Tell Us Dammit: New Consoles On Day One?

So now we know: the Xbox One is hitting stores in Australia November 22, while the PS4 goes on sale a week later on November 29. I'd gather most of you will by at least one of these consoles at some point, but who is buying one day one? And which one are you buying? What are your next gen purchase plans?

I suspect I might just be dumb enough to pick up both consoles on launch day, despite the fact I'll have no time to play any of the games! This year's backlog already has The Last of Us, Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends and Splinter Cell: Blacklist on it. And Grand Theft Auto V is coming out this month. Jesus.

Anyway — I'm just a sucker for new consoles, and I love just messing about with them, so I want both in my living room. That's just the way of things sadly!

What about you guys and girls?


    Not a chancd.
    Can't afford it & have a backlog of games.

    Did it with DS, 6 months before I got a second game. First & only time. :)

      I came late to the party on PS3, and thus also have quite a backlog. But I told myself that I will not be late to the party this generation, so I'm planning to alternate between PS3 and PS4 titles until my PS3 backlog disappears. It should help that games may be slower coming out for PS4 over the first year or so... (fingers crossed!)

    My brain is telling me to hold off due to there only being one launch game I really want on next gen (Watch Dogs), but my giddy inner child is telling me to take the plunge.

    Not that it matters because I probably can't afford it anyway. On the off chance it happens though, it'll be a PS4.

    Depending on EB Games supply I should be getting mine day one with Watch Dogs and Killzone. Will pick up a few indies as well and the Abe's Oddysee remake. Infamous is what I'm really waiting for though

      I'm looking forward to people going into the store to pick up a PS4, "Did you pre-order months ago?, NO? Well we'll call you next year when we have one available"..."Would you like an Xbox instead?"

        Mine's been pre-ordered since June so hopefully I'll be one of the smug ones. It was a while after that that they put up the 'pre-order now for 2014' notices up

    I'll probably wait six months or so, other things that need my money atm.

    I'm going to get an Xbox One on day one or close enough. I'll probably just splash out and get an extra controller, CoD Ghosts & NBA 2K14. Woah, made me a bit giddy to actually confirm that to myself.

      I made the mistake of buying too many 360 controllers thinking that they'll break or something. Ironically I still have/use the original controller I bought back in 2006!

        Yeah think I still have one of my original controllers, although some have broke along the years. I was more thinking along the lines of being able to invite people over and show off my new toy (whilst letting them join in!)

          Ah yes. Might have to grab a spare controller for that too. :)

    Not day one but I'm budgeting carefully so I can afford it as soon as possible. Must buys before that: GTAV, Pokemon Y, upgrade to limited edition pokemon 3DS xl, and Zelda LBW.

    Edit: want one ASAP because there's no way I'm playing Watch Dogs, AC Black Flag and Destiny on current gen. Aiming for a PS4 by infamous release at the latest.

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    Xbone preorder has been in AND I'm taking the day off of work (now that it's been confirmed). Might even take the Monday too. Not because I need 4 days to play with a new console. That's ludicrous.


    But yeah. Day one. Absolutely. Then I'll probably have to go and do something on my PC with my headphones on while my wife plays Watch Dogs.

      "While [your] wife plays Watch Dogs". Hold on to that one!

      Organised the 2 days off myself yesterday. I've got Forza on pre-order - haven't put anything lese in the list yet. Just waiting to see what I feel like closer to launch.

      I managed to secure probably one of the last special edition Xbone 'day ones' last week off the official microsoft site after no eb and jbhifi had them - not sure how quick they ship tho :(

    I've never gotten a console on day one, and I'm still undecided on which one to get. If I knew for sure, would definately pick one up. but I'm happy to wait for reviews, and more games to come out. My brother will probably get the PS4 on day one, he's not even into gaming as much as me. He just owns most things Sony (Got the PS3 on day one and its his main media player).

    Probably both. I tell myself that I'll be good, but inevitably I'll get caught out by their shiny surfaces and sleek lines. Plus the purdy graphics will no doubt be too alluring to resist...

    def getting day one. I like that Xbox actually has a special day one package. I've preordered two day one editions - one to use, and one to collect.

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      That's interesting. I wonder how many people are doing that - buying a day one edition just to put on the shelf unopened. With PS4 there's not really any incentive to do that...

    Up in the air about a Day One purchase of the X1 - Forza 5 being the real incentive, harder to ignore with the addition of Bathurst...
    Also depends how much time I am still spending on GTAV, NBA 2K14 and the Oculus Rift/iRacing...
    I dare say that by March next year I will have definitely caved though.

    As I posted on the other article, I've never bought a console on day 1. I'll pick up a PS4 some time in the first few months of next year.

    Nope, I figure since they're both now common architecture that we will start to see some of the major franchises formerly console only on PC and I'm happy to go spend the cost of a console on a new GPU at some point in the future when I want to be next-next gen.

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    Xbox One Day One, with Watch Dogs, and then probably Forza and NBA 2k14. My birthday being at the start of December is also probably going to change my opinion on games to get, as I may get them as gifts and or buy with birthday money.

    PS4 will probably be in 6 or so months unless I can force the girlfriend into buying me a sick birthday and christmas present.

    Not enough money, and not enough desire to overcome that issue.
    Will be seeing what the finances say come August next year (wedding anniversary).

      you should totaly get your wife one for a wedding anniversary present!

    I have a PS4 preordered but im not sure if i will get it day one due to availability issues. I am extremely hopeful that this happens however.

    There are far too many things I have left to play and am still looking forward to playing on the current gen of machines and more or less no things on the next that aren't also coming out for the Vita. My PS3 is also doing everything I need a console to do at the moment and my XBox 360 hasn't been turned on for several years now other than to check what's available every so often.

    So all in all, there's very little incentive for me to rush out and buy one just yet, especially since I also need to find space for it due to the lack of backwards compatibility. I'm incredibly excited about the idea of the PS4, but in reality, there's very little it's offering yet that I can't do with my existing consoles, handhelds and PC.

    I always get them day one. But only if it's a Nintendo. And not a remodel :P

    So far I've got every main launch since the GBA. Aaaaaaalmost skipped the 3DS launch, but the Dick Smith deal lured me in.


    I'll prob grab the PS4, and it will collect dust like my PS3 :)

    Still not sure about the XBOX One. I want one but I'm not entirely comfortable supporting the console. For once I'm actually financially prepared for next gen and it just happens to be a really good time for me to be spending so I think I may end up buying a PS4, XBOX One and WiiU within the space of a month.

    Getting my PS4 with Killzone as im a fan of the Killzones and then Ill wait it out in multiplayer till infamous gets here ;)

    EDIT - OH and the order 1886 and the ps+ games naturaly.

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    PS4 and Killzone pre-ordered. Love Killzone, got the Vita game yesterday :) Then the Order, Infamous and I'll give Rezogun a good try.

    this will be my first, Xbox One Day One preordered and paid for, would like confirmation on whether New Zealand is getting the Fifa bundle also, will have 4 games on launch if thats the case also getting DR3, Ryse and BF4.

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