That's A Lot Of PS4.

That's a lot of PS4. This delivery of 120 PS4 development kits just arrived at Uncharted and The Last of Us developer Naughty Dog's studio in Santa Monica. Question: You think these boxes hold actual PS4s, or just PS4-like PCs? (Pic: Christophe Balestra via NeoGAF)


    They would be the actual consoles themselves if the PS3 was anything to go by... shouldn't a Sony developer already have these? #bitlate

    I think they hold Development Kits, like the Tweet suggests...

    Like seriously, what kind of comment is that?!

    ~125 devkits? Assuming one per box, anyway.

    Either way, that is a lot.

      It is one per box, since there is over 120 boxes there. Which I would say means they are dev kits for sure.

        You can clearly see the boxes on top are a different size and shape. I would guess at 120 boxes of PS4's and a handful of Playstation Cameras?

    I hope they aren't actual PS4's. That is 120 pre-orders that could have been filled!

    Yep - that's a pile of cardboard boxes, alright.

    Make them sing, Naughty Dog. You make them sing.

    As a first party developer and one of Sony's biggest and most important studios, they should have had these months ago. Now that The Last of Us is done - and they have another studio, what have they been working on? Why didn't they have these earlier to tool on? Why have Sony dragged its feet?

      Obviously because they've been hard at work on The Last of Us 2 and didn't want to use outdated devkits for The Last of Us 3 on PS4.

      They already have hardware specs to design their game on, they don't need actual units until it is QA time. Which, more than likely is right now.

        They already have hardware specs to design their game on, they don't need actual units until it is QA time.

        Completely wrong. You need dev kits to actually code with to make the the game work. Having the specs is all fine and dandy but it's often the case that in practice, once you have the hardware, it's another kettle of fish entirely. The PS3, with it's unique hardware, was impossible to code for without a dev kit.

        Also, QA would not be using dev kits to test the game on, they would be using DEBUG kits. There's an important difference there, mainly that the debug kits have hardware that is more or less identical to the retail model, just with the ability to play unsigned titles and having access to debug tools. Dev kits have extra memory, bigger hard drives, multiple extra drive bays, multiple network ports and so on...all sorts of fun stuff.

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          Yeah... PS4 is built on x86 architecture and can be run on the right hardware. That is why that kid in Australia had a Darango unit which...was a PC. So you are wrong as with this generation you do not need dev kits. They would not be able to make anything for the PS4 launch if they could not have started developing last year or early this year. With that in mind the hardware would not have been final spec so they would not have had a fabricated unit, they would be using custom rigs i.e. PC with the specific drivers and custom OS. Seriously.

          You do know that both the Xbox One and PS4 straight out of the box are Dev kits right? You know this because both Sony and MSFT made a big deal out of it. There are no longer specific Dev kits, just actual consoles.

            You really think this was the first batch of devkits they received? Especially when the tweet specifically said "Look at what arrived today at Naughty Dog... 120 more PS4 devkits!"

            They've had devkits for ages. They have just received more of them. If you think they have been developing PS4 games on PC's this whole time without devkits then you're mistaken.

              Ok, seems like they are actually "more", so my point is moot, I guess. The article wasn't written as that and I didn't click through the link, so I didn't know. I'm a huge fan of their work, been following them since the original Playstation, and I absolutely love Jak and Daxter. A new franchise would be nice to see from them - and with all those PS4 dev kits, I'm guessing they're going to be a big studio for the console. Good news indeed.

    They sure look like the boxes Sony use to ship PS3's with at the moment. They could well be actual PS4's, not generic pc cases...

    If Sony really wants to be Indie developer friendly, hopefully there will be a way of converting retail consoles into development units. Or even better, a way to run development software on unmodified units.

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