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    Morning. Another day, another dollar.

    Monday already, well that weekend went fast..

    I feel gross. All the chilli and beer from yesterday is coming back to haunt me. And I've been called into work in my day off. Again. Sometimes it seems like I'm the only one who will ever cover shifts.

    Morning fronds!

    I had an alright weekend, Saturday (hi @saturday) I went to the movies to see Kickass 2 with a friend from school that I haven't seen in a year. It was nice just sitting down and chatting with him.

    On Sunday my brother and his girlfriend came over for dinner. She has been in Egypt for the last 8 months (she returned last week). She went over there to work as a Refugee relocation person. Man, some of the stories I heard really make me glad I live here.

      Good to hear she survived, Egypt looks like a very nasty place to be in at the moment. I'm quite concerned about a friend who is going there in January for a holiday =/

        Yeah, last day she was there it wasn't uncommon for someone to randomly open fire on any vehicle on the street. Her driver basically had to ignore all road rules. It was just "get to the airport as fast as possible", really goddamn terrifying.

          Fuck that. Fuck that so much.

            Yup, it's the kind of shit you expect to see in some kind of action movie. I'm staying well away from Egypt for a while because it is soooo screwed up.

            Also, her field while she was over there was "human trafficking" so she would try and re-settle people that escaped after being kidnapped and sent to human trafficking camps. Some of the stories she was telling me about was just, horrible.

            The world is just fucked up, no other way of saying it .

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              Reading this makes me very glad that I went to Egypt before all this stuff happened. Christ knows how long it'll take for the country to recover (and let's be honest, it wasn't that great to start with. Military/Police on every corner (often behind blast shields), and on sections of the Nile they pulled out a mounted gun and strapped it to the top of the boat), but it's such a beautiful, historic, country.

    Morning everyone. Happy day after father's day.

    I'm so hyped for Dragon Age Inquisition. Playable Qunari \o/ Why can't it be next year already?

    Can't wait for Saturday - so over all the election crap.

      Our politicians and media have been in non-stop election mode since the 2007 election was called. It'd be nice if they took a break after this election but I'm not holding high hopes.

        So basically it'll only stop when the Liberals are back in or Murdoch karks it.

          The Courier Mail went from attacking Federal and State Labor to attacking Federal Labor and State Liberal once Newman got in.

      I know right, they're paying me to deal with voters that day, only reason why I can't wait for Saturday.

        I can almost feel the love for the job pouring through the screen

          I can't wait to meet all the oldies who live here who're going to tell me why Labor is evil and why they're voting for the National Party..

            Ineffective lapdogs are incapable of screwing up. So at least the Nationals have that going for them.

              I dunno, our local candidate seems like he is very capable of screwing up, in fact he already has I think. Saying he has 3.3 million dollars ready to go to fix a local road that has gone to shit, that is if we elect him. Considering the road is not a federal or state road, I don't see how he can give federal money to a local problem that wasn't caused by natural disaster.

              Personally i'd prefer to keep our federal labor member she has done a lot for us in the last 4 years. Unlike our local state member who is a National party member saying he will get us more police he will get us funding for a new high school and on and on it goes. He tried to claim he was responsible for the new Banora Point Pacific Highway upgrade that our Federal member got funded and happened. Apparently the NSW gov't haven't come through on their part of the deal and paid up, which was all signed off when Labor was still in control of the state mind you.

      The last three elections I've gone to a pre-poll voting centre at least a week before and then I just tune out entirely until election night. Manage to avoid the ridiculous crowds 'n give myself a small break from following all the political garbage.

        I'm just going to go mid afternoon while there's still a sausage sizzle (the real reason anyone goes out to vote) but after the crowds have dissipated.

          A dance troupe was actually having a sausage sizzle + bake sale fundraiser across the road from the voting centre when I was there a couple of days ago.

          I didn't know about it beforehand, but it made the whole trip worthwhile.

    Just a quick thanks to everyone from last week who dropped some japan info for me.
    Appreciate the help.

      We want to hear about your Japan adventures!

        its not for a few months yet, but you can bet i wont be able to stop talking about it when i get back :D

        in fact i imagine I'll be planning my second trip there for during the spring :D

          I wanna go back! I barely saw what it had to offer :)


    How is everyone?
    My wrist feels a lot better but I'm thinking I should possibly clean up my computer =P

    What kind fellow recommended Woodkid a while back? Got around to listening to him recently, love it! It's like Beirut, if he was epic had lots of church organ and heaps more string. Also @gingerchris86, thanks so much for sending through Spook! I forgot to say so before, sorry! It was pretty cooool, but I dont listen to that kind of thing as much these days. I kind of used to listen to only that kind of stuff for a while, I think its one of those too much of a good thing... things :)

    Well that was interesting. Wanted to get a Wii U Pro controller. So walked into EB expecting to have a chat with the manager there and surprise! She's been moved. New manager lady there. Oh well. She can no doubt help me. After 10 minutes of frustrating back and forth it eventuates that she has never heard of the Wii U and kept trying to sell me a Wii one while getting frustrated at me because "it says Wii on the box. Wii U is just an add on."


      I'd like to reinforce the point that this is a freaking manager of a VIDEOGAMES STORE!

        I'd inform EB Games on Twitter that they've employed people who do not know their product and are losing them sales!

          Also mention the time a store didn't know what Metal Gear Solid was.

            Yeah, that's a good idea too. I had some bloke at the local EB tell me the other week PC games only pirate and all this other shit, he seemed delusional. I could've pirated Saints Row IV, but no I went and bought it from Amazon! That'll learn him.

      But Nintendo said that they didn't have a naming problem!

        I don't think it's the naming that's the issue so much as just generally retarded human beings.

          Por que no los dos?

            Si, senor! Chupa mis huevos!

          That's pretty much a given for ALL PROBLEMS EVER. So we have to assume it's a combo of naming + dozy humans. So we just stop adding the 'dozy humans' part for efficiency. :)

            Or just change the WiiU's name to 'IT'S NOT A WII YOU DOZY HUMAN'

      That's our EB!
      *'he's such a rascal' look*

        *canned laughter*

      Yeah, when I bought Wonderful 101, lady serving me refused to accept that the WiiU existed ...

      This is something that should not be acceptable. She'll sell a customer the wrong item. Oh well, if someone brings it back annoyed it'll be her own fault.

      Last time I went in was to preorder my PS4 and I was forced to stand and listen to the manager excitedly tell me for 5+ minutes all about the specs, and that the Xbone and PS4 would be light years ahead of PC. I actually had to do the 'start-slowly-walking-to-the-exit-as-he's-talking' thing. He was still talking while I was at the door. I eventually just said 'Goodbye' and left while he was mid sentence.

      Send a complaint to the HQ. If you don't know what a console is, it's time for a new profession.

      Sounds like her resume said she was good with numbers.

    I think I'll go and see Elysium while all the plebs are at work.

      In your underpants?

        This will ensure I have the theatre to myself. Your logic is sound.

        'The dude in number 7 is in naught but his underpants!'
        'Just leave him. Avoid eye contact - don't disturb him.'

          Fun Fact — every time I see/hear the word "naught" it reminds me of Garrett Dillahunt singing Donald, Where's Your Trousers ( in The Sarah Connor Chronicles... even though there's no obvious link between the two things.

          Also, possibly spoilers in that link for anyone who still plans on watching a cancelled, five year old TV series.

          Anyway... yes, you should do that. :D

      I have seen it twice now. SO MANY GOOD ACTION SCENES

    Anyone have some examples of good open world boundaries? All I can think of right now are having the world on an island, using the sea as the boundary (but having my game I'm about to start working on set on an island doesn't make too much sense), or having all kinds of impassable terrain (like ridiculously dense forests, cliffs, ravines, etc.) around the edge of the world. Are there any other kinds you can think of? Any notable examples of games that have done open world boundaries particularly well?

      cliff face, large holes (quarry maybe), lava

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      A giant wall is usually an excellent boundary, kept the Mongols out of China according to South Park..

      I vaguely remember a game where if you got too close to the boundaries, some monster would start hunting you and there was no way to defeat it. Another option is landmines? Have signs on one side of a map and if the player walks past the boundary for a set length of time they 'trigger' a mine?

        Minefields are nature's way of telling North Korea to stay put.

      Motocross madness did it right... Huge cliff/wall... if you managed to scale the wall, it launched you like a catapult back into the map to much hilarity

        All else fails, go Nordic Mythology and have a giant arse worm that spans the world and eats anyone trying to escape:

      Mountains, The Abyss, Quicksand, Slowsand, Not their brother Mediumsand because he's a jerk that squeaks when you walk over him, Poison gasses, river rapids, mine fields, chain link fences.

      Internal monologue:
      Character: "No, I don't really want to go that way."
      That'll never get annoying, by the way.

      Another option is to have a bunch of instadeath situations. Your character is injected with a killswitch that'll stop his heart if he strays more than x km from the map centre because someone is evil. Or the entire map is surrounded by enemy forces who will shoot arrows at you if you approach.
      That'll never get annoying either.

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      you could make the edge of the map the border to another country with aggressive guards patrolling the border.

      No idea if it would work or not, but: radiation a la Stalker?

      Miles and miles and miles of boring-ass nothing. And if someone persists with that for the hours of on-foot travel time it takes, just like in real life? Reward them with some 'The Thirteenth Floor' edge of the world visible matrix shit. :) Easter Egg hunters will go nuts.

      Cliffs or something. The point shouldn't be to stop people leaving though, it should be to put enough stuff in that they don't want to travel to the end of the map.

      Also if you make it big enough you can have the north/south and east/west sides connect to each other. Though that does have the unexpected side effect of making your game world exist on the surface of a torus...

      I've always enjoyed the illusion method - no matter how far one walks, if they turn around, they haven't gone more than a few steps.

      As long as they don't walk backwards...

    Here are my plans for the day:

    1) Wait for Breaking Bad o'clock
    2) Download Breaking Bad
    3) Watch Breaking Bad
    4) Go to chemist, get flu pills, try very hard to not make Breaking Bad references and get put on the meth watchlist thingy (optional)

      The worst part about buying pseudoepehdrine cold and flu tablets is you inevitably look like shit when you go and buy them. Then they look at you funny. Once for funsies I went wearing my usual clothes, but with a beanie and no shoes. They still sold them to me, but it took more effort than usual, strangely.

        I feel really dodgy when I ask for codral or whatever and they give me the phenylephrine ones, so I have to specify.

        "No, I need pseudoephedrine".
        "...we'll need to see your license for that."
        "Yes, of course. It's just phenylephrine doesn't work, you know?"
        "...on my sinuses, I mean."
        "Just wait here a moment.

          "Sinuses is the name of my Winnebago... fuck!"

          I actually just ask for 'the good stuff'.

            I would definitely only do that if I was trying to make people think I am a drug dealer. Unless it was something unrelated to medication at all, like, I dunno, collectible cards or something.

            "Yeah, I need some Magic boosters. No, not that expansion! The good stuff. Yeah, come to papa."


      Saint francis would like to see you in his office after class

        *points finger at self* WHO? ME? I DIDN'T DO IT WE FOUND IT LIKE THAT.


        I'm only interested in watching that show to see how it ends, not because I have any interest in what's happening.

        Unless Yvonne Strahovski stops using a body double. Then I might work up a good 30 to 45 seconds of enthusiasm.

    Morning everyone!

    Weekend summary: A beastly gaming PC was built, not by me, it was all her, I just added a hand or two when needed. I did move my PC back to a desk for the first time in 2.5 years and reclaimed the old G5 / G15 combo. The Wii U is now our YouTube device on the TV.
    I got a juicer, juiced several kilos of oranges and planted some herbs in a planter pot.
    Started to get on a roll with this weekend stuff by Sunday afternoon, just need more weekend now.
    The end.

      Bugs killed everything in our herb garden but the rosemary. I'm fairly sure that stuff is unkillable.

      Here's hoping your herb garden goes better.

        put some basil in, bugs really like that stuff and usually go for it first so you know you have a problem, kind of like how vineyards have a rose bush at the end of a row of grape vines as an indicator. You can also grow specific plants to get rid of the pests if you know what they are, Thyme is a good broad bug repelant, things like mint deters rodents and flies.

          The basil was the first to go but the bugs hit damn hard. I think everything but a bit of mint and the rosemary were unusable after about a week.

          Going to have to get around to starting over at some point.

            We have a bare, tiled courtyard. I went around a few weeks back and erased all signs of life with bug spray and weed killer.

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        That's why I made sure 1 of the 4 plants was rosemary. If we kill that it's probably a sign we shouldn't grow anything else.

    I had a really nice weekend. I met a girl (dawwwwww)
    anyway we went to see a movie and then yesterday we walked her puppy (its so cute) along the beach.

    Asides from that i watched the first season of breaking bad after watching 2 episodes and deciding it wasnt for me. I think i can see the appeal but some of the characters just annoy me and any scene with Jesse in it is so much better than the rest. He provides so much comic relief. They have good chemistry on screen (pun intended).

      The show dramatically improves in the second season.

      EDIT: although the first season is still damned good TV. Most people only say that sort of thing when the first season is ass.

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      I stopped watching after 2 episodes too!

      Can see the appeal. Can see that it's a slow burn, too.
      Just... not right now.

      2 episodes is not enough. Not gonna tell you you have to keep watching it, because it's your free time, not mine, but I will say that you haven't really had chance to see what makes the show actually good.

        NO i saw the whole first season. IM SAYING I LIKED IT

          Although i cant write for shit :P
          Man that was terrible. I meant to say i had previously watched the first two episodes but it didnt stick then this weekend i watched the first season and i liked it.

            Which characters were annoying you?

            Skyler? Everyone hates season one Skyler. They hate her so much that the much improved post-season one Skyler still gets a lot of hate.

            Hank? Don't worry, he becomes one of the best characters once they show that he's more than just a brash, big-talking cop.

            Walt Jr? Let him eat his pancakes!

            Walt? Yeah, you might as well stop watching.

              Mainly skyler, I just prefer the non family related stuff. Its so mundane. I realize its needed to show the decent into the darkness but its all so meh.

                You're meant to hate the family stuff.

                Walt feels trapped and is trying to break free from it. It's an anchor. Walt is a failure who could have done some pretty great things but his pride got in the way, so he settled for a dull and boring life.

                Now he's got an excuse to break out because there isn't really any punishment he fears. We're meant to cheer for Walt at the moment, so the family life is meant to feel dull and oppressive.

                As the show goes on, the dynamic of the family stuff completely changes. It also becomes a lot less mundane.

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      Smooth operator.
      I met a girl on Saturday (well I've met her before) and on Sunday asked her out.
      So far... No response.
      She's a friend of a friend, and I was assured that she'd likely say yes, so it's a little bit discomforting.

      I hereby invoke the power of HotRoss.
      Bestow upon me the mystic forces of attraction and I shall sacrifice my lunch, by means of ingestion, in your honour.

        Hope it all goes well, Flu! She might not answer cause you're a jerk, though. :P

          My hopes lower with each passing hour...
          Man, I should have pretended not to be a jerk, but I couldn't go on living a lie. Jerk becomes me.

    Got a call just before.


    "Hey, those fabrication drawings you sent us? You didn't send us all the files. I only have a PDF of one drawing, lucky I checked these files before I sent them out even though you should have checked the file"


    "I will get right on that"

    *looks as email I sent*
    *sighs to self*
    *opens new email*


    This file I originally sent you has multiple sheets so if you just scroll down you will see the additional sheets."

      I was tempted to put "How to PDF" as the email subject, didn't do it in the end though.

      One time I sent the architect a set of drawings and he complained about some of them being blank, and I was all mang, if you're looking at the drawing list (which I knew he was) some of them say "blank" to mean that they are intentionally left blank for now.
      And then he asked me if they were supposed to be blank.

      You'd be astonished how often I have to remind people that an Excel document can have multiple worksheets. :\

      I feel your pain.

        I'm aware that Excel can have multiple worksheets but I seldom use Excel for it's intended purpose. I usually just use it to make lists because resorting the columns etc. is way more convenient than a word document.

        So yeah, if you send me a multiple worksheet doc, you are setting me up to look like an idiot. :P

      This happens to me when I send excel files with multiple worksheets.

      Cheer up... I'm sure there's something these people are good at.

    Hola Tay

    I went back to the parents for the w'end, to do father's day activities. Introduced my Parents to Ticket To Ride. When my mother won the first game, she let out a loud


    She'll go far.

    Also saw my Pop (mother's father), whom I rarely see. He's off to Siberia at the end of the year, to go on the trans siberian railway. At the age of 85. More power to him.

    A Monday Morning Question: best videogame related train? Could be a train level, a mode of transport, or that cool train in train simulator 2012 GOTY edition. I always loved the train operation in FF VIII

      The one in Crysis: Warhead.

      I took it as one big troll since in a developer interview just before it released, they were saying people had complained that Crysis was too 'on rails'.
      A whole sequence sitting on top of a train, shooting things. Glorious trolling.

      oh, I have another favourite:

      Train Sequence in Uncharted 2

      Train climbing sequence from Uncharted 2, that part is so damn amazing.

      Densha De Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      ............................Is pretty terrible

      Ticket to Ride on Steam.


      I don't think there's any correct answer but Goldeneye is there? Getting the RCP90 into your hands and just wrecking entire cars of people, not worrying about stealth. It's one I. The most cathartic levels of the game.

      Definitely the Timber mission in FFVIII.

      Transport tycoon
      Still one of the greatest sims games to have been created. And it has trains.

      Everyone else here is wrong.

      The correct answer is The Forever Train.

      Macbeth, Lylat Wars.

      The train sequence in Uncharted 2 is IMO the pinnacle of technical achievements this console generation. The way the environments change as you make your way along but you never see a repeat. It's amazing.

    I'd love to know where this person lives, since they make it sound like it's cheaper for them to buy vinyl and digital over CD's! I honestly can't justify shelling out 80 dollars for 2 180gsm vinyls when the CD is 20 bucks.. But I can easily see the value in spending 2-3 dollars more on a CD release than a digital release.

      I think the OP was implying that not all of their music is vinyl.

      As long as you're not buying new release vinyl, you can get quite a bit from second hand stores/record collector's fairs for fairly cheap.

        I get where you're coming from.

        Sadly all the second hand vinyl I seem to come across was poorly looked after/used on cheap & nasty equipment, it's pretty sad. Like I had one mate saying this elcheapo record player he got to listen to Smashing Pumpkins on was fine. I didn't have the heart to tell him his inferior needle will destroy the vinyl, mostly because he wouldn't listen.

          Sorry, man, but this is possibly the most hipster discussion I've ever had on TAY.

          And I talk with @dc about Arcade fire...



            Wouldn't it only be hipster if we were saying we only listen to vinyl? Since that's what the hipster kids seem to do :P

            Now @mythamphetamine that kid listens to vinyl..

              Hipster kids still have iPhones. They just listen to them with headphones from the 70s.

              Not yet I don't :'(

              The turntable arrived today! \o/
              The preamp still hasn't arrived /o\

                Ah :P and your BioShock vinyl sometime next week!

          Not knowing anything about anything makes me too paranoid to play any of the vinyl things i have. I don't want to destroy them. They can stay on the shelf and be safe instead.

            I see vinyl more as a collectors piece these days than something to play honestly! Considering picture disks are making a comeback makes them a great thing for the music collector!

    Morning TAY do I have a story for you!

    So basically yesterday I went into my brothers local eb games and started talking to the manager there, after awhile the talk changed to job enquiries and he asked "do you play video games?" My first thought was well yeah..that's why I'm in a games shop..but I responded with "of course I have been playing games for quite awhile and keep upto date on gaming related news"

    His response? "I wouldn't hire you" upon asking why feeling I would be quite decent for the job he said "if you play video games I wouldn't hire you..a gamer working at a game shop is just disaster waiting, I don't want you giving your opinions on games I want you to sell games, that's why I'd never hire someone who says they play video games"

    Someone who plays games working at a game store..that's insane! like an accountant working at a accounting office!

      Crazy, but it's not just a gaming-related phenomenon — go into an auto store and most people don't know what they're selling (the number of times I'll ring up, see if they have something in stock and then go down to find it's something totally different, ugh) or a department store where people should know about their department but they have no idea 'n run to a computer to see where things are... it's just frustrating/unprofessional and makes me want to avoid the place in future.

      Though, it does help explain @freezespreston's story about the new manager at his EB and how she doesn't know the first thing about the Wii-U!

      Obviously their strategy there is to get people who will push shovelware on unsuspecting kids and parents instead of recommending games that are actually good and will sell regardless.

      He's got a point. Being a gamer who knows what they're talking about may mean you're honest with customers about the quality of the products. He wants someone who will sell shitty movie tie-ins and useless peripherals, and your conscience may stop you from doing that.

        Yeah i don't feel like selling my soul to allow someone to walk out with a wii u game for their Wii because the U stands for sharings and is perfect for kids to play together

      He doesnt care if you sell half life 2 or the shitty overly expensive shitty games. He just wants you to sell. Which is what i think he means.

        Yeah but this guy is also the new manager who took over when the last one left, his first move as new manager was fire 80% of staff and if he needs extra staff borrows from any nearby stores while doing most of the shifts solo himself to keep cost of staff down

      I have been to 2 EB job interviews, they basically said the same thing to me, they wouldn't hire me because i wasn't a salesman. I said but i have a vast knowledge of your products and can give good accurate detailed descriptions of your products, he handed me a pen and told me to sell it to him, then when i wasn't any good at selling him the pen he told me "see you're not a saleman". I argued the point that if he'd handed me a game i would have told him everything about it and made a better salesman, they weren't interested. (p.s all my life I've been a video game salesman without trying, I've convinced a lot of people to buy a lot of games and my friends tell me all the time that i should sell games cause I'm good at pointing out why they're good). And like many of you I've had more than one experience where i know far more about products EB stocks than their so called "Salesman" i find it insulting to be talked down to by someone that doesn't know what they're talking about.

      TLDR: EB is dumb

      Edit: I worked at a JB in the games section and my boss told me i was great at it, it was only a Christmas casual thing though :( so I know i'm capable

      Last edited 02/09/13 10:07 am

        It's retail in general man. I've turned my shop into the 21st ranked shop in all of Australia and New Zealand in comparable sales and KPI targets and regularly hit 110-130% of budget yet all I do is get questioned on why didn't I give the mystery shopper a leaflet or try to sell some engraving or shoe care products on top of the keys and watch band I've already unsold.

        As retarded as the customers are they have nothing on the upper management of a retail chain.

          I guess that'll always be the problem, they're interested in sales figures not customer satisfaction.

        Yeah at my local EB it seems the hiring method is if your 18 or under and know very little (except how amazing COD is) and this is true as I went to purchase tales of Xillia and the guy behind the counter asked me is that game good? I hadn't even played it yet but he asked and I responded simply with "no, but if it is ill let you know" his response was "sweet but ill tell you which game I know will be game of the year guaranteed, COD ghost, seriously you should preorder it this game will easily outsell any game released this year" true story

          Here at EB games we endorse both kinds of games FPS and shoot em ups :P

          So from the retail point of view, best = most sales. He's probably right with that definition.


          But did you get Xillia? Great game, I'm currently playing through it!

          Check out Xenoblade man! Best JRPG this generation IMO

            Nope, my brother got it but so ill play his when he's done.

      The answer he may want here is "I do not, but I stay informed about them & the happenings in the gaming news world."

      They're never going to move those copies of Aliens: Colonial Marines or Ride to Hell: Retribution if the salesperson knows how shit they are.

        I wouldn't stop someone from buying it if they wanted to buy it, I'm just saying if someone comes in and actually asks for help looking for a game as a present or something how will the staff be able to help if they have no common knowledge themselves.

          Daily store email will tell you what stock to push, don't worry! :P

            It's my 10 year old grandsons birthday coming up and I'm looking for a present can you tell me what game would be good for him?...COD he should be right with that

      More seriously: an informed salesperson will make more repeat sales. People will resent a salesperson who either doesn't know the product or who sells them shitty games and makes people feel betrayed.

      Sure, you might make a sale once, but repeat customers are best customers. I say this as someone who used to sell video games.

        years ago like 2003 or so, my local EB was great, all the guys were gamers the manager was a champ, I was the Gamecube man to them, I'd walk in, they'd tell me what was new on the Cube, I'd tell them which ones i was interested in and they'd all flick through catalogues from competitors and find me the best price match, I pretty much exclusively bought my games from them because I felt like i was being looked after well and enjoyed talking to the guys about games and they had well formed informed opinions about the products i was there to buy. And because they played games themselves they'd make recomendations or warn me about a game i was going to buy etc. Nowadays I avoid all EBs like the plague unless they have some exclusive thing i can't live without.

        TLDR: Another Gutsoup essay on the stupidity of salesman that don't know their products

          The difference may be is that I was working in a store in a country town, so we needed a loyal customer base. If I'd dicked someone over it'd get around and we'd lose a few customers.

          In the world of the internet and reviews and just from having friends who play games i think its easy to form a opinion nowadays. Personally i wouldnt go into a EB and ask the sales person their opinion because I can get that info other places. Sure if they want to have a chat about it, im more than happy to discuss it but otherwise, nah

            But you're an informed consumer. It's the grandmas who come in who need to buy a game for little billy that need expert advice.

              Yeah i totally forgot about things like that. But even then even someone who has vaguely heard of games could help pretty easily. In alot of situations people skills and good communication are the only skills you need. I have neither which is why i sit in a backroom tinkering with lasers. :P

        If the customer is happy they will repeat buy and tell people how happy they are it shouldn't just be country town ebs looking after their customers all of them should be or atleast faking that they care at the least

      I know I get defensive over this, but I've been part of EB employee interviews as both a interviewee and as an interviewer.

      This is going to sound like a mad generalisation but it's not and it's nothing against you, just what I've observed:

      There's a very fine balance you have to walk when hiring staff. I don't agree with not hiring gamers straight out, I wouldn't have worked there if that was the case. But the amount of 'gamers' that would apply thinking that because they played games they could do the job was incredibly high. These were people who were customers who we had dealt with and knew they didn't have the people skills to do the job. I honestly think a lot of them thought we stood around playing games all day, which is not the case. There was stock control to do, promotions to set up/break down, prices changes to be actioned, deliveries to process etc. The kind of stuff that.

      Ultimately, it's easier to teach someone who is not into games, but is a good salesman, the product, than it is to teach someone who knows the product how to make a sale.

      That's not saying I believe in the stereotype that gamers can't interact with other people. We were very lucky (generally) with the staff that we had at my store. We were all gamers who had sales skills. My manager would used to have gaming nights at his house were we would all rock up and play games together.

      It's just yeah, like I said, a balance you have to find.

        But having said that, there are a couple of EBs I avoid in Sydney because the guys are total douchebags, so you may just have one of those guys working there :P

          yup, think you nailed it, must have a concentration of douchebags up this way

          last thought on this then i'll stop posting so Tay doesn't turn into Gutsoup's wall of complaint text.
          I think i have too much of an opinion about this because game stores used to be like a little safe haven that i'd feel comfortable in, now they're just an obstacle i try and avoid.

            Dude your "walls of texts" are like bricks compared to some of the longer posts in TAY.

            Don't worry about it :-)

        yup, i totally understand this, but from personal experience with the stores around me is that the employees have got no idea what they are selling, I'm sure there are plenty of competant people working for them but I've noticed more and more people working in game shops who can't actually help me. I always research research everything and never rely on sales people, whereas years ago i could go and have a chat about games with the games shop folk.
        I agree they need balance, the problem is they've overbalanced

        Last edited 02/09/13 10:36 am

        Salespeople should be product experts. I don't think they need to be 100% on day one, but they should learn as much about the product as they can if they expect to sell them. If someone comes in with knowledge and has the right attitude, that's a plus. Attitude and ethic are more important though- you can teach product knowledge.

        I understand that you can't have one more than the other, however I think in this case it's just the new manager as the old manager I knew on a first name basis, he knew the work I do (being a handyman i deal with customers and getting their job done for the right price everyday) and said if I ever needed work give him a buzz. This new guy will only hire you if you can sell and if you say you play video games your instantly in the reject pile no matter your qualifications

          As I said, not defending him in any way, just that I can get where he's coming from, even if he has taken it too far.

            Yeah I know it's all good. Just seems to be the norm of late.

      I can sort of see where he is coming from. Hiring a self identifying gamer can be dangerous when you get into the opinion territory.
      Somebody bad mouthing CoD and the community because they prefer battlefield or RPGs. Getting into long and boring conversations about stuff when somebody says is this any good and they just want a yes or no answer.

      That said having a staff member who knows what your product range in would also help

      To play devil's advocate: have you ever gone to a games website and looked at the sort of absolute fucking tripe that spews forth from so many 'gamers'? I wouldn't want a lot of them working for me either.


    I'm going to go ahead and book Friday night to Sunday. When do we need transportation from? Hours returned and such?

      Ah, well, I can meet you at the airport on Friday night so from whenever your flight gets in to whenever your flight leaves?

    Biggest gaming regret:

    It would have been back in 1998 if I had to guess, a time when Pokemon had just become all the rage. My parents had taken me to the shops and were about to buy me the Blue version I so eagerly had anticipated. Low and behold, parents being parents, I ended up walking out of the store with Abe's Odyssey for Game Boy instead, seeing as it was $35 compared to Blue version's $49.

    The horror.

    *I ended up with Blue version, just not that day.

    Last edited 02/09/13 11:05 am

      Haha, feel like I am lucky having a dad that played the SNES and knew all about games and stuff like that.

      Never owning a Nintendo console until the Wii. Feels like I missed out on so many things as a kid.

      Not that I disliked growing up with a Playstation, mind.

        I grew up with Sega. I have no regrets being better in every way than Nintendorks (thanks @sernobulus for reminding me of the correct terminology :P)

        Last edited 02/09/13 11:17 am


          I will admit one thing that Sega players got to enjoy in a far greater amount than Nintendo people:
          Blind denial regarding how shit Sega was compared to Nintendo.

      Biggest gaming regret AT THE TIME: I had saved up super hard and was so hyped for Road Rash on the gameboy. I got some birthday money, and went to go spend it at Target. But when I got there, I saw that the gameboy now had NBA JAM, which was freakin' awesome on the megadrive. It was more expensive than Road Rash, but it was there, so I bought it instead.

      By the time I'd got home and started playing, I realized I'd made a huge, huge, terrible mistake. I almost wanted to cry. Then my Mum told me that you can probably return it, at Target, so I did, and I bought Road Rash, and I played it til the gameboy died. Happy ending!

      Biggest gaming regret: trading in my PS1 collection to be able to afford a PS2. :( I had release copies of FF7-9 :(

      Also the time I bought Lunar: Dragon Song on DS. It is quite possibly the worst game I have ever paid money for.

        Noooo! Release copies of FF! Even though you can now pick them up on PSN for like $15 each, some of the physical ones fetch up to $100 on eBay each. PS2 slim is now under $100! Haha, that's a bit of an exaggeration, I know.

          I think I kept FF7.

            I have Platinum copies of 7 and 9, and a release copy of 8.

            My FF7 is a bitsa.

            Bitsa @gutsoup's original copy and bitsa some random secondhand copy.
            I bought FF9 secondhand years after it came out, perfect condition $25.

            My mummy boughts me FF8 for my berfday after I kept the video shop copy so long they rang her.

    Spending the day looking at houses. Could be interesting.

      Yep. Definitely a house.

      This one too.

        I'm imagining @benj setting up a chair infront of a house, grabbing a box of popcorn and just watching a house for hours.

          I heard he has a free floor...

            Hah, funny story involving me and the floor fairy last night...

              ...and !?

                Yep, not sharing :P it's not that bad, but I wrote it out and it read like some weird fantasy.

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