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    Internet blackout begins now. See you guys tomorrow.


      Man, I am going to be so happy when Breaking Bad finishes.

      Because eventually I will be able to actually browse the internet without seeing some sort of reference or discussion every second page.

      Expect spoiler tags, ROT13 and vigilance in my BB posts.

    Pika pika*

    (*12 days)

      Beyond: Two Souls*

      (*[Insert correct number here] days! Math was never my strong point. :P)


        (*26 days)

        P.S. I'm so glad that game has no Aus tax on Steam.

          Oh man, October's a huge month! Wind Waker HD, Beyond: Two Souls, Arkham Origins, Broken Sword 5, Asylum, new Arcade Fire...

            GTA Online too, I guess! Bikes!

              been playing around on the bikes a lot, you can pull off some amazing stunts, you can grind rails and land from any height (sometimes my cars blow up if they fall too far even if i land on all 4 wheels). I was playing around in a skate park kept switching to the "cinematic view" and putting it into slow mo (click right stick when in cinematic view in case you didn't know, the game doesn't seem to tell you that you can do it at any point, I only knew cause it was in IV). Must have spent about an hour in one skate park alone, so much fun

              I haven't even found a damn bike yet! False TAY Advertising...

                go on your phone in game, go to "pedal power" you can buy them and they get delivered to your garage. BMXs are only $500. Also really there are bikes everywhere for me. I switched to Trevor yesterday and i was stuck behind a group of cyclists and he went off his head at them, it was dam funny, he was insulting their attire and sexuality among many other things.

                  Oh really? Is that there from the start? I've only played for about 2 hours or so :P I'll have a look next time I play!

        My girlfriend surprised me by preordering the special edition for me \o/

          Marry this woman!

            Later! But thank you for the blessing oh oracle known as DC

      I got all excited yesterday because I thought the long weekend coming up was the same weekend as Pokemon's release... but it's the weekend before D:


      What up, Community Kudos Winning Scree! not sure how to respond to this, as I didn't think i deserved it.

          Don't you see? That's why you do deserve it! *stirring music begins to play*

      Morning scree how are you?

        Going to the doctors and hoping to shift this cold \o/

          Hooray \o/ hope it all goes well and you feel better soon

    GraviTAY MEAT
    We meet in Queen St Mall, Brisbane at 6:30pm.
    People hang for a while, get proper dinner somewhere nearby.
    Then we mosey to the cinema:
    8:50 pm for 3D VMAX session of Gravity at Event Cinema in the Myer Centre.
    We should coordinate to book tickets sometime tomorrow or on Friday, allocated seating and all that stuff. Thanks for putting up with my antics. :P

    Last edited 30/09/13 8:53 am

      If this doesn't get renamed to GraviTAY Meat I will be sorely disappointed.

        We've just got ourselves a new name! Well done, Cakesmith! You truly are the king of kings!

        I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation. :P

      Put me down for a maybe.

      I'm not sure if I'll be able to hold out until Saturday before seeing it is all.

        Okay! I feel the same way, but I haven't left the house in ages and miss you guys! XD

        For what it's worth I'm probably going to see it twice. Haha!

        Feel free to come to the dinner only if you want. That's what @strange is apparently doing!

        Last edited 30/09/13 8:56 am

      Should probably tag our interstate guest of honor too: @mawt!

      Here's Ducktale's moon theme!

        Ahem.. I'm also interstate, how could you not mention that?!

        Dunno if i'm free, something keeps telling me I have something important this week but I can't recall what it is, I did this the other week and missed out on the important thing :( I know the important thing next week is mum's birthday..

      Sounds good! Count me in! \o/

      Sorry guys I'm gonna be flatout busy when I get back from melbourne on friday... got a new job in Springfield so its house hunting we go! Among other things like getting all our gear together and ensuring we save our bond (and don't blow it at the crown casino while we're down here haha)

        That's okay! Just thought I'd tag you anyways. One day you'll meat and than the terror will begin a-new!

      Yeah, count me in. I have a slight 3D preference over 2D, but if it's good I'll probably just watch it again later in 3D for the ball-shriveling, stomach-flipping vertigo horror.

      Last edited 30/09/13 10:13 am

        I'm up for seeing it again too in 3D, so if the group wants 2D we should have our own 3D meat... with Strange. XD

      Movie will be out for me for sure :(
      Dinner is likely to be the same, unless it's cheap and has free parking :\
      Fuck school holidays man!

      Goes without saying, you're invited too @enduwolf. I just forgot you. I'm sorry. Haha!

      Last edited 30/09/13 5:31 pm

        Put me down as a maTAYbie too, and only for dinner. Was kind of interested in seeing it until I saw the full trailer.

        Pig and Whistle has great food, but is quite pricey too.

    Holy damn, Wind Waker HD is out this week! D:

      Only a few more days until I find out if I get the CE from GAME or if it gets cancelled...

        Hope you get the good stuff, my pal!

        Can you let me know if it does? I'm still wondering about this too. I assume you saw the Whirlpool post where a guy said his got cancelled?

        ( somewhere in there)

          Got a reminder / confirmation email tonight, so looking good so far.

      Are you going to posts your thoughts (on TAY preferably, easier to keep up with than Twitter!)?

      I'm curious as to what someone who doesn't really like 3D Zeldas/has never played Wind Waker before thinks :D

        I possibly might write something up for Potaku. Wanted to get into a habit of that but stopped after Night of the Rabbit write-up. XD

          But I don't read Potaku :P

            ... Although to be fair I don't even read Kotaku articles and I barely read TAY comments :D

    What does the fox say?

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    *waits for Shane's updates*

    I predict it involves the witness protection program!

    Well, that was an interesting weekend.

    Friday afternoon - message @rize saying we should play Final Fantasy XIV that night. He agrees.

    Friday night - login to FFXIV and start playing. Play for maybe an hour when Rize mentions he's been reading the Jedi Path. We start talking about Star Wars which turns into "we should try to play Star Wars The Old Republic again". Queue quitting FFXIV and begin patching SWTOR. Few updates to get so we don't play it that night.

    Saturday - Play SWTOR. @sernobulus, @blaghman and @f4ction all joined in. So we started new characters.

    Sunday - Play SWTOR.

    Total hours SWTOR played on the weekend: 17.

    Rize, Nob and myself all ended up subscribing and I'm actually super psyched to play it more tonight. We ended up getting our new characters to level 16/17ish.

    Most of all, I'm just pleased that I'm finding enjoyment in a game again. I've hardly played anything in the last month because I've been in one of those gaming slumps where everything is just so 'meh'.

      It must have been one of those weekends as me and a bunch of friends got back into Guild Wars 2. Thoroughly enjoying it so far as well.

      I kinda miss SWTOR but I think I uninstalled it ages ago.

        Yeah. I put about 190hrs into it when it first came out. Got a character to level 40 before I stopped playing because all my friends did.

        When it went F2P I re-installed it intending to play it again but never got around to it.

        After playing again this weekend though, I remembered how and why I put so much time into it in a month. The story just sucks you in.

          Plus having a fat Jedi called "Lards" who's a jerk to everyone makes the game funny! \o/

            *Light side/dark side choice comes up*

            Cakesmith and Rize: God dammit Nob!
            Nob: /laugh

          Yeah despite all of its problems, it is still a Bioware game and the story is pretty awesome. I think I max-levelled two toons ('Pub Trooper and Sith Marauder) and I was fairly close to maxing a Jedi Sentinel before I stopped playing.

          I know subscribing avoids all of the pay-gates but how intrusive are they? Is it like some other F2P MMOs where there are massive neon "buy-me" posters everywhere or is it fairly minimal?

            I don't think I would play it without subscribing. Some of the limitations are just...strange. Some I understand though.

            Professions for example are a good restriction:
            F2P - 1 prof.
            Preferred player (have previously payed for the game) - 2 prof.
            Subscriber - 3 prof.

            They've pretty much admitted that the F2P system is basically a free trial. The first 20 levels/first chapter of story are pretty much unrestricted and enjoyable, but after a while the non-subscriber clamps start getting screwed in pretty tight.

            The model doesn't so much provide subscriber rewards as it does implement non-subscriber penalties. Many of them are just weird, like @cakesmith said. To give you a rough idea, you have to pay to unlock the ability to show/hide your helmet, and for the first six months or so of their F2P implementation they pay-restricted the number of hotbars you could have, for putting skills and abilities on. If you remember the skill-bloat from when you first played? It's still there. Yeah.

            It's a terrible payment model and they'd have been much better regarded if they'd simply called it the free trial that it is.

      So much Star Wars, and I want so much more!

      Where was my invite :(

      I was on Saturday morning and afternoon. And Sunday morning. Maybe I played enough anyway :P

    Woooo! Disgaea D2 is out this week! EVERYONE CELEBRATE!

    *crickets chirping*

      Wind Waker! >:|

        I've ordered the special edition from Amazon Italy so I think I have to wait another week or two. =(

          But... that'll be Beyond: Two Souls week! :'(

            Yeah ... You may aswell add my name to the list.

            I'm probably not going to pick it up.


              Well, I'm glad you didn't put out even more than ever!

      *Looks it up*

      *Sees that it's not on a handheld, shrugs*

      *Realises that I'm now Jimu*

      Last edited 30/09/13 9:08 am

        It'll get there eventually. They're still gearing up to release Disgaea 4 on Vita (you should get this if you like Disgaea b/c D4 is IMO the best one since the original)

      It's supposedly already out in Europe. US release isn't until next week - I ordered direct from NISA for the extra goodies and probably just as well because I don't have time to play it for a bit.

        What extra goodies did you get?

    Screw Breaking Bad, it's new The Amazing Race and The Good Wife and Boardwalk Empire day!

    *crickets chirping*

      Whoo, Boardwalk Empire...... but also whoo Breaking Bad (at least after today it's all over)

      This week in new TV does not interest me at all.
      Wat do?

      On random TV note, I watched Sleepy Hollow.
      Dude from the American Civil War gets wrapped up in supernatural stuff, wakes up in modern day, and tries to figure out said supernatural stuff with a police officer.
      Don't know how I feel about it. Kinda makes me ant to watch Supernatural.

      Also I started watching Modern Family again. I think I stopped after season 2. Now it's Season 5 and the kids have grown up and there's a new kid, and Lily has the most awesome lines ever.

      And that was my weekend viewing of TV.

        Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.! \o/
        I have not yet watched the first episode. Waiting for it to air on TV so as to save my broadband usage. :P

      Oooooooh. Is the Amazing race being shown on free tv?

      It's new season of Homeland today woo. Even though I saw episode 1, 3 weeks ago...

    Spent most of last night playing GTAV and just killing myself over and over again.

    You can drop off some pretty insane heights with a BMX and not die. Ramped one off the top cable car arm, fell for several seconds, landed and he kept on pedaling.

    Also swimming up to the start of some rapids in a river is a sure way to die halfway down.

    Last edited 30/09/13 9:06 am

      I've been tying up loose ends. 80% progress, but thinking that'll be as close as I get to 100% because there's just the annoying missions I've put off left. :D

        I am fully prepared to accept that I will not be 100%'ing this game. Some shit is too tedious to put up with for a shiny thing on my profile which I will never see.

    Gaming experiences this weekend:

    - On Saturday I ended up signing up for Kantai Collection over a VPN. @tigerion it's not really a card game like it was billed. It's also pretty addictive and I can see how people would really get into it. I'm not sure how much I'll play it though just because of how fiddly it is to join a VPN each time. Also I ended up running out of resources and so had to stop. Probably a good thing that I'm not in Japan actually, I'd probably have ponied up the cash to buy some ammo and fuel for my fleets and I guess that's how they get you :(

    - Turns out that TitS is five chapters long but the prologue counted as a chapter, so I'm a little way into the second one putting me around halfway into the game. 19 hours done. Really liking it now, it's finally really clicked for me. I can also understand why these games are a nightmare to translate as there's an astounding amount of text. Every NPC has 2-4 lines of dialogue when you talk to them, and every town has ~20-40 NPCs, and as the story progresses what they say gets updated. Every chest has a unique line of dialogue if you try and open it when it's empty. Plus the main scenario is petty wordy too. And apparently the games only got bigger from this point.

    - Have not played FFXIV since last week and really should get back to it at least for long enough to get to 50.

      How does it play? Or do I not want to know. I don't think I'll bother trying a VPN or anything to get it to work, I'll just consider it if they ever translate it.

        You build a fleet up of ship-girls. Up to six ships per fleet, and you can unlock multiple fleets. There's four resources - fuel, steel, ammunition and bauxite. Those resources slowly replenish over time (or you can buy them with real money). You can spend them to build new ships and repair damaged ships - the ships built are randomized depending on how much you spend, eg if you put 30 of each resource down you'll usually get a destroyer, but if you spend more fuel and steel you have a chance for a larger ship or one of the rare destroyers. They take time to build. The Destroyers are 20 minutes real time, and it goes up from there (I have read that the top-end battleships and heavy carriers can take over an hour) but you can use items you gain from playing the game or paying for them to immediately complete them.

        There's multiple different ships. The starting ones are Destroyers, then there's Light and Heavy Cruisers, Submarines, Battleships and Light & Heavy Carriers. The girls are all based off actual IJN ships and so ships from the same class generally have similar looking clothing, eg the Akatsuki-class all wear classic white & blue school uniforms, the Akizuki-class all have black uniforms with white ties, the Haruna-class battleships wear gold headgear and shrine maiden robes and the carriers are all dressed in archer armor and carry bows.

        The core of the game involves sending your fleet off on sorties. You pick a fleet and a map and your first fleet goes to that area. There's multiple points on the map and your heading is picked randomly whenever there's a branch between the points. Some spots have resources or other things but the bulk of the time you hit an enemy fleet, which you engage. You pick a formation and they pick a formation (haven't figured out the exact details of this yet) and then your ships and the enemy ships take turns firing salvos at each other. Unfortunately you don't get to control which enemy ships get targeted. It plays out like a simple RPG - if you hit you do damage with a chance at a critical hit. Once everyone's fired, there's an exchange of torpedoes. I don't know how aircraft fit into the mix - a few of my ships had AA guns but I don't have a carrier yet. Once the initial exchange ends, if any ships remain you can retreat, or you can do a night attack where you have a chance at bonus damage. If any of your ships go below 50% health their portrait changes to 'damaged' (read: their clothes get ripped up and they get a bit disheveled, nothing too pervy). Seems like they can't go below 1 HP in a single battle but apparently if any ship but your flagship participates in another battle while damaged they can be sunk - I haven't lost any ships yet to find out.

        Once you win a battle your ship-girls gain experience and can level up. The one that was the most useful (did the most damage) gets a 200% XP bonus. As they level up their stats increase. Also whenever you win a battle you gain a new ship. She starts at level 1 and I think there's certain ships that drop from certain battles. You can combine ship cards together to level up the stats of the first ship you select, but there's a chance this can fail and you lose the other ships. Additionally you can craft extra equipment (AA guns, torpedo tubes, etc) but there's a chance that that will fail as well. You can also scrap ships you don't want for resources, though the resource gain seems pretty minimal.

        Sending ships out for battle means they might get damaged (meaning you spend fuel and steel to repair them, and they're out of use for several minutes depending on the extent of the damage) and when they move and participate in battle it burns fuel and ammunition so you need to resupply them as well - I found that ammo was my limiting factor. Once you unlock the second fleet, you can send them on expeditions. The ships in the fleet are made unavailable for several minutes (15+) and when they return they bring resources back for you and gain a small amount of experience, but only burn fuel instead of fuel + ammo.

        The girls are all voiced and seem to have unique personalities. It's not a huge thing but it adds an enormous amount of charm to the game IMO, for example early on the Destroyer I was using as my flagship would get embarrassed whenever she was the MVP in a battle. Your flagship also greets you whenever you return to base as well. Apparently you can obtain cosmetic items to spruce up the look of your base room as well, but I haven't obtained any yet.

        I can really see why the game's been enormously popular. It does so many things right, and while you're obviously limited a bit in what you can do in one session if you're not paying, you don't really feel like you're being punished or forced to pay to be able to enjoy the game. It probably loses a bit if you can't understand some Japanese at least though. I don't really know what most of the text says as my Kanji is terrible (though I can pick out some stuff I know and figure out others by context) but I understand a enough spoken Japanese that I know what most of the girls are saying when they talk and I think that adds a lot. I was also playing with a guide that translates most of the quest requirements. There's stuff you can do where you fulfill the requirements, which range from simple like 'have a cruiser' or 'go on ten sorties' to complex like 'make a fleet that exactly matches the composition of this historical battle group', and when you meet those objectives you get resources.

        I ended up playing about 5-6 hours on Saturday, from about the 1st quarter of the Grand Final through the entire game and then until about 10pm when the VPN I was on disconnected me and went offline, and by that stage I was running very low on fuel and ammo so I was basically done anyway. When I logged off I'd accumulated about 20 destroyers (so far Asashio and Ikazuchi seem to be my most reliable) and 4 light cruisers. I've been using Yura as my flagship but read up on that ship and it was apparently the first cruiser in the IJN that was sunk during WW2 so perhaps not the most fortuitous choice, but her periodic quips asking me why I'm so fascinated by her equipment amuses me enough that I don't mind, plus highest level and most reliable where my other cruisers (Tenryuu, Naka & Tama) haven't really been very effective.

          Interesting, sounds like a lot of the facebook/browser style games but done with a level of polish that you don't see in them.
          I have zero written or spoken japanese so don't think I'll get much out of it unless it is localised. Thanks for the write-up

            Yeah, it's a high-polish Free-to-play browser-based Flash game. The exact sort of thing I'd usually avoid. Yet if the PS Vita release is physical or doesn't require me to dick around with VPNs I'll be all over it. I'll probably tinker with the browser version a bit more but I think I might have sucked most of the gooey center out already. I would probably like to get a Battleship or a Carrier before I stop playing though. If there was a bit more depth to the combat then I'd probably stick around more. Or if there was a plot to it.

    Eugh I am operating on very minimal sleep. I have had a chest infection since Thursday. Its not that bad except i keep coughing my lungs up. I didnt sleep well thursday because i was in a strange hotel for work, (make what you will from that sentence) Friday i didn't get much sleep because i had to drop lady frond at work ridiculously early and Saturday night i was just coughing until 2 in the morning.

    Which brings us to last night, my phone buzzed at 8
    "can you come and sleep over, just wait until my parents are asleep because they are nuts and you will be frightened"

    I go over late and at this point i am wiped so i just want to go to sleep, nope, cue 2 hour chat with lady friends mother about all manner of topics such as : why I'm not good enough for her daughter, why hawthorn won the premiership and basically why every decsion i have ever made is wrong. It really was that bad she seemed like a nice lady and she was taking the piss but it ended up being 2 am before i went to actual bed. Then i couldn't sleep due to coughing and i woke my girlfriend up like 4 times so i just ended up driving home at 4 in the morning so she could actually sleep.

    Im operating on about 8 hours sleep over 4 days.

      Hope you feel better, Rockets!

      Rockets! They have sick days for this very reason. Also, Monday morning hangovers.

        Monday morning hangovers has ruined the monday sick day for dedicated workers.

        I also feel super-suss calling in sick the day after pay day because I used to work in a warehouse with a dude who was "sick" almost every Thursday.

          If i ever fake sick which in truth was one time i would only ever do it on a Wednesday or Thursday because its more believable if you dont get a long weekend.

            There are actually some places with HR policies which dictate that Monday or Friday sick day claims have to be accompanied with a doctor's certificate. (Edit: Which it seems Cakesmith has already mentioned!)

            Last edited 30/09/13 10:21 am

              Yeah, here is pretty lax but you still need a sick note if it's before/after a weekend/public holiday, or if you've already had four days of sick leave that year.

              We get like 10-12 days/year and I manage to use 7-8 most of the time. About half of those are days I *could* go into work but don't because maybe I just need a rest.

        Ugh, at my job if you take Monday or Friday off sick you need a med certificate.

    My wife was having a relapse of our flu from a few weeks ago so I wound up cancelling plans to have friends over and instead I played a ton of GTAV. As of 11pm last night I am up to the "final final" mission, according to my wife. I had to abandon completing the game because she tells me this final game is over an hour long. I'll get it done tonight, just in time for GTA Online to launch. \o/

    I have really enjoyed the GTAV experience and I feel like I *want* to go and 100% it all, but I probably won't.

      I am very curious about the possibility of starting a new character with 0 skills and levelling them all up - the time taken to max out the skills on the 3 SP characters was not all that long, on reflection.

      Also, to see how the world feels when played with a female character. The dev guys were right, this is a very masculine story, with quite a few male-specific social issues and framing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and it's kind of interesting to see. Because I really can't recall ever seeing a story about the male condition handled quite this way at all - it's not all bravado and bullet-chewing.

        I really like the social interplay between all the characters and their respective lives. I know Trevor is mostly played for laughs but some of his reactions to stuff give so much insight into his characters. Something that comes across wonderfully is that even though he's a freak who just rolled up out of the desert and started killing people, he's not the most fucked up person in town.

        In the real estate oriented side missions that come up in a strangers and freaks opportunity, n qbqtl ntrag yrgf Geribe onat fbzr jbzna ur'f xrrcvat va n ubgry ebbz va rkpunatr sbe snibhef. Jura Geribe svanyyl nfxf jub vg vf naq gur thl nqzvgf vg'f uvf jvsr, gur ybbx ba Geribe'f snpr vf whfg vaperqvoyr.

        Then there's Michael's depression and other mental issues where he feels like he's not in control of anything (which is probably a dig at the player). Franklin's story is probably the most cliche since his "hood" friends get shitty with him because he's making it big and not taking them along for the ride, but I really appreciated his frustration in any scene he has with Lamar following his move to the second safehouse in the hills.

          I can sort of relate to Trevor more, now that I've seen more of him. He reminds me a LOT of some of the more deranged kids I knew back at school - the ones on god knows how many pills for ADHD and so forth, who would react psychotically to things, had precious little in the way of inhibitions, and incredibly poor social conditioning. The types that would get into trouble because of dares, seeking social approval. The ones who valued loyalty incredibly highly.

          Trevor clearly wants the best for people he considers his own, and just happens to think that involves manning up and being less of a pussy, making and accepting fewer excuses. He's a big fan of the tough love, and loses respect for those who can't/won't keep up, or who exhibit his pet hates - such as insulting him personally or calling him on his mistakes. Long-term friends/relatives get a pass on this because of the loyalty thing, having proved themselves 'on his team' at some point, but you can tell when they're straining that relationship and any other 'normal' person would've eaten a curb-stomp already.

          He's still an asshole and I'm still keen on some DLC/sequel which lets me kill him.

    I'm outta here for the day! Avoid Breaking Bad spoilers and all that. (If only I watched the show.) Also, going to the city. Catch you on the flipside, home slices!

      But, but, who will be my arch nemesis while you are away? D=

        Based on your efforts over the weekend...yourself?

        Oh Nob, you sweet innocent little thing. Did you ever stop to consider WHY he is going into the city

    After a trip to the Sunshine Coast yesterday, today sees the end of funding Translink's rubbish buses and trains and walking to and from work. I feel slightly more liberated, although not when getting to work and finding the showers out of action.

    This week I'll be kickstarting my Rome 2 campaign and trying to actually make some headway into at least uniting Italy under the Roman banner

      I'm waiting for CA to patch Rome 2 so that things run a bit better. Mine is still quite janky at times :(

        I wasn't having too many graphical problems. Running the benchmark in it though when it first booted there was no difference in performance between low and extreme quality though but I think that was a bug. I haven't played since the Beta 3 patch though. Other than that, it seems a lot harder to actually maintain a large empire which should keep me more interested than the first Rome or Medieval 2 when it comes to the end game period. I'm not sure how long it would actually take to unlock though, but the tech tree seems quite small though to me

        Last edited 30/09/13 10:43 am

      Translink are bemoaning a dramatic downturn in public transport patronage, which for some reason they seem to feel can be solved by increasing ticket prices.

      Someone's getting paid six figures to make those sorts of decisions. What a world!

        They've gotta pay for all the busways somehow. It's more of a fact that I have 2 cents on my go card this week and no money until payday on Wednesday so forced into walking, but it doesn't take much longer than the bus and I've got a few pounds to shed :D

      After the second-last far increase, I started gambling. It wasn't really worth $120 a fortnight to get to work for me when the fine for evasion was just over $200. Neither my home nor work station had gates and you rarely see ticket inspectors during peak hour. In the beginning I was hyper alert for inspectors, ready to bail at the next station, however 3 months went by without seeing one and I started playing DS again.

      In the 9 or so months that I fare evaded (I did touch on a couple of times when outside of peak hour) I did get pulled up on it once, but with credit on your go-card and a half-decent excuse, you get away with it the first time.

        I was tempted to do that from Alderley to St Lucia, but then had to jump on the bus anyway. I used to walk from New Farm to the Gabba for work each day Alderley to Herston ain't much further. Plus it gives me a good opportunity to listen to music which I don't really get any more

    Hola Tay

    I had a good weekend- saw my parents off at the airport saturday morning, watched a bit of the Grand Final, played GTA V, watched Henry IV part I. Last night went to a surprise farewell for my friend who is going to work in the US for a few months. So much Indian food

    A Monday Morning Question: Which "Shakespearean" actor should be in a video game movie? I would love to see Sir Derek Jacobi as the baddie in Dragon Age

      Kenneth Branagh would make a pretty awesome villain with the right writing behind the part, regardless of genre / setting. But probably a Fable-style setting would work well.

        He played a marvelous Gilderoy Lockhart.

    Three new games and all I did on the weekend was play SKYRIM!
    I might start thinking I had a problem, but hey, it's SKYRIM!

      Oh damn I also got back into Skyrim as well. First time playing with mods and I'm quite astounded by the detail. YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE ANTS!


    I get hype, but funny thing is that Ms 1000+ hrs is going interstate for the rest of the holidays and won't get a chance to play it. Guess that'll be a spare weekend written off some time in the future for us to burn through the new content.

      1000+ hours
      i dont think i have even put that much time into anything.


          nah, probably TAY
          i have spend more than 100 hours reading and posting on TAY and twitter for sure.

      do you know if that's PC only or if consoles get it too, I need something like that to tide me over till Starbound drops.

        I *think* it's PC only, the console ports are done by different developers.
        And yes, very much looking forward to Starbound. We've both backed at the NPC tier.

      Still waiting for the Windows Phone and Vita versions to come out :/
      Which is funny, I didn't really enjoy the game too much on PC yet I can't wait to get it again for my phone...

      I thought they weren't updating that anymore? What is the update doing?

        Lots of new content. So much, maybe more than the last major update.

          Is 1.2 essentially balancing things out considering the console release got a few extra things that PC didn't ever get?

            I first paid $5 for 4 copies. There's no need for balance. (I've probably bought another 10 or more after that)
            I'm not familiar with the reason behind this amount of bonus content, beyond a 'thank you' for their customers / community?

      It's probably going to get me back in the game, at least for a little while. So much extra stuff makes it look like I can flat-out adventure now, and not get bored for ages.

    I had a pretty awesome Saturday. I went to a Doctor Who meet up at a local cafe. Played Doctor Who Monopoly and ate Doctor Who themed food. Dalek sugar cookies, Blue Velvet cupcakes and Blue White hot chocolate. Also fish fingers and custard, which is surprisingly tasty. Then I went home and watched the mighty Hawks win the Grand Final.

      no fish fingers and custard is terrible. you are a liar. okay maybe i put custard on a filet of fish burger and maybe the custard was off :/

        It was almost definitely the fillet o fish that was off.


    Just a reminder that if you haven't emailed me re Numenera that I'd like to distribute the material, so email me at red_artifice @ so I can get the stuff out to you ASAP

      Were you going to go through chracter creation in the first session or are we allowed to go through it beforehand if we feel confident enough?

      Because I kinda already went and did the latter. *looks nervously at feet*

        Going through it in first session, but if you've done it, great! You can help the others

          \o/ Woooooo!

          Also yeah, turns out rolling up a character and selecting character traits at random can lead to quite interesting combinations. I am a mechanical/mystical glaive who murders. >:D

    What on earth is Hypnotic Gastric Banding??

      It's where they hypnotise the person into thinking they've had gastric band surgery.

        That answer is both correct and disappointing. I was hoping for something cooler :)

          Did you google it? =P

            Yes. It also sounds like utter bollocks.

              I completely agree. I have no idea how I already knew about it, but I did.

                I read skeptical blogs, which cover a lot of the bollocks out there, and the name of this one just set of an alarm bell :)

                  It might be utter bollocks - a pseudo-science placebo, but I'm all for it if it works.

                  Pragmatism: If it seems stupid but works, it isn't stupid. ;) We all use crutches of some sort, if someone wants to believe that hypnotism is theirs, it's fairly harmless.

                  @transientmind On the scale of harmful, it's near the "harmless" end of the spectrum for sure.

                  Last edited 30/09/13 10:50 am

    @DC - Beyond: Two Souls

    9 Days
    or 215 hours
    or 12,960 minutes
    or 777,600 seconds

      ♪♪ how do you measure,
      measure a year?
      In daylights, in sunsets,
      in midnights, in cups of coffee. ♫

        ♫ In inches, in miles, in laughter and strife.
        In, five-hundred-twenty-five-thousand-six-hundred-minutes -
        How do you measure a year in the life? ♪♪

    october = broke month

    Beyond: Two Souls - 9th of October.
    Pokémon X and Y - October 12
    LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes - October 22
    Batman: Arkham Origins - October 25
    Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag – October 29
    Battlefield 4- October 29

    4th Year Wedding Anniversary - October 31

    Last edited 30/09/13 10:14 am

      I might get Beyond and/or Pokemon, I might hold off on both. I'm getting BF4 on the Xbone so I'm not gonig to bother starting on the 360 version.

      Not sure how I feel about Arkham Origins or Black Flag. I want to like both but I never finished Asylum/City and I was bored as hell playing AC: Revelations. I haven't even tried playing AC3 yet.

      It'll probably be my wife who decides what we add to the collection since she plays a lot more.

        beyond & pokemon is a guaranteed purchase for me. BF4, will be holding back for ps4 version. i finished arkham asylum, loved it, but found it hard to get into arkham city. ass creed only really played the first, probably about half way through it... the ass creed ive gotten furthest on was probably the one on the PSP

          AC2 and Brotherhood were really good and waaay better than AC1, though after Revelations/3 people have gone back to AC1 and found something kind of charming about it's simplicity and ambition compared to where the series has actually wound up.

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