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    Anyone else find the fact that there's a pre teen boy shaking his butt in a sexual way on the front page more than a little off putting?

      Off putting? noooooo :P

    Hi all,

    I'm exhausted - worked 25 hours over the weekend. I don't have any energy to leave the country, so I guess I'm staying. Waiting for political stuff to disappear from my Facebook feed. It's not happening yet.

    Back at work. Twelve days straight without a break is going to SUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK.

    So... who's playing games? I'm playing Animal Crossing, Justice for All, and Tomb Raider. \o/


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      Tales of Xillia \o/
      Uncharted: Golden Abyss ...UGH SO BAD

        Swipe controls for everyone! Or so I hear.

        I got up to the first puzzle thing in it and I had a revelation, "this game is shit and I'm not having fun". Then I started playing Rayman Origins! =D

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          Yeah, tempted to just ditch it but I always have a bad feeling when I actually give up on games :/. I don't think it's too long so I'll see how far I can go before going insane

            I gave up on it pretty early. I think without all the forced gimmickry it would probably be a solid if not slightly underwhelming title.

              Despite enjoying the 3 uncharted games I had 0 interest in the game. I think even if it didn't have the gimmicky crap I still wouldn't have completely played through it.

              I played for a little bit earlier in the year before giving up. What annoys me is that most places were saying the game was actually good and gave it some pretty good reviews. No, just no. It's unfair how similar not-so-great games get less than favourable reviews. Assassin's Creed: Liberation did a similar thing but I knew what I was getting into. I was somewhat interested in Golden Abyss and felt like I would've been misled if I had bought it otherwise. I'm just glad I got it for like $2 as part of PS+, can't complain too much for that price :P

      Diablo 3!

      Didn't care for it at all on PC but the PS3 version has just sucked me in completely.

        I might have to investigate the 360 version. Diablo 1 and 2 sucked up quite a few dozens of hours of my childhood.

    Comment via phone!!!

      JIMU joins the 21st century!

      ... I'll get there one day. Maybe.


      Hi phone buddy!

      Omg lyk me 2!

      Except that's only because I'm too lazy to get out of bed :-)

    Woke up to some good news this morning so Monday isn't all that bad (touch wood). Got an interview for a new job down in Springfield and also a possible interview in Greenslopes. If all goes well for either, looks like I'll be moving closer to Brisbane but will most likely stay north side... Murrumba Downs seems nice.

      Good luck! Murrumba Downs is nice, my wife and I looked at a few places up there since I stopped working in the city.

        Thanks mate, will need it. My fiance will still be working on the coast so probably best to stay north of the city and we would like somewhere relatively quiet/new but also not too expensive. So thats why we're looking at murrumba downs unless anyone else has any suggestions?

          Griffin is good too, right next to Murrumba. Kallangur is a bit more established, a workmate has just moved there from the Sunshine Coast and loves it.

          Lot of new housing coming up in Warner too.

            Oh ok, I haven't heard/seen much of Griffin or Warner but will check it out.

            That's odd, the guy who I may be getting a job through also moved from the Sunshine Coast into Kallangur. Coincidence? I'd say so. The job I'm speaking of is with Centra in Greenslopes, not the same guy is it? @strange if it is!

              Yeah, coincidence. I work for a web firm in Brendale.

      Murrumba Downs is a nice suburb but you only have to go two suburbs over before things start getting hazy. It's also a bit too close to Caboolture for my liking.

    Had dinner with Tony Abbott and John Howard last night.

    What a weekend.

      Sorry to hear, man! :P

        John is the sharpest man I've ever met, regardless of age.

          I was only joking - I think it would have been a genuinely interesting experience (regardless of what I might think politically). Tell us things!

            I shall! I'll write up my weekend a bit later today!

    So I hit up the Quest for Glory series on GoG this weekend....
    Still damn fine gaming after all these years !

    I finally found and bought the collector's edition for P3P for a good price. Now I has to wait for it to arrive (it'll probably end up coming when GTA is released D:)

    I had a awesome weekend, first i thought i got stood up after making someone dinner, then I didn't. I also played lots of Persona 4 golden. I think it has its claws in me now. Its gonna taken me a while to finish but im enjoying the ride.

      What happened with the whole stood up thing? Was she just late?

        She got called back to the pharmacy because they had a break in and they had to check what was taken. Turns out it was cold and flu meds. WHO WOULD OF THOUGHT?

        She ended up coming like a hour after and everything was cool.

          I'm sure she did.


            That's our @dan!

            *crowd applauds and laughs*

            *@dan theme music plays*

              I think the fact that I tagged the wrong DAN makes this much more funny! \o/

    Morning all! So im far from a political fanatic, i do get the basics... anyways,my vote on saturday ended up going labour,as i found them to be the lesser of two evils...

    anyway, i wanted to ask the more knowledgeable ones, because i heard this from a few people on sunday regarding liberals policies..... some crap about overtime being affected and annal leave reduced from 4 weeks p/a to 1 week?!?

    Last edited 09/09/13 9:03 am

      Mostly scaremongering I'd say. The Libs already committed political suicide once with work choices and doubt they'd be stupid enough to try again.

        Pretty much this. They lost the 2007 Election largely on industrial relations matters.

        That said, I think weekend penalty rates might be changed a bit. That's a current hot-button topic. Keep your eyes on that.

        Last edited 09/09/13 9:14 am

          although im on a fixed salary, but dont work weekends, if that happens ill be pissed. good luck getting people to work through weekends....

      Yeah, if that annual leave thing ever happens. Let's just say goodbye motivation to work.

        It won't happen. No party ever (except maybe Clive's) would even try to take away an Australian's leisure time.

        If they tried to take away leave entitlements like that I think there would be riots and possibly a coup.

        It was penalty rates under awards that they were talking about getting rid of IIRC, not leave.

      There has been lots of talk about overtime/penalties/annual leave/etc. along with the NDIS and Gonski school reform, etc. etc. — the first topic isn't part of any announced policy and as Freeze/Shane said it's very dangerous territory for them to do too much to workplaces; there would be mass hysteria and a solid platform to get rid of them.

      The latter two were bipartisan policies and so there is <1% chance they're going to tear it all up seeing as they were happy with it a few months ago, but it makes the point that there is a lot of fear-mongering and hysteria — that said, they didn't have to present many policies... just explain they were undoing the things people (seemingly) don't like about the previous 6 years of Labor, so we'll see what policies they actually do come up with later on?

    Played a bunch of Gmod with @f4ction on the weekend, and was reminded of why I've put hundreds of hours into that game. I reckon we need to do a big group event of it some time soon, both building things and custom map modes like sledbuild and Slender...- *looks over shoulder*


      Oh yeah, and playing as Slenderman is fucking amazing.

      NOPE! Screw that! That mod looks terrifying.

        I'm not one for horror/thriller games but it was a lot of fun. It's multiplayer, so you're not alone.

          NOPE! Although I will get G.Mod for some derping around.

            The best part is when you're playing AS Slenderman and watching how your influence affects peoples behaviour.

            And then eating them.



    Sad thing for me is, by the time I get home from work and class, the new episode has been available to watch for approximately nine hours already.

      Ooh thanks for the reminder. Will start [redacted]ing that when I get home today! \o/

        Haha, yeah I too was careful about what I wrote there. Redacted, nicely done.

    Spent most of my weekend playing the Mr Toruge DLC. Gotta say, I really enjoyed it. So many funny moments in the game although it was a little short. Up next is the pirate one, I think I played through it with @trjn and recall it being pretty "meh".

      I just recall it being pretty laggy.

        I must have hosted then. =P

          It was a graphics card thing. All the PhysX.

      I liked the Pirate one. Torgue was funny, but I agree, bit short. Looking forward to Hammerlock's and Tina's, haven't done them yet and I'm almost finished the main campaign on my Siren.

        Nice! What level?

        Hammerlocks DLC is pretty good but Tina's is amazing. I think you will like it, it has a lot of D&D references.

          35 I think. I'm a loot whore so I tend to kill everything and everyone in every area.

          Yeah, Tina's is what got me playing again, I was mildly interested when it came out but a lot of D&D fanatics have been raving about it so I thought I'd give it a go. But then I got all OCD and started a new character who will have to do all the rest in order first.

    What a weekend! I'm glad I work in cubicleland so I can sit here and type on TAY and everyone thinks I'm working. Good news is the boy's 2y/o party went well, he had a blast and everyone else enjoyed the leisurely Sunday BBQ (because they weren't me, slave of the BBQ and the 30 mouths that had to be fed!).

    In gaming related stuff, fired up SWTOR again, was immediately pissed at the paywalls, so subbed for 60 days. Turns out I was only 10 minutes from finishing Makeb on my BH so did that and some PvP. Fun was had.

    How was the meat?

      I generally find that as long as you are happy to hand BBQ duties over to somebody else it doesn't take long to pass the tongs. Depending on the number of guys about and how much girl talk is going on that they want to run away from.
      Did anybody hat you and the missus enough to help you out and buy the little fella the disney infinity starter kit?

        Lol no, but it's already on the cards. Conisdering picking up a cheap 360 when the 'Bone drops (Master Race and the Wii version is garbage)

    Another day another TAY hip hop hooray, everyone have a good day. Honestly though hope everyone's Mondays going well

    Instead of playing games this weekend my wife finally convinced me we should get a second cat. I spent several hours coaxing it out from under the washing machine. Twice.

    My first cat does not like other cats. We are trying very hard to change this, and it seems to be working. It's probably going to take at least a week to keep our first cat from hissing on sight. I think she's being aggressive purely out of fear rather than any need to prove her dominance.

    Howdy TAY

    All Hail our Motoring Enthusiast Party overlords!

    I was sick Friday, and as a result had a fairly subdued weekend. Did my democratic duty Sat then went to a friend's for board games. Moar Ticket to Ride!

    A monday morning question: Which Video Game character should be Prime Minister? I vote for the King of Sweden in my ongoing Crusader Kings 2 game. The one who cuckolded his own son. would keep the rule interesting at least!

      G-Man from Half Life.

      His policies are a little more transparent and open than Abbot's.


      Demoted from rock station to talkback radio to prime ministership. It's a natural career progression.

        Reminds me, I need to lay out that article for @alexpants :)

          I read that as I need to lay out Alex's pants. It actually didn't seem that unusual for TAY

            He's busy working man, he needs all the help he can get!

        Vote #1 Lazlow 2016 with Cousin Eddie as Deputy PM.

      Gordon freeman: Just to watch the media go crazy trying to get a sound bite
      Jade (BG&E): Good luck trying to rout the system with her in charge
      Lucas Simms (fallout 3): If he can bring some for of order to the wastelands he might be able to handle us

    Games. Subtitles on always, sometimes or do you let it go au naturel?

      Subtitles on.
      Because Mum doesn't like the noise of shooty games I have to have it turned down.

      Yup, subtitles on. Subtitles ALWAYS on!

      Usually on unless the voice acting is very clear. I think Assassins Creed got me into the habit.

      Subtitles on, because I suck at listening, and then I regret it immensely when in every god-damn cutscene I am sitting there for five seconds every time someone speaks, waiting for the subtitles to change.

      I'm old, I can't hear squat, so I turn them on or else I don't know what's going on or misinterpret things.
      I also don't appreciate what you just called me.

      Subtitles on.

      I used to just go with whatever was the default but then Mr. Rasta was all Rasta in GTAIV

      Subtitles, because sometimes wives talk over cutscenes

        D: Not cool!
        But then, Mr.Strange doesn't pay attention to the cutscenes because he uses them as an opportunity to check the internets, so I have to watch them for him so he knows what's going on. :P

      SUBTITLES, always. Same with TV shows and DVDs. There's just so much you miss if you're just absorbing information through your ears, and that's not taking into account the stuff that gets buried underneath ambient noise.

      Used to be on by default, but I try to avoid having them on where I can so I can focus on the visuals of the game, rather than reading the dialogue.

      Never on unless it comes by default. I find I read the subtitles more than watch what is going on even if the voices are clear.
      Same with movies, can't stand watching a movie in English with subtitles on

    So FFXIVRR is pretty good.
    I think it's pretty good as a Final Fantasy game and pretty good as an MMO.

    I ended up re-rolling my character a few times, because of small cosmetic details that I decided I no longer liked. I've finally got a character that I'm happy to continue with; currently Lancer 20 / Marauder 15. I was a little frustrated when the storyline quests required me to finish a dungeon in order to progress - I actually levelled Marauder to 15 while I was trying to get in as Lancer, so then I switched class and requeued as a tank, still took about an hour to get in but finished the dungeon and got a nice rare Axe as loot.

      Yeah, as a DPS (Lancer) some early dungeons take 30 mins in a queue. I've started considering levelling as conjurer some more to make it quicker.

        I did that, got to 15 as Pugilist then couldn't get past that dungeon requirement as a DPSer, so rolled a healy conjurer - almost 30 with that now and haven't looked back. The conjurer actually solos really well because there's an ability which allows you to swap your heal/dps stats. Turn it on or off as the situation requires.

          I'm actually seriously considering ditching my current main class for a healy or tanky one too.

            Healing can be either boring or stressful - it rapidly shifts from one to the other with very little warning. Haven't tried tanking yet, but I really love the look of some of those suits of armor my disciples-of-war friends are wearing. I think when I hit 50 conjurer I'll shift to Gladiator-tanking.

            It seems like the hardest role to do properly, based on what I've seen in dungeons. But the armor is so pretty and I like looking menacing in those story cut-scenes, so I might even switch early, just to get that minute increase in satisfaction. (Yeah, you can go re-view all the old cut-scenes using the book at the inn, and it'll show you with whatever your current armor is, but who wants to go back and do that?)

              My kittygirl looks pretty cute in White Mage robes. Not that that makes a huge difference but I can't say it's not a factor.

              Anyway, I have Marauder at like 16 or so so I should probably get Paladin to equal level, then try tanking some instances with both and see which I prefer. I can't progress as Monk at the moment because the Garuda fight is way too hard with randoms and the Monk is the absolute worst class for that fight :( Going to try and get to 46 or so, maybe get some artifact pieces, then re-challenge.

    Finally got around to listening to an episode of the Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast (I think it was @masha2932 who linked it originally?) and found it oddly cathartic.

      hmmm, myes, shallow and pedantic
      *runs off to find out what cathartic means*

      Last edited 09/09/13 10:22 am

        Provides emotional release.

          *Provides release*

            ah, the only explanation i could find was "An agent for purging the bowels, especially a laxative"... which seemed like a strange reaction to a podcast

              There was this weird subsonic sound playing underneath the voices, and suddenly I lost control of my... anyway, it was a very embarrassing result. :\

                this made me laugh harder then it should have... oh god, it's awesome to be immature and still being able to laugh at poop-jokes \o/

                Oh, good.
                I thought I was the only one this had happened to.
                Now you know why it's called "Brown Note".

      Yeah, I remember talking about one of the episodes-it was the Ashley Burch one I think.

      I haven't listened to an episode in a while though, I think I forgot about the show*. Thanks for the reminder. The description on the latest one sounds interesting so I might listen to it at work tomorrow.

      Oh if you need other podcasts listen to,

      Savage lovecast-relationship advice podcast.
      This American life-interesting stories every week.

      *Oh, I remember why I stopped now, work was too noisy and it was hard to hear anything especially with the conversational tone of the show.

    How is your wife going? I just thought I should ask, but my phone is dead, as per usual. (out of charge)

      she's... okay... took a bit of a blow on friday, when she learned that her cousins 2 year old son passed away due to kidney problems :(
      so she's gone a few steps back but before that we had made definite progress... got an appointment on Friday with a psychologist so we can get steered in the right direction...

        That is always hard. Best thing to do is let her grieve and just be a support for her, especially if any panic attacks occur. Tell her it's alright to wake you up if she has one while sleeping. I'm sure she's probably being considerate and not waking you up if she can help it.

        Also, sorry to hear about the passing of the young one. =(

          Yeah she knows that i'm there to support her 24/7, but she doesn't like waking me... i'm a light sleeper though so i pretty much always know if she's awake...

          The young one is a long story that's too grim for TAY, but it was sort of a long time coming unfortunately... doesn't make it any less sad though... We're going to the funeral later this week so hopefully that'll give some sort of closure for her

            tell her to wake you. I don't like waking Mum and if I know I can get through it without waking her I won't. But I'm pretty experienced. Your wife is different, tell her not to feel guilty about waking you.

            Well, I wish her cousin all the best. I can't imagine anything more horrible then losing a family member.

    1) One Direction guy gets tackled while playing in a charity football match.
    2) he rolls around acting like a sook.
    3) he throws up coz he was either a) a sook, or b) the cocaine was wearing off.
    4) all the shit teenagers send death threats to the player who bumped into 1D guy.

      This is what worries me. =/ People throw around death threats over something as small as this. If the one direction guy was too frail, don't volunteer.

        true, but I think the bigger problem is with the 1D fans.
        nobody, and I mean ABSOLUTELY FREAKING NOBODY, should be so obsessed with something.
        their obsession is showing signs usually associated with mental illness.

          This is true, but on the other hand, obsession is something you see in all walks of life, including sport, gaming and geekdom. There are always people who take things too far.

          I'm trying to imagine what would have happened during Beatlemania if George had been tackled during a football game.

          Probably not death threats.

      People don't seem to realise that football is a contact sport...though I guess I'm being charitable when I call One Direction fans "people".

        The're as much as people as a pack of wild dogs with a bad case of rabies

      I dont really see how that challenge led him to chunder. It was more of a jostle than a tackle, plus he looked like he couldn't decide between a sore head or a sore knee.

      When all else fails, vomit.

        I would say it was more over exertion that let to the vomiting.
        Playing at the level and wanting to put on a good show, go a bit too hard and into the red and that will be the result.

          Good point, didn't think of that. Too wrapped up in the 'violence' :P

          Pretty much this, I reckon. Back when I was swimming, I didn't consider my session to have gone hard enough if it didn't make me want to crawl out of the pool and go dry heave into the bushes.

      So you have a bunch of one direction fans threatening somebody who has these fans

      And these are the polite ones

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