The Best Halo 4 Players In The World Are Competing This Weekend At PAX

The Best Halo 4 Players in the World Are Competing This Weekend at PAX

The battle for supremacy in Halo 4 that kicked off at the Rooster Teeth Expo earlier this month and continued at Gamescom will conclude at PAX Prime this weekend. The Halo 4 Global Championship Finals began yesterday at Benaroya Hall in Seattle, and they continue today. Tomorrow's finale will be live streamed from 4 to 6 PT.

Show goers can watch the action live (and attendees can win an Xbox One or Halo-themed Surface tablet), while those at home can view the Twitch live stream embedded below or watch the final matches tomorrow on the Xbox Live dashboard.

In addition to the sweaty, white-knuckled Halo 4 action, the event features performances from rappers MegaRan and K-Murdock, as well as a Cortana tribute by singer-songwriter Malukah. Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb hosts alongside Jessica Chobot and Blair Herter.


    Apparently it had a rough start, with the stream constantly going down and barely managing to get 2,000 viewers.

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