When You Go Four Years Without A New Rainbow Six… Make Your Own

It’s been a while since the last Rainbow Six game, so Christian Allen decided to kickstart a spiritual successor to the franchise. A little over a year later, and I finally got to sit down and take a look at the beta version with him. I learned a few things — mostly that pistols don’t penetrate armour, and having a conversation about game design during a mission is a good way to get shot.

From the build that we played, I got a much better idea of what they’re aiming for with this game. While it does have a singleplayer option with 3 AI squadmates, the game is designed around playing with human teammates. Which is to say, the game is almost impossible to beat alone, and far more fun with friends. Also, you aren’t always the “good guys” in Takedown. The missions are based on who is paying, so one mission has you going so far as to kill a scientist and plant evidence to frame him for a crime.

Take a look at the video above to see a few of the missions and a look at how easy it is to kill the developers in a deathmatch when you finally get your hands on a shotgun.

Takedown comes out on September 20th for Xbox 360 and personal computers for $US14.99.


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