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    Hip Hop TAY something something Monday morning how's everybody going this morning?

      Morningzzzz (already fallen asleep). Today is looking kind of bleh. Yourself?

        Yeah that's the feeling I have, work today is gonna be long and slow I can already tell

      I had to stand outside for 5 mins with no umbrella in the rain. Screw you Monday, I thought we had an agreement. You be average and I won't hate you!

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        Mondays can't be trusted you should know this by now!

      What up, Cam?

        Not much DC just at work wishing I was at home, yourself?

          I gots me 50 eps of Parks and Rec to catch up on and two seasons of The Killing! And GTAV tomorrow! And stuff. STUFF.


      Freaks out like an 11 year old French kid.

      Ps. Happy Monday all.

      Oh man, TAY's going to be a ghost town! A GHOST TOWN!

      Hopefully Scooby Doo's in the mood for mystery solvin'...

    Need to know if GTAV breaks street date. Kthxbai.

      Not likely with so many midnight launches.

    Nothing major happening this week right?

      Nah. Kingdom Hearts HD was last week.

        The sad thing is, I'm seriously considering not playing GTA V until I finish it...

        And Beyond: Two Souls and Wind Waker are still two weeks away or so!

      I heard there was a Saints Row knock-off clone coming out, bit beneath the radar, haven't heard much about it.

        Probably some $90 dlc with no effort put in.

          I'm waiting for the DLC to come out on PC.

          *starts laughing*

          *laughing turns into crying*

            Yeah my mate was umming and arring which console version to get.
            I then sent him a shot of Max Payne 3 maxed out on my PC to make a point. It was a sore point.

              Meh just tell him to buy a license for consoles and another when it comes to pc.

    Shitty weekend was shitty. Bring on the new week!

      Should have come to board games. We had fairy bread!

      Do you count Friday night as the weekend? Because fuck you if you do :(

        No Friday night is its own separate thing filled with fun and rainbows and sharks in tornados.

          You're alright Matt, you're alright.

          Better than that Alex jerk anyway.

      Shebehright, maaaaaaaaaaaaht.

      Hope you're feeling better!

    Genuine question I'm afraid to ask in the wilds of the articles: That kid in the GTAV video there, he seems to be giving off a few signs of some sort of special needs. Anyone else see that or have I just spent too much time around my wife and her work?

      Nah I agree.
      The way the parents reacted even backs that up.
      Nice to see the Internet make a thing of it -_-

    After a rubbish weekend on call, I have begun my morning with a big Up 'n Go. Shortly after I started work on a can of Mother. Fairly certain the two beverages are locked in mortal combat in my tummy-tum as we speak. Early reports indicate Mother is winning.

      Have fun pushing that combo out.

      Although it will probably be less push and more leak.

        I think I'll be more an unwilling participant in a horrific turn of events.

          Oh god they're forming an alliance and attacking the kidneys

      Round 1, Fight!


    Also, World War Z was actually pretty cool, I thought. Didn't see it at the movies because it looked dicky as hell in the trailers. Was actually pretty surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

      i watched that last night too, was surprised how much I enjoyed it, those zombies are freaking brutal

      That was the movie @dc took me to on our mandate. After seeing the movie I knew he just wanted to be friends. =(

      (P.S. I really disliked it)

        You didn't put out! The heart wants what the heart wants... putting out!

      I didn't mind that it was a story independent of the book(s), but I thought the last third of the film was stupid and weak.

      Given how it was supposed to end (spoilers - ), I now dislike it even more. :P

    Had the dog run into my knee that I had a knee reconstruction on 4 months ago. Doesn't feel all that great. Hopefully I haven't done anything serious and it's just scar tissue or something that felt bad.

    It's all good though. Gta v will be out soon and I need to know if it breaks street date to go and get it after work and will only have 30 mins to go to the shops.

    How was everyone's weekends?

      With 130 EB games stores and 40+ JB's doing the mid-night launch thing I would not expect a broken street date.

    Highlight of my Saturday: crushing a man's skull between my fingers and using his corpse to beat his friend to death. With the power of imagination and dice.

      No one told me Shane and BDKIAF were in town!

    Spend most of the weekend marathoning Legend of Korra. I don't care how many times I watch the last episode. But that scene on the boat. is so damn amazing.

    Oh dear, I'm seriously considering calling in lazy on my half day of work today in the vain hope that GTA breaks street date. This is sad.

    In other news, my internet is back on, Rayman Legends is a pretty cool guy (though the harder versions of the song levels are a pain), and woo get hype for Can'd Meat!

      i appreciate the suggestion but i think i am okay with indifference for now thanks

      I was hoping for more of a challenge with the 8bit versions but they only took me 2 or 3 tries.

      All in all, Legends feels a little easier than Origins.

      Add meeeee Blaghhead!!!

        Ugh, effort. And yeah, it really does feel a lot easier, but I've been struggling with the 8 bit versions, but that's just because I suck. It's weird playing the Back to Origins levels, because it's suddenly way easier to get the gold for lums than it was before.

          Yeah, they've changed the way it works. It used to be you needed to time getting the King Lum so you could double your score for a small part, but now it's just collect them in sequence.

          Also Lums freed from plants don't float away anymore, which is well handy.

      I have today off. But then I'm working until Friday night and I'm stuck going to visit some jerks for the weekend so I won't be playing Kingdom Hearts GTAV Kingdom Hearts GTAV Kingdom Hearts GTAV Dark Souls until next Monday.


      I haven't been around much, is there some kind of plan or just the usual level of planning?

      What time does Can'd Meat start, Blaghs!? What time!?


        I was going to say 3pm on my last post about it, but since some people will have been at my house overnight already, I'm not sure if it really matters.

          Alright well I'll just say "early afternoon" and then it'll be a super fun surprise when I turn up.

    Hola TAY

    Hope you all had a great weekend! I went to my Brother's farewell before he moves to Melbourne (WOLF CREEK THE MUSICAL! OPENING THIS FRIDAY! "It’s the feel good torture porn show everyone will love' - Greg McLean, director of Wolf Creek) on Friday (Drank Lots) to a bucks show on Saturday (Drank...a fair bit) and then to the pub for tea last night (drank little).

    The other odd thing that happened this weekend is that said buck locked me out of my own bathroom. turns out it's a key lock... which I didn't have the key for. Locksmith sorted it out.

    A Monday Morning Question: What would you call a Video Game themed beer? I'm thinking Gordon Freeman's Half Life Brew. The taste will leave you silent!

      Dark souls dark ale. If I made it myself then prepare to die would work as a tagline
      Mrs Tigs has a Razberry and Lilly lime drink she makes.
      Uncle pey'j's stout. It's as stout as he is

      Last edited 16/09/13 10:22 am

    After making the decision to buy FFX/X-2 HD when it's out, I looked up the release date. Oh. OK.

    So after making a few adjustments to my PS2 emulator I have the game looking amazing and running perfectly, and after 3 hours of playing on the weekend it made me realise that I never gave FFX the respect it deserves. The voice acting is still frequently jarring, but the story and gameplay is pretty great.

      I thought the story was so drenched in religious symbolism that it was awfully overbearing.

        That's what made Tidus slightly more endearing...he keeps ignoring all the religious precedents and upsetting everyone.

        Symbolism is when they try to hide it behind a symbol isn't it?

        I saw ZERO attempts at hiding their anti-religious points. That was one of the parts I liked.

        Tidus is a whiny baby, Jecht should have aborted him!

      I've almost finished that one! I'm at the Calm lands or something.

      Is actually ended up playing and finishing X-2 without playing X at all. I just completely missed the boat on that one and ended up playing the Powerpuff girls-style sequel. It actually made the story kind of interesting in that they kept making these references to things that happened as if you knew them, so piecing things together was kind of fun.

      I tried so hard with FFX. My best attempt was 8 hours in before I gave up and just couldn't play anymore, back on the PS2. I'll be trying again on Vita with the HD remakes, but optimism is low. I still have a great deal of trouble pinning down why I didn't like it, but I just didn't.

      I know Tidus annoyed me no end as character - in fact almost every character felt out of place to me. Except Auron, but only because he's badass - I didn't get far enough to find out more about him. It felt so different to the other games - and I'm not talking about gameplay specifically either. The story, characters, setting, it all felt odd to me.

      But considering I'm far more likely to play it through on a handheld, and many people whose opinions I respect hold FFX in such high regard - I'm going to try again. I want to like it.

      Incidentally, I own FFX-2 on PS2, but have never played it - so don't know a lot about that one.

        It's Tidus' stupid fucking shorts where one leg is longer than the other. They irritate me so much. Also he's a dickhead. Waka also annoys me a lot.

        Mainly though, the game is really heavy-handed early on. And for all the people whinging about FFXIII being linear, FFX is pretty similar.

          Tidus was painful, and Wakka made me want to punch defenseless things. The difference being that when FFXIII dropped, there were more people on the internet using words easy to parrot like 'linear'. I reckon at least 50% of the people I spoke to that hated FFXIII hadn't played more than a couple of hours. I'd ask what's wrong and all I'd get is 'It's so linear!' Yes, but what else? 'Oh, it's just so linear!' Right.

          Honestly the FFXIII hate is remarkably similar to the ME3 hate in my eyes. Word-of-mouth, internet spouted, parrotted buzz words from people who wouldn't know their ass from a hole in the ground. FFXIII was a great game. It had it's issues, and some annoying ones, but it wasn't the antichrist the internet would have you believe it was. It was a solid entry in the franchise - far from the best, but I put in 150 odd hours and thoroughly enjoyed it.

          EDIT: Sorry for the slight tangent, but yes - FFX is pretty similar to FFXIII in linearity, but try telling that to the rose colored glasses. I think one of the biggest pulls was for many people, FFX was their first (or first serious) foray into the FF series. For me it was late in the piece and confused me no end, after the previous games. It was far too colorful and bright for it's own good as well.

          Last edited 16/09/13 12:21 pm

            FFX was where everything started to go downhill. It's a good game - I've finished it twice and liked it a lot - but it's not quite at the standard of the PS1 golden era. And it's all been downhill since then.

            Incidentally it's the first FF game where The Gooch wasn't involved as director or producer. And the first one where Uematsu didn't do the whole score.

            I disagree on FFXIII. First time I got to Gran Pulse and then got distracted by other games and never went back. Second time more recently, I tried to force my way through and I don't think I made it past the second chapter. The game's straight up tedious. It's not that the areas are linear corridors, it's that it's monotonous. Same fights one after the other where you're not really doing very much at all - the combat doesn't have any punch to it, you feel disconnected from the action - interspersed with a few short cutscenes involving characters who have no personality at all. The group doesn't really ever feel cohesive and you're not given any real reason to care about them so you can't give a shit about their personal quest or anything, like they actively avoid allowing you to get invested in anything about the game.

            Linear JRPGs are fine IMO. I loved Grandia II and that game is a straight fucking line without any optional content or anything, but the characters were great and the battle system remains one of the most exciting ever. Nothing wrong with a linear game. That's not FFXIII's problem at all.

              Yeah, see I disagree. The ATB system is the height of FF's combat system, but the FFXIII system was very satisfying. Thoroughly enjoyed it. The paradigm system was a great idea.

                It's better than XII at least.

                FFX has the best ATB implementation IMO. Moves a bit quicker (one attack can start while the previous character is moving back into line) and the tactical options afforded by the fact it explicitly shows upcoming turn order and allows you to delay enemies and stuff is really cool (this was also one of the things that made Grandia's combat so awesome).

                Last edited 16/09/13 1:04 pm

    So I spent my whole weekend finishing off a playthrough of Civ V with the Greeks, and got about 8 achievements in one shot the moment the game ended :P.
    My next playthrough has been interesting so far, I declared war on the Ottomans with Carthage and the Assyrian Siege tower is so broken that if I had 2 siege towers and 2 longbowman and 1 sowrdsman to finish the job, I can take over any city in one turn. Shortest. Siege. Ever. xD

      Ah man, I installed Civ on my MAC and it won't run.

      This sounds raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

        Delusional human, thinking the MAC can play games :)

          I tried to play Super Meat Boy but it opened Tumblr and a font management program instead.


    Started playing The Bureau: Xcom on the weekend. That game is brutal, for stuff up your tactics or you are screwed. I'm actually kinda enjoying it, the story and characters are very bland but the gameplay and combat is pretty cool.

      The art direction is pretty cool too. Washed out colours and the like.

        Yeah, forgot to mention the art. Washed out colours look real nice.

          You're okay, Nobs. You're okay.

    I changed my RSS feed from to Australian stories, and it has made me a better person already.

    HELLDAMNFART! Haven't been able to connect to Xbox Live for about a week now and it is driving me friggin nuts.
    It's a real kick in the plums as I was looking forwrd to some on live shenanigans for Diablo 3.
    Stupis lousy internet thingamabob.
    It really annoys me because every other device can connect to the internet, just not the xbox.
    Also a nuisance as I got a bunch of dlc codes for SR4 that I can't use either.
    Better start working in time for some GTA5 multi mayhem.

    Watch out for the monkey! He throw things!

      Each volume of the Y: The Last Man hardcovers has a different picture of the same monkey: Ampersand, on the spine.
      It's pretty great!

        best sentence structure EVER!!!

        Brian K Vaughan though? Isn't he the Under the Dome guy? *shudder*


          no, I think of him as the Ex Machina, Y: The Last Man or the Saga guy.

            He was pretty great on the Lost writing staff too. What happened with Under the Dome, though? WHAT HAPPENED? :'(

              Lost wasn't that great either — "we know how it's going to end!" to "we made it all up as we went, okay?!" but I don't blame Brian K Vaughan for that.

              Also, don't hat me or punch me, DC! D:

                Lost was awesome. You take that back!

      As I read this the (weird new) Wiggles were singing "Do The Monkey". You're a Wiggle!!!! D:

        Little known fact, in high school I was nominated as the "Most likely to become the next Wiggle" because I apparently looked like one. :S My brother was "Most likely to miss his own funeral."

          That's not'd look odd in a skivvy. :P

            Atleast it'd cover my scrawny arms. I think the real deal breaker is children terrifying me and not wanting to be around them evah. :P

              But my son calls you his friend. :(

                Strangelings are the exception! :D

              Next you are going to pretend you didn't enjoy playing the My little pony game

    My craptop just bluescreened!

    My wife has started asking a lot of questions lately. Questions I'm not ready to answer yet, like "What's Reddit?"

      Reddit's one thing, but don't let her near Tumblr, ferchrissake. I've actually known two females who never exhibited any fan tendencies whatsoever descend into total fangirls as a result of that site. All the way down to dirty fanfiction, the whole shebang. I find it a little weird, tbh.

      Last edited 16/09/13 10:17 am

    I've got all the ingredients for home made pizza except for the bases, so I'm gong to make some sort of crazy pizza jaffle/toastie/toasted sandwich/dealy... It's going to be good! >:|

      Sounds delicious! SnackTAKU please!

      Useda buy pizza sauce and pepperoni and make pizza breads when I lived with @gutsoup he was totes jelly

    Morning everyone.
    For some reason, I slept in and still woke up tired.
    Also, I can't find my fine liner and I really don't want to pay $5 for another one. D=

      Whenever I sleep more than 8-9 hours, I wake up feeling ridiculously tired and exhausted — usually worse than before going to sleep.

      Also, I hope you find your fine liner, scree!

        Yeah, I find sleeping in makes me feel more "urgh" when I wake up.

          I felt tired anyway. I was feeling depressed yesterday and it always makes me excessively tired

      For some reason, I slept in
      Yeah, rub it in.

      That sucks get some tea in your belly to wake you up as @trjn always says.
      Also if you can't find your fine liner eyeliner works also

        Eyeliner smears. This is for drawing. I had two but they've both vanished

          Not if it's a fine eye liner, I know this as one of the girls I talk to did a drawing for her BFF and ran outta fine liner so used a liquid eye liner and it came out sweet

            All my eye liners smudge, even the non smudge ones. -_- I pay $30 and it still smudges.

              Those bastard eyeliners! Maybelline?

                One is Revlon creme eyeliner ($12) and the other is Benefit ($30)

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