Tell Us Dammit: What Video Game Would You Most Like To See 'Remade'

Reviews for Nintendo's Wind Waker HD remake are coming in (check ours out, it's the post before this one) and it's looking good. I feel like Wind Waker is a prime candidate for a remake of this kind: a beautiful game made more beautiful by the resolution, a game that was slightly flawed. In short: Wind Waker is a game that needed to be tweaked. I'm glad this remake exists.

So I'm looking for other candidates. What other games would do well? Another game that did well from a HD upgrade was Shadow of The Colossus — mostly because the original had such a terrible frame-rate!

Here are a few games I'd love to see get a HD remake.

Yoshi's Island: Because I think its hand-drawn style would look great in 1080p/60fps ala Rayman Legends. I would do anything to play that game.

Doom: Why not? New hi-res textures! That would be fun.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis: They did the first two Monkey Island games, why not do the same with this one?

Anyway, now it's your turn!


    Black Tiger (or Black Dragon, depending what country you're from).
    Keep it as a side scrolling platformer and I'll be happy

    Not just a HD port, but a total remake.
    HD dinosaurs punching each other. it'd be awesome.

    also, Majora's Mask for the 3DS would be rad.

    I would love to see Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned remade in state of the art 3D. Even when the game was released the 3D didn't look all that pretty, but the game design was amazingly good. In fact give me a 3D or HD GK1 while you're at it! :D

    I'd love to see a HD or real time 3D Grim Fandango too. The Longest Journey as well! (Dreamfall Chapters is looking amazing, but The Longest Journey is really April's thing and Dreamfall is all about Zoe!)


      Ahaha, I was going to say Gabriel Knight 2/3, done in pixel art like 1 and Grim in 2D animation :)

        The actual mechanics of GK3 were awesome though. Perfected the 3D point-and-click adventure game. Being able to look under things and peek around corners and all that stuff.

        GK1's probably aged the best out of all of them, it's true. XD

    Give us Conker's Bad Fur Day! But completely uncensored!
    Majora's Mask is another definite.

      Yes to both and you can add remakes of Banjo Kazooie/Tooie using the Nuts & Bolts engine!

    I'd like to see Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, mostly because it's actually a real pain to get running on modern systems (was originally built for Windows 95). A lot of workarounds need to be applied, including forcefully slowing your CPU down and installing non-official (fan made) patches.

    Redo the PC version to work on modern OS's and modern hardware, and do the HD thing while you're at it.

    On the other hand, I'd really like a new game in that series...

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      I have been wishing/hoping/praying/begging for HD remakes of the entire series...
      Not gameplay changing, just prettifying the games... I'd love to revisit Nosgoth in glorius HD in Soul Reaver and Soul Reaver 2

        If you play the PC versions of Soul Reaver and Soul Reaver 2, you can pump the resolution up to maximum to get them looking quite nice indeed, especially for their age (it's no true HD, but it's a significant improvement). I also think either one or both of them have fan-made mods out there that up-res a lot of the textures.

        But yeah HD remakes for them would be nice too, I just chose Blood Omen because that was the only 2D entry in the series, and it's also the one that suffers the most when trying to run on modern systems (that is, it doesn't run at all unless you do half a dozen workarounds).

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      Vae victus!!

      That's right up on my list too.

      I would love to see Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver remade, one of my favourite games of all time!


    Final Fantasy VII & VIII would be great (yeah, yeah, I know keep dreaming). I think a remake of Banjo Kazooie would do really well. Loved that game so much. Super Mario Sunshine would also be good, that game would look so amazing with HD graphics.

      Ohhhh wow, Sunshine HD would be amazing

      FFVII is obviously the holy grail for JRPG remakes but both 8 and 9 are worth it too, I'd love to see all three.

      Though that said, 8 and 9 have dated a lot less than 7.

    This wind-waker HD business almost has me buying a WiiU + wonderful 101 + Pikmin - but I'll wait for the price drop here - it will come.

    HD Metroid Prime Trilogy plz!

      Or even the original series.

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    Not so much a remake as a reboot of the franchise: Crash Bandicoot. Those games need to make a comeback in some way or the other. They were so good.

      Agreed. I'd love to see another Crash Bandicoot made by Naughty Dog.

      This ^

      I wish Activision would drop the licenced games (execpt for High Moon TF) and put a team on Crash


      One of the few games I have played that has genuinely creeped me out. That asylum in HD would be beyond freaky. Mind you, the game was also quite hard and required a lot of backtracking and switching between Liveside and Deadside, with a rather convoluted story to boot.

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        Eh, that's why I would like a remake and not just a HD do up. Keep the essence, improve the graphics, controls. Maybe a little less cadeux to collect.

      Cool i'm not the only one.

      'For we are many'

    I don't think Tetris is available on nearly enough platforms.

    The LucasArts classic 'Tie Fighter' or 'X-Wing v Tie Fighter'. I loved those games. Although Star Wars The Old Republic have a 'super secret space project' coming soon. From what I've heard, that might be the next best thing.

    I mean the original Quake single player campaign, remade with all of the the ultra dark medieval/tech/lovecraft influences in there. Really bring that old horror vibe back, and bring back Trent Reznor too.

      Darkplaces Quake.
      You're welcome.


      Zomg! Blast Crops! "Throws hand full of cash at the screen just thinking about it"
      Could it have a first person mode ^.^
      Cause that would be sweet.

    Metroid II needs a Zero Mission-like makeover. I would destroy so many pants if that happened.

    Mario Golf 64
    Resident Evil 2
    Metal Gear Solid 1
    Silent Hill 1
    Cannon Fodder

      Thumbs up for RE2 just as long as its not some over the shoulder action horror game >_

      It baffles me that Kojima made MGS3 for the 3DS when Twin Snakes would've been perfect for 3D and the control setup

    I wouldn't mind a Vagrant Story remake, and/or any jrpg from that period!

      This is my number one pick. Despite the fact I can play this game on my Vita right now I'd love a 'HD' update with cross save with a PS3/4 version. You wouldn't have to touch the story jJust add a few new areas, some super hard for new game++++ obsessives like myself. To go all out allow an optional playstyle with random generated areas. I want this so bad!

    #1 game would have to be Majora's Mask.
    Such an awesome game.

    Rogue Squadron trilogy. As someone that never owned a gamecube, I'm still yet to play RS II and RS III.

    Would also love a Majora's Mask remake, I admit I never finished it the first time round.

      I'd personally settle for an X-Wing, Tie-Fighter, X-wing vs Tie-Fighter or X-Wing Alliance remake... those games were the sheez!

      I owned a GC and yet stupidly never bought RS2 until years later when I found a used copy that was scratched to hell and unplayable. What would it take to get a 3DS port going?

        Considering Factor 5 is dead, it's probably not likely to happen, unfortunately.

          Given there'll be renewed interest in Star Wars IPs soon with the new moves being released, and Disney's inclination to exploit said IPs (there's, what, 6 movies in the works now?), I wouldn't be particularly surprised to see a new licensed spaceship sim make an appearance. It'd almost certainly be simple and arcadey, but it might scratch your Rogue Squadron itch at least

          Failing that, there's always Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen.

            Oh I'm sure there will be some kind of flight-sim movie tie-in of some description, all I'm saying is that the chances of that being a remake of Rogue Leader or Rebel strike are pretty slim.

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