The Attack On Titan Game Looks Much Better In Motion

Our first peek at the 3DS game based on the hottest anime series of the year was a bit disappointing. Seeing it in motion in this first trailer, Attack on Titan doesn't look half bad.

While I would have preferred a major console/PC release, maybe something with Oculus Rift support (*shivers*), whipping about town dodging giant arms, legs and teeth looks like it might work on the 3DS.

Besides, if the show is any indication, the game only needs to be shockingly fun for the first 10 minutes or so, after which Spike Chunsoft can just phone the rest in.

3DS『進撃の巨人~人類最後の翼~』ティザームービー [YouTube via NeoGAF]

Comments <- attack on titan unity game its still not a finished product but very fun old world 2 is the best

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