Terrifying Robot Can Solve Rubik's Cube In Less Than One Second


    *Insert Video / Image*

    *Insert random one line about Video/Image*


    Journalism at its finest.

      This is Kotaku. It's a blog, not a journalism site. It's a step above Tumblr at best.
      That'd be like me saying ACA or Today Tonight are journalism.

      Well, that may be true (and this is indeed a fine example of journalism), but i reckon you're just jealous because you cant solve a rubiks cube in under a second :-P

      lol yet we are all still here :p


    Uninformed commenting at its finest.

    This is a story to generate CPM. I suggest you read: http://www.penny-arcade.com/report/article/ad-blocker-the-games-press-and-why-cosplay-galleries-lead-to-better-reporti

    Real journalism does exist at Kotaku, hidden behind the Cosplay posts and youtube links, but real journalism doesn't pay for itself easily.

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      That does not explain why Luke is doing such a shitty job for CPM?

      Even bashcraft's Japan hentai articles are better read than this. Have you seen Luke's previous image and "no further comment for this article" article?

      There is no way you can justify bad journalism no matter what you say.


      Yes there are great articles around but the amount of troll articles from Luke is getting out of hand. He used to put more images and writing more crap but now it's just ridiculous one liners.

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        What more would you expect on a post like this? Its essentially a video link.. I mean, when you clicked on it, where you expecting an exposé on a 30 second video?

        I'm not disagreeing that the quality of the content is terrible, or that it sucks that gaming sites have to resort to this sort of thing, but unless you're reading a website you paid to subscribe to, I suggest you "deal with it."

        I don't know Luke, I don't know his Job title. Perhaps he's a junior writer and his role is "Meet CPM quotas by linking crappy videos." (It certainly seems that way from his post history.) If this kind of thing annoys you, perhaps you should refrain from clicking through to the 'story.'

          Here his job title.

          Associate Editor (Kotaku) at Gawker Media

          His working period with Kotaku: November 2006 – Present (6 years 11 months)

          He is far from being a junior and for an associate editor, this quality of work is trash.

          Who would have expect this story to be so trashy?

      Thank you for posting the link to that article. It made me think.

      Now explain the spelling mistakes, apparent lack of proof reading, grammatical errors, and broken formatting (like when a whole article ends up on the front page instead of just the synopsis or first paragraph).

      cheers for posting that link, it was actually a pretty good read. And it made me smile a little thinking that all the people that clicked on this article to complain are actually helping the site out :D

    That seemed like longer than one second.

      First was 1.69 seconds. More than 1!!! However if we take into account time to analyse the cube its like 5 - 10 seconds.

        That robot is a fucking liar and I hate him.

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    Not surprising. Rubik's cube's have a nailed-down algorithm for solving them, which speed-cubers learn off by heart. If you actually read up on tips to solve a Rubik's cube, anyone can solve them, absolutely anyone.

    Of course a machine can run through an algorithm faster than a human being. It's a computer. They're designed for this sort of work, and we humans are not. Our brains are good at other tasks.

    While I have no doubt that we'll find ways to program computers to be better than us at the things we're good at (computers are already, in some cases, better than humans at facial recognition), they're not at that stage yet.

    1 second to solve the cube... and two days to make the custom cube it can hold tightly enough to solve in 1 second.

    I'm more interested to know if a normal rubix cube can survive that? Can crummy plastic take such rapid speed?

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