PC.
        My point is you clearly are a 12 year old who doesn't understand the first thing about capitalism or running a business. If you want to whine about something, maybe try understanding what you are talking about before you go around bashing it.
        BTW, where is the video game that you develped for free? Oh you don't have any of these highly in demand skills that you spent many years and lots of your own money learning and have never had to support yourself financially? My point exactly.

      I'm still of the firm belief that items like these should be true to the original term of "microtransactions". You add money into your account in bulk, then spend it a couple of cents at a time on virtual stuff. So maybe a skin in a game is worth 5c?

      I've never bought a virtual item in a game, and have no intention of ever doing so when they're dollars a pop. But for cents? Sure.

      But if they did this, would they end up with 80 times as many people purchasing to make up the difference in revenue? Dunno. Probably not.

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